Parents’ education affects children’s life. These 7 abilities should be cultivated from an early age.

1. The ability to accept failure In a group society, the chances of losing to others are inherently greater than the chances of winning from others. Therefore, rather than putting the goal first and working hard, it is more important to be positive about everything. Try your best mentality. Please don’t forget that when you are afraid of your child’s failure, you are depriving your child of more opportunities to grow. We can no longer be obsessed with being number one because of our own fears, and invisibly tie up our children\’s hands and feet. Instead, we should cultivate the ability of our children to stand up and move forward again after they fall. We must remember that children who do not have the \”power to fail\” will never succeed in life. 2. Philosophical thinking ability. To think philosophically, always have a spirit of doubt. Don’t take everything for granted. You shouldn’t look at things with too much intuition. It’s not “going by your feelings.” It is a model that uses theory as the basis to explain things encountered. If you don’t gain anything by thinking about things you are not familiar with, it is not because your IQ is not enough. 3. The ability to perceive happiness. Since being an official is not happiness and getting rich is not happiness, then what is happiness? My teacher told me: Happiness does not lie in how much you get, happiness lies in the ability to perceive happiness! A person who has no ability to perceive happiness will never be happy no matter how much he gets; a person who can perceive happiness will be happy no matter how ordinary he is. 4. Leadership skills Leaders are not born, but cultivated, and the period before the age of 3 is a critical period for children’s emotional development. Therefore, parents should not only think about developing their children’s intelligence at this time, but miss out on learning to communicate and observe others. Best period. Children who learn to communicate will be liked by their peers, whether in kindergarten or school, and will definitely have many friends around them, which can lay the foundation for good interpersonal relationships in the future. Even if you don\’t become a leader, you will become a popular person. Leadership skills need to be enhanced through training, and an ambitious leader needs opportunities to hone his leadership skills. Let your children join sports teams and the Boy Scouts. Afterschool groups and other community organizations where they will gain experience in dealing with others. However, children should also be allowed to strive for leadership positions within their interests. 5. Reading Ability In the process of leading your children to the road of reading, parents should remember that you only have two major tasks: the first is to make your children like reading; the second is to teach your children how to read. 6. Communication skills The road of life is tortuous. No matter how smart or outstanding a person is, without the support of others, the possibility of achieving outstanding achievements is very small. Without the support of others, even the path to high wisdom cannot be found. Smart parents should understand that if a child feels that communication is a kind of enjoyment, can communicate easily no matter who he is communicating with, is consistent physically and mentally, and is consistent internally and externally, his social circle will become larger and larger, and his future will be more compatible with society. It will become stronger and stronger. However, smart parents should know that no matter what, children need the understanding, help and support of their families. 7. Self-control In the journey of life, in order to achieve your goals, you may have to do some things you don’t want to do.Give up some things that you are deeply obsessed with, so you feel a certain \”restraint\”. However, for the sake of life and goals, we cannot try to get rid of all \”restraints\”. Instead, we