Parents are the ones who should not be lazy in education, and children are the ones who should not be lethargic.

A writer once said: Being a parent has an expiration date. In childhood, parents are omnipotent and the only support for children. This is the golden period for parents to educate their children. When children grow up and become independent, they will gradually drift away from their parents. The golden age of education may only be ten years! Children\’s education is an irrevocable live broadcast, and it only comes once in a lifetime. On the road to education, never let your children go. If you are lazy with your children, it will eventually become an irreparable regret. The biggest enemy of education is adults who are \”too afraid of trouble.\” Every time a child has a problem, the teacher is the first person to discover it. Whenever the teacher contacts parents and hopes to discuss their children\’s problems with them, the answer they get is: \”Sorry, teacher, I\’m busy right now. Can we talk later?\” Every time \”later\” is meant for the child. Delay in education. Every absence of parents is a refusal to educate their children. Ask yourself first, do you feel relieved every time you send your children to school? In school, children have teachers to take care of them, classmates to help them, and the entire school to protect them. Of course schools and teachers will do their best to protect and educate children, but what about when they return home? Some parents are too busy at work and cannot even say a few words to their children every day; some parents are powerless and never care about their children\’s learning. Peking University education experts remind that if parents are absent from their children’s education for a long time, their children’s lives will eventually turn into a tragedy. The most taboo thing in education is that parents are afraid of trouble. The family is a child\’s first classroom, and parents are their children\’s first teachers. In addition to knowledge, most of the things children learn come from their families and parents. Some studies have found that: the more punctual parents are, the more disciplined their children will be; the more strict parents are, the better their children\’s grades will be; and the happier their children will be if their parents are always with them. There are no children who cannot be taught well, only parents who cannot teach them well. When educating children, we should not try to save trouble, let alone be afraid of trouble. Parents are their children\’s best teachers. Teachers are not omnipotent. What they can do is very limited. Who is the biggest “enemy” of Chinese children? That must be someone else\’s child. Parents always like to talk about other people\’s children, but they rarely think about whether you are also the parents of other people\’s families? In school, teachers teach the same knowledge and children listen to the same lessons. After returning home, some children do their homework seriously, while others completely ignore it. On weekends, some children are still studying, while others are just playing. Over time, the difference between top students and poor students emerged. This is the reason why children get worse as they learn. After studying for 5 days at school, they lose everything after 2 days at home. Their education is 0. \”I don\’t understand education, so I\’ll leave the child to you.\” Parents who say this will not make their children talented. Because teachers can’t do much except impart knowledge to children. Teachers cannot guarantee good grades for children. But as long as parents do a good job in family education and let their children love learning at home and study hard and practice hard, their children will at least continue to make progress. Teachers cannot guarantee children’s good habits. But as long as parents have good habits, children will imitate them and use good habits to win a lifetime of excellence. Teachers cannot guarantee good behavior in children. But as long as the family has a good education, if parents give their children a good education, the children will have good character. There is really very little that teachers can do. The success of education depends more on the cooperation of parents and teachers, families and schools. Educating their children well is a lifelong career for parents. Every time the issue of educating children is discussed, there are always parents shaking their heads: \”I want to make money to support the family, how can I have so much time to take care of my children?\” Those who think making money is the most important thing. Parents devote all their time and energy to work, so that they miss the growth of their children again and again. It was only when the children\’s education failed that they finally realized that on the road to education, the parents should not be lazy, and the children should not be lethargic. In \”The First Lesson of School\”, Dong Qing said this: \”When educating children, you choose to make money rather than discipline them. When the children grow up, the money you have worked hard to earn throughout your life will not be worth it. He lost his family in a year.\” Educating children is a lifelong career for parents, and the success of children\’s education is the greatest success in parents\’ careers. The father determines the child\’s life pattern, the mother determines the child\’s human temperature, and the teacher determines the child\’s learning attitude. Your child is just one of the teacher’s many students, but you are different. You are the only one in your child’s world. Educating a child well is accomplished jointly by family, school and society. But among these three, family education is the foundation, where moral character, habits, interests in life, and happiness are developed. Family education determines a child\’s life, and investing in a child\’s future is a career that every parent must do well. Education cannot be repeated. Please be hands-on with your children. Education is a career that can change a child\’s life. However, growth only occurs once, and education cannot be repeated. A host once said: It is easy to be born but hard to raise; it is easy to raise but hard to teach. Every child is a seed waiting to break through the ground, and every parent is a flower farmer who is good at watering. Provide fertile land for your child, water the nutrients for your child\’s growth, choose the appropriate training method according to your child\’s characteristics, and then wait for the flowers to bloom. The more excellent parents are, the more they know how to take personal responsibility for their children\’s education. Madam Curie attached great importance to her daughter\’s education, and specially opened a \”children\’s study class\” for her children to educate them personally. Under her training, her two daughters became better and better. Their family won four Nobel Prizes in total, and they were called \”award-winning professional households\”. Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing often take their children to participate in parent-child education activities. In their hearts, nothing is as important as their children\’s education. \”If you don\’t cherish these times, your children will grow up quickly. Therefore, it doesn\’t matter what you learn. Don\’t think that you have no responsibility if you leave your children to school.\” Life is a school, and parents are the better teachers. . Although education is a regrettable art, there is no room for error in educating people. Once a child\’s growth is missed, it will become a lifelong regret for the parents. Don\’t be lazy with your children. It will become the deepest regret. We often think about how to give our children the best education? Sign up for the most expensive cram school? Or send him to a noble school? But in fact, we forget the most important thing, parents are the best teachers, and teaching by example is the best education. A netizen recalled a scene many years ago,Tears still filled her eyes: When she was studying, her mother would sit next to her and sharpen her pencils, and accompany her to do her homework every day. But my mother is illiterate and only recognizes her own name. For the sake of my children, I forced myself to read and write. The so-called education is for adults to accompany children on a journey of facing difficulties and challenges. Parents and children are the best comrades, working side by side for the same goal. Children grow up very quickly, and they don’t have much time to accompany their education. Don’t wait until your children grow up to regret not spending enough time with them. No matter how good a teacher is, nothing can match the words and deeds of parents. No matter how good a school is, nothing can compare to awesome parents. Parents are their children\’s never-retiring class teachers and have lifelong responsibilities for their children. Parents bring their own light, which determines the height and temperature of their children. Teachers are serious and responsible and determine the future and destiny of children. Only by living yourself as a light can you do your best to illuminate your children. The kind of person you want your children to be, you must first become the kind of person you are.

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