My son’s face was disfigured after being hit by a classmate. His mother’s actions even made the teacher feel inferior.

Many parents have this problem: What should they do if their children fight or are bullied at school? The author of today\’s article is a teacher. She uses real cases that happened in her class to tell parents that when a child is bullied, the way the parent handles it affects the child\’s life. Yesterday was my class. In class, the students released their nature and were very active as always. We are rehearsing a textbook play. The content of the textbook play is about a monk who saw a bird swallowing a ruby. In order to protect the bird from being disemboweled, the monk himself was whipped. The children gave full play to their intelligence and made use of limited resources in the classroom to make props. Brother Xiang happened to have a ruby-like light-emitting device, which immediately attracted the attention of the students, and everyone asked to borrow it from him. The textbook drama becomes even more emotional due to the appearance of \”Ruby\” who misses Brother. After class, the students were still interested and unwilling to leave. I was talking to parents about how their children were doing when I suddenly heard a \”pop\”. I turned back and looked through the open door: something bounced on the ground in the corridor and then broke into pieces. Then a surprising scene happened: a child\’s raised hand hit another child hard in the face. I rushed out immediately, grabbed a child with one hand, and shouted sternly: \”No fighting!\” The two children stopped immediately. I took a closer look: it turned out to be Brother Xiang and Xiaoqiang! When I looked again, my heart sank sharply. I missed the four deep scratches on Brother\’s face starting from the left eyebrow, passing through the eyes, through the face, through the chin, and all the way to the neck. A piece of skin the size of a small fingernail was missing from his eyelids, and blood was oozing out. This is the shocking scar I have seen in a fight between children! I looked at Xiaoqiang again, and there was a red mark the size of a fist on the left corner of his forehead. I looked at the two children calmly, quickly dismissed all the children and parents, brought the two perpetrators into the classroom and asked, \”Tell me, which of you made the move first?\” The two little men lowered their heads, Trying his best to hold back his tears, Xiang Ge thought for a while, and his momentum weakened obviously: \”It\’s me…\” \”Why did you do it?\” \”He broke my ruby ​​light-emitting device…\” \”You, Xiaoqiang, why did you break it? His light-emitting device?\” \”I didn\’t know that the light-emitting device belonged to him. He insisted on asking me for it, and I got it from another classmate. So I threw it to him…\” \”Why did you throw it? Give it to him, but can\’t you give it back to him properly?\” \”I didn\’t take it from his hand, who asked him to chase me for it?\” \”Then you scratched him so hard?\” \”Who asked him to hit him first? I…\” \”Brother Xiang, why did you hit him?\” \”He broke my light-emitting device…\” \”Okay, the case has reached a deadlock. From this point of view, both of you are responsible. Each of you should hit him. Fifty dollars, but…\” I carefully observed the wound on Brother Xiang\’s face again, and the wound still made me feel distressed. Although I am not his mother, as long as a mother sees this, her heart will hurt… Brother Xiang held back the tears tightly. I checked his wounds again and found that he was not only scratched on his face. Injured, both arms. There were four deep scratches on one of his arms. The fingernail-sized penis on the other armThree pieces of skin were missing, and scarlet blood oozed from them. Obviously, Brother Xiang suffered a big loss in this duel. I quickly called the two parents and asked them to come to school as soon as possible, but found that Xiaoqiang\’s father had already arrived. He was standing behind me, seemingly playing with his mobile phone, saying nothing. I looked at Xiaoqiang\’s dad: \”Look, what happened to this guy…\” Xiaoqiang\’s dad said calmly: \”Teacher, it\’s normal for boys to fight…\” Then, looking at Brother Xiang, he said: \”He broke your light-emitting device. How much? I\’ll pay you the money…\” After saying that, he took out 6 yuan and handed it to Brother Xiang, and then continued to play with his mobile phone. I don’t know why, but I have an indescribable feeling in my heart. I don’t know if the roles were reversed and Xiaoqiang was caught like this. As a father, would he be able to play with his mobile phone so calmly… I think there is blood oozing from the corners of my eyes. I held Brother Xiang in my arms, and Brother Xiang’s mother arrived soon after. Although I called her in advance and told her about the child, I wanted her to be mentally prepared. However, the moment she saw the child, her expression suddenly changed, and something extremely heartbreaking quickly filled her eyes, but the mother who missed her brother still held back. She just said softly: \”Brother Xiang, do you need me to hug you?\” Brother Xiang shook his head stubbornly. I stated the whole story again, Xiangge\’s mother looked at Xiangge and then Xiaoqiang, and then said calmly: \”When this happened, you both made mistakes. You two admit your mistakes and tell each other.\” Sorry!\” Brother Xiang bit his lip tightly, Xiaoqiang held his head high, I glanced at Xiaoqiang, and finally Brother Xiang took two steps forward and reached out his hand… Brother Xiang\’s mother looked at it and still seemed to be looking at it. Xiaoqiang\’s father, who was playing with his cell phone, then said something more, which seemed to be addressed to brother Xiang and to the two children: \”You remember, fighting can\’t solve the problem at any time. You both lose today.\” I hope you can learn your lesson.\” Xiaoqiang\’s father finally looked up from playing on his mobile phone. He said to Xiang Ge’s mother: “If the child has scars on his face or has any questions, please call us…” Xiang Ge’s mother said nothing. She glanced at her son again. Following his gaze, I couldn\’t help but glance at Brother Xiang: the four scratches on her face were more clearly visible because of the blood seeping out. I even suspected that they were made with iron. Hooked. I grabbed Xiaoqiang\’s hand and found that each of his nails was cut into a triangle shape. My heart immediately ached: I know Brother Xiang is a good boy. I have taught him for four or five years and he has never fought with anyone. Passing a fight, blushing… At the same time, I sympathize with this 10-year-old Xiaoqiang. What kind of psychology makes him always ready to attack others? When my mother saw Xiaoqiang’s fingernails, I hadn’t spoken yet. She seemed to be talking to everyone and looking at herself: “When something like this happens to a child, it’s ultimately the parents’ problem. As a parent, I didn’t do a good job. Let\’s go, kid!