• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Now I know that we were all deceived when we grew up… Have you been fooled?

There is no way in the world. If there are many routines, there will be a way. Looking back suddenly, I realized that when we were children, we had been living in the routine of our parents… we ate a lot of egg and fried dough sticks, and as a result… now our limbs are well-developed and our minds are simple… Haha, I finally know why Tao Mom and I can\’t even reach 160 ~I held an umbrella in the house, so you don’t want to grow taller~~ (smirk) Pregnancy is so simple, why do infertility advertisements feel so embarrassing? I remember that Xiao Ming next door also wet the bed after riding a dog~ Hehe~ Haha, the interest alone is quite a lot, right? If it is true, I want to eat a lot of RMB next spring… Hee hee. It is said that there is another version that was memorized from the mountains! Hahaha, how many have you won? Now that you are a parent yourself, have you ever told your children such a routine?

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