One action killed the baby! Don’t ignore small things like taking the elevator!

Last month, another \”elevator cannibalism\” incident occurred in Shanghai. A grandmother was riding an escalator while holding her 4-month-old grandson. Unexpectedly, her body suddenly tilted, and her grandson fell from her hands and fell from the third floor. She was rushed to the hospital and died. Below is the full video: In recent years, elevator accidents have occurred frequently, and elevators have transformed from transportation tools into killing machines overnight. Faced with these frequent accidents, how can we avoid injuries? Correct posture when taking your baby on an elevator: 1. Hold the handrail tightly. 2. Do not hold the child. You can use a sling or hold the child. In the video above, if the grandma used a baby sling, she might be able to avoid a tragedy. 3. Take the vertical elevator when pushing a trolley or shopping cart. For convenience, many people will push the trolley directly onto the escalator. However, trolleys are not allowed on the escalator! Because things like brushes next to the elevator may get stuck on the wheels of the cart, causing accidents. Some people think that as long as the stroller is turned around and the rear wheels go up first, there will be no problem. However, this approach is also wrong! If parents are pushing a stroller out, even if it takes a detour, don\’t push the stroller onto the escalator. 4. Pay attention to your steps, look for them before going up, and stand within the yellow line. According to the subsequent investigation, the grandma in the video stepped on the middle of the two steps and lost her balance, which led to the accident. Therefore, when you get on the elevator, you must pay attention to your feet and get on when you are sure. If you don\’t know how to avoid stepping in the middle of two steps, just stay within the yellow line. 5. Such an accident occurred in Shanghai before the elevators were out of service and people had to take the stairs. Fortunately, everyone took the stairs at that time and no casualties were caused. There are many reasons for the elevator to be out of service, so it is best to take the stairs instead of getting off the elevator when the elevator is out of service. 6. Pay attention to the clothes on your body. The following items of clothing are most likely to be caught in the elevator. You must pay attention to them when taking the elevator: long skirts, clogs, scarves. 7. Do not play, chase, or fight in the elevator. It is very dangerous! Playing on the elevator is very dangerous! Playing on the elevator is very dangerous! Say important things three times! 8. Do not let children ride in the elevator alone. Many children\’s elevator accidents are related to caregiver neglect. Therefore, the \”Special Equipment Safety Law\” that came into effect on January 1, 2014 stipulates that children must be accompanied by an adult when riding in the elevator. How to save yourself in an elevator accident? 1. Recognize the location of the emergency stop device of the escalator. Every escalator will have an emergency stop button. If clothes are caught in the elevator and someone falls, you can press the button immediately to prevent greater injury. Some of these \”life-saving buttons\” are at the entrance of the elevator (pay attention to the lower right corner): some are on the inner cover of the elevator and in the middle of the large elevator. Parents should look carefully before taking the elevator. You can also bring your children with you. Let’s admit it together. 2. What should you do if you are stuck in the elevator? 1. Don’t be nervous 2. Press the call button in the elevator and ask for help 3. Wait patiently for rescue 4. Do not blindly rescue yourself, open the door, kick the door, or climb into the elevator shaft. These behaviors may lead to danger.risk! 3. What should I do if the vertical elevator suddenly falls? 1. Press all floors once. 2. Stand in this posture. If there are handrails, please hold on to them. There are many mothers around me who have this attitude towards taking their children on the escalator: push a handcart and take the escalator. It doesn\’t matter, it won\’t happen that easily. The child likes when I hold him or her. I hugged you tightly and wouldn\’t let go so easily. Oops, the elevator handrails are so dirty, I don’t want to touch them. Here, I would like to remind all parents: When taking your children out to play, be careful and pay attention! Don\’t take chances, accidents may happen at the moment we don\’t expect it!

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