No matter what the conditions at home are, how will you raise your children?

Whatever the conditions at home, tell your children how to tell them. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, we took our son to the supermarket to buy gifts for the elderly. When my son saw the shopping cart full of things, he asked me in surprise: \”Mom, do we have the money to buy so many things?\” Because I often tell my son that it is not easy for parents to make money, and my children feel sorry for money. I told him: \”Although our family doesn\’t have much money, we still have to spend money to honor the elderly.\” My son nodded thoughtfully, and then asked me: \”Mom, can I buy a gun model?\” Looking at his sly smile, I knew he wanted to \”take advantage of the situation.\” I didn\’t answer him directly, but asked him: \”How many gun models do you have?\” My son was silent for a while before replying: \”I understand, you can\’t spend money casually, money must be used where necessary!\” I gave The son gave a thumbs up and praised him for thinking so. I have always advocated that parents should keep the truth in front of their children, whether it is financial status or other aspects, and try to tell their children as honestly as possible. There is no need for parents to excessively create the appearance that the family is rich for the so-called \”richness\”. Of course, there is no need to deliberately \”cry poverty\” to make their children timid and afraid to spend money. Every family has different actual situations. Only when parents do not pretend or whitewash in front of their children, but guide their children candidly and confidently, can they start from reality and understand the meaning of active efforts. Whatever the conditions at home, we can raise our children, which is the belief I have always held. Such a sense of belief means facing life with a true attitude and working hard with a positive attitude, so as to become a role model for children to learn from. Parents believe that they can fulfill their role as parents, face their children with a calm attitude, and truly educate their children, so that their children will become better and better. Parents\’ faith collapses and children\’s lives become bleak. A few days ago, the police in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province received a call. Mr. Li, a citizen, said that an Apple mobile phone worth 11,000 yuan was stolen because he forgot to lock his locker while swimming. The police identified the suspect through surveillance and found that the person who stole the mobile phone was actually a 15-year-old boy. However, what is even more unexpected is that the boy\’s father, Hu, turned out to be the person who sold the stolen goods. After Hu learned that his son had stolen the mobile phone, he not only did not criticize and educate him, but instead told his son to keep quiet. Even drove my son out for a nice meal as a reward. If Hu is from a poor family, it can be said that they could not resist temptation and made the mistake. However, driving a car to have a big meal at least shows that Hu is not short of money. As a father, doing this is a complete collapse of faith. Parents should have a correct view of right and wrong, and they should also have a positive sense of belief, instead of trying to make others look fat, which can easily lead to bad things for their children.

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