\”Ode to Joy\” Parents are not only the starting line for their children, but also their ceiling

Last year, \”Ode to Joy\” became a hit. Five girls from different families, different places, and different personalities came together to bring different visual and psychological impacts to different audiences. Recently, \”Ode to Joy 2\” has been aired again and I have followed a few episodes. While everyone is obsessed with Xiao Bao\’s overall strength, I am increasingly worried about the fate of several girls. From them, I feel more and more: parents are not only their children’s starting line, but also their children’s ceiling. Fan Shengmei, a beautiful girl, is also a professional in the workplace. She is well-educated, understands the rules of the workplace, is comfortable in the workplace, and is well versed in the ways of the world. Such a girl should have a beautiful love and a stable and happy life. But Fan Shengmei is just the opposite. When she turns 30, her career development is average, she has no wealth accumulation, she is not married, and she has a boyfriend who is not yet stable. As the plot develops, we see that Fan Shengmei has become what she is now, which has a lot to do with her family. She has a father who is paralyzed in bed, a mother who values ​​boys over girls, a brother who fails to live up to expectations, and a nephew who may need her to support them. These are all heavy burdens on her. When she was young, she may have had an inferiority complex because of her parents\’ preference for sons over daughters, which had a certain impact on her views on love, marriage, and career. She is worldly, an old lady in the office, and just gets by; she doesn\’t dare to hope for a beautiful love, and she only wants to find a rich man and live a good life. These are her starting points. After working, she could have lived a good life through her own efforts, but the drag of her family made her development path much more difficult than that of her peers. Others traveled lightly, but she had to carry a heavy load, pulling a huge broken car alone. Her boyfriend\’s parents were afraid that she would become a burden to their son, so they stepped in to ask her to quit before the difficulties came. Her development path is difficult and bitter, and it is also the most difficult life among the five beauties. It is not difficult to imagine that if she relied on her own strength, she would also be the most miserable among the five beauties, because her development was mixed with too many things. Qiu Yingying is an innocent and lovely girl with no scheming and a little cleverness. She is suitable for living a simple life and finding a simple person to fall in love with. Qiu Yingying comes from a small place. Her father is the first person in the family to work in the city, working in a repair shop. Her parents had only one daughter like her, and they loved her infinitely, provided her with the best things, and gave her the greatest protection, which allowed her to grow into a carefree girl. After Qiu Yingying took root in the big city of Shanghai, she became the pride of her family. At this time, her parents could not provide any practical help except constant encouragement for her. They believe that it is not easy for Qiu Yingying to gain a foothold in a big city. They do not want her to be rich and powerful, but only want her to live a stable life. Qiu Yingying\’s future development, her parents will not be a drag on her, but they can\’t provide much help. They mainly have to rely on Qiu Yingying herself. Whether you live a good or bad life is the result of your own choices and efforts. Guan Ju\’er\’s family environment is better than that of Fan Shengmei and Qiu Yingying. Both parents have good jobs, have a certain amount of savings, have certain knowledge, and have certain resources in their city.. Guan Ju\’er has been a good girl since she was a child. Her mother helped her arrange everything. Under the protection of her parents, she received a good education, went to a good university, and found a good job. In her mother\’s eyes, Guan Ju\’er has a good job. As long as she finds a young man of similar age to marry, everything will be perfect. After marriage, the young couple can work hard together, and their parents can provide them with certain financial help to help them settle in a big city, and they can live a happy life from then on. Growing up in such a family environment, although Guan Juer had her own thoughts in her heart, she did not express them easily and always played the role of a good girl. According to her parents\’ arrangements and Guan Ju\’er\’s current status, she should live a good life, not be miserable, and have a higher quality of life than the average person of her age. In her eyes, the ideal marriage partner is Dr. Zhao, who has a good family background, good personal development, a certain interest in life and taste, both of whom share the same language and hobbies, and live an average life. Qu Xiaoxiao, a child who grew up in a wealthy family, did not like studying very much since she was a child, but currently, she has better development prospects than the first three girls. Qu Xiaoxiao has rich parents. Although she didn\’t like studying since she was a child, her parents still sent her abroad to pursue gold plating. After coming back, instead of joining a company and finding a good job like others, she chose to start her own business. The favorable conditions since she was a child have made her full of confidence. She has been influenced by her since she was a child, and she has a certain talent for doing business. With the support of her father, she received a start-up fund, and her parents can also provide her with guidance and guidance in her career. help. Without such parents, Qu Xiaoxiao would have gone to an inferior school in China, found a job that could support her, and lived a lower-middle-class life, and her business talents would not have been fully utilized. It is not difficult to imagine that with her hard work, the help of her rich second-generation friends and the support of her parents, her career will become bigger and bigger. Even if her parents went bankrupt in the future, she was already able to support the entire family with her early development at that time. Her character of daring to love and hate has also won the heart of Dr. Zhao. It is very likely that the two of them will get together. The combination of powerful forces will make their lives very good. Andy, who became an orphan since she was a child and was adopted by foreigners, relied on her own efforts to become the best of the five beauties. On the surface, she is the one least affected by her family. She lost her parents when she was young, so she mainly relies on herself. This is not the case. Her biological mother\’s illness has left a long-lasting psychological shadow on her. She is afraid of falling in love and has a phobia of close contact. She is afraid that she will be like her mother and go crazy one day. It always tortured her. Her adoptive parents provided her with good conditions and gave her the best education, which was also the prerequisite for her to be able to use her talents. Both her biological parents and adoptive parents influenced her, and after she became an adult, she finally lived a good life. Her excellence attracted Mr. Bao, the second-generation rich man. They were talented and beautiful, had optimized resource allocation, and seemed to have good careers and marriages. Moreover, her biological father isLater, she will be provided with some help to help her fly higher. When analyzing Wu Mei and their families, we do not mean to deny the significance of personal struggle, but we must see that with equal talent and hard work, if their parents are better and provide them with better resources, education and vision, they will develop better. If the family conditions in Wumei were similar, perhaps the development pattern would not be the same as it is now. Parents have high expectations for their children and do everything possible to prevent their children from falling behind at the starting line, but they should also understand that they are their children\’s starting line and their ceiling. The development of parents not only determines the starting point of the child, but also affects the height of the child\’s future development. As parents, we should not focus all our energy on our children, but develop together with our children. Only parents who constantly improve themselves and stand at a higher level can provide greater possibilities for their children\’s development.

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