\” The people dispersed, but my heart did not disperse… I was thinking: What would I do if it were my child? I was thinking: What would a man do if he saw his child being caught like this? I was thinking: If I were a child and I was caught like this, what would I do? …I still called my mother who missed my brother.Then, we talked about the reason why Brother Xiang took action. Xiangge’s mother said: “I asked my child, if Xiaoqiang didn’t return the light-emitting device to Xiangge, Xiangge pulled Xiaoqiang to prevent him from leaving, so Xiaoqiang scratched Xiangge’s arm, which hurt Xiangge. Brother just hit him…\” I thought of the scars on Brother Xiang\’s arm and exclaimed: \”That\’s it! But why did Brother Xiang say he hit him first? Why didn\’t he say that Xiaoqiang scratched him first?\” Brother Xiang\’s mother Without answering, she just said: \”Teacher, it doesn\’t matter. Although I almost cried when I saw Missing Brother today, any experience of the child, whether it is good or bad, is harmful to the child. Wealth is a kind of growth…\” I don\’t know why, but I was deeply impressed by this thin woman. Faced with the almost disfigured face of his own child, he can be so wise, forbearing and calm. What a good example and education for the child. The next day, Xiaoqiang\’s mother publicly apologized to Brother Xiang in the class group. The matter seemed to have ended successfully, but for me, it didn\’t seem to be over… I remembered the problems behind the incident. I remembered what Xiangge\’s mother said: \”Children\’s problems are ultimately the parents\’ problems…\” I called Xiangge\’s mother again: \”Xianggemo, your child suffered a loss yesterday. I really want to know. What is your follow-up education like? Can we talk about it?\” Brother Xiang\’s mother smiled and said, \”Teacher, to be honest, if it was my child who scratched someone else\’s child\’s face like this, I would definitely punish him severely.\” he. However, I felt a little relieved that it was other children who scratched my child\’s face like this. I know this may be unfair to Brother Xiang, but he is a boy. I hope he can be responsible and have the ability to prevent any vicious incidents from happening. Moreover, this is a peaceful era. As a man, I hope he can be a gentleman and be able to use It\’s a good way to deal with problems. I think it\’s okay even if you suffer a little loss. Moreover, my child will not suffer, because he can distinguish between good and bad since he was a child. I respect others when they respect me. I will never let others bully me. The reason why something like this happened yesterday was because he did not expect it. This kid would be so cruel. \”Then I would like to know how you educate your son to face such a cruel child, and what should he do when he encounters similar problems in the future?\” Xiangge\’s mother smiled. She did not answer my question directly, but she said clearly The voice sounded: Teacher, I didn’t mention this matter deliberately. I think parents should not pay too much attention to this matter, because they must think that their children are suffering, which is not good for their children. Secondly, the child who tickled my child was actually quite pitiful. There were only two reasons why he was so cruel. One was that he was extremely pampered and lawless at home; the other was that he was beaten extremely hard by his parents. Finally, I just told my children that when my mother was young, she knew that the world was complicated and there were all kinds of people, but no matter what kind of people she was, she got along well with them. Try to see the advantages of others, and then use your good aspects, or borrow the light of the other person\’s kindness to try your best to guide him towards the sea of ​​kindness. Of course, you are yourself, and you can solve it in your own way. Mom will respect you no matter what. NoI know why, I always want to shed tears, for a mother who I think can be called a great mother. When the flowers are blooming and the moon is full, everyone can be a gentleman, but when the war is raging and the person who has personal interests and the most loved one is still so sensible, I am truly impressed. Although I had basically guessed the answer, I still wanted to verify the child\’s answer, so I continued to ask: \”So, what do you think of brother Xiang?\” Xiang Ge\’s mother replied sheepishly: \”Xiang brother said he didn\’t want to leave. Xiaoqiang is so close, and he doesn’t want to be close to Xiaoqiang anymore…\” The matter seems to have a real answer. I would like to ask everyone, who suffered the loss in this tickling incident? Children are ignorant. They understand the world from the eyes of adults, and they grow up by imitating adults. Sometimes, they seem to be not at a disadvantage. However, there is a long way to go, can you guarantee that every cruel and destructive move will work? Can you guarantee that your child will be a victorious general every time? On the contrary, such a scene also reminded me of those parents who have argued or even started fighting because their children grabbed toys in public places; because of their children\’s ignorance and troublemaking, parents have been constantly scolding and criticizing… In the future, families like this will The children who come out are destined to be lonely. If I can’t afford to offend you, I can’t afford to hide from you? If we can’t hide, we can unite and return it to you, can you afford to hurt me? Some parents do not realize the potential dangers of their children; they do not know that every poor child has a parent who does not have a high vision. We are not afraid of letting our children experience life. We are only afraid of a wrong parent who will use self-righteous and wrong methods to gradually separate your children from society, the beauty and kindness of human beings, and lead to a dangerous return… I can\’t help but think of that sentence again. : \”The hand that moves the cradle is the hand that moves the world.\” Parents, come on!

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