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No mother can escape such a sudden change in painting style.

If there is a riddle, ask, one day you suddenly become something you didn\’t like before, but you feel very happy, why? I think this answer can only be understood by a woman who is a mother. Yesterday, the weather was nice and it was a holiday. Mr. Liu suggested that the whole family go for an outing. I cheered and went to clean up. Diapers, baby snacks, water bottles, sweat towels, picture books, puzzles, toys… From the kitchen to the living room, and from the living room to the room, I wandered around the house for more than half an hour, still thinking about things that my children might use. . The whole family waited anxiously, urging them over and over again. I just turned around and carried the overstuffed mommy bag to the door. Mr. Liu laughed at me: \”You used to dress up for half an hour when you went out. Now when you go out, all you think about is the baby, and you forget to comb your hair. The change in your style as a mother is really huge.\” I Understanding what he meant, I couldn\’t help but sigh: \”Yes, no matter how much imagination I have, I would never have imagined that one day I would be who I am now.\” I used to be considered a mildly artistic woman. Young people read books, raise flowers, cook delicious food, and travel when they have time, thinking that both body and soul must be on the road. Seeing my female relatives and friends who spend all their time around the stove, they all secretly lamented that I must not become such a worthless existence. But what happened next? What now? Later, when I became pregnant with Dingdang, I suffered from pregnancy reactions and took care of my baby after giving birth, the whole world suddenly became alive and even full of chicken feathers. Now, all hobbies are on hold, flowers and plants are dying, and travel is out of the question. I used to watch several movies a day, but now I can watch a movie for a week… It seems that I have lived a life that I don\’t like, but I have never been able to live like this. In the simple life of raising children, I feel more happiness and value. It turns out that giving birth to a child can really change a person from head to toe, from the inside out – being a mother makes you strong, being a mother makes you weak, being a mother is all the possibilities in the impossible. sex! For some time, there has been a saying on the Internet that \”Artistic young women can have this disease and be cured by having a child!\” In fact, whether it is a young and artistic young woman, a weak princess disease, or a cancer caused by procrastination and laziness, all of these can be cured in one day. Every woman will experience a powerful transformation from her children, and no one can escape it. People who used to die if they didn\’t go shopping every week are now able to live well if they don\’t go shopping all year round. On the contrary, they feel that those who go shopping every day might as well save some time and get a good night\’s sleep. People who used to sleep until midnight and have brunch together on weekends now have to wake up the next day even if they toss with the baby all night long. People who once regarded beauty and skin care as a lifelong pursuit and treasured all kinds of lotions, creams, essences, foundations, lipsticks, and eyebrow balms, now look at the piles of unused items being thrown around by their children as toys, and they smile happily without feeling any distress at all. I used to go shopping on Taobao, and my handbag shopping cart was full of my own clothes and bags. Now when I go to the mall, I go straight to the children\’s area, and I only use Taobao.Maternity and baby channel, you have to weigh it for a long time when buying something for yourself, but you don’t even blink when buying something for your baby. The heroine who once believed in love and freedom is now willing to make a prison for herself in excrement, urine and crying – love is precious, freedom is even more valuable, and if it\’s for the sake of children, both can be thrown away. I used to have lofty ideals, and could talk freely about work, ideals, and distant places with like-minded friends. Now I can sit anywhere and chat with others about children, children, children, children sleeping, children eating, children growing up… every topic. It\’s all a small debate. I used to worry about composing new words, spending a lot of time in emptiness, looking for the \”meaning of life\”, but now I am always looking for the \”taste of emptiness\” in the seamless flow of shit, piss and crying. I used to have a ritual of doing a quiet spiritual yoga before going to bed every day, but now I am fighting with my baby every day before going to bed. She used to be her husband\’s princess and queen, but now she is the mother of her children and the housekeeper. I once had no fingers to touch the spring water, but now I am willing to be an old cow. In the past, cell phone ringtones were set to your favorite songs, but now your cell phones are always in silent mode. I used to have to wash my hair twice with shampoo and conditioner once, but now it takes five minutes to wash my hair and take a shower in a hurry. I used to think that the standard of a good husband was how much money he made, but now the standard of a good husband is how much time he spends with his children. The sweetest moment was the \”I love you\”; now the most heartwarming moment is the vague \”Mom hugs\”. My phone used to be a collection of selfies taken with the beauty camera, but now it’s all about my baby crying, making fun, and laughing. I used to be fearless, but now I am afraid of more and more things. I am afraid that my children will get sick, I am afraid of bad people… I am even more afraid of death… Some people say that if you want to feel the joy of heaven, give birth to a child! If you want to feel the torments of hell, have a baby! I want to say that practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Only after you upgrade to a mother and continue to practice, you will find that heaven and hell are not important. What is important is that you will be surprised to find that many things can be like this! It turns out that I will become like this! It turns out that I still have so much potential! It turns out that there are so many incredible things about children… Becoming a mother means an earth-shaking and revolutionary change for every woman. In the two years since I was pregnant with Dingdang, I have lost my freedom, lightness and weight-free life, but I have gained endless love and happiness that a mother can gain. I think that as mothers, we are all willing to endure such changes, because the sense of responsibility that comes with motherhood drives us to try to learn and accept new things, and live a life that is completely different from the past. In this process, there is resistance and loss. When I am exhausted, I will consider selling the child to the circus or throwing it into the trash can. But as long as the child suddenly smiles innocently in my arms, that smile is enough. It gave me the feeling of \”forget it from exhaustion\”. Not only this smile, but also the little pouty little mouth of the child when he falls asleep, the way he screams for help from his mother when he falls down, and the child who makes pranks and catches her baby from time to time while feeding.0;…have brought me so many surprises, which made me happy. The child also allowed me, a closed, lazy, self-righteous adult, to follow in his footsteps again and re-examine the world with eyes full of curiosity and enthusiasm, allowing me to rediscover the touch of life. How could I understand these solid feelings of anxiety, happiness and value before becoming a mother?

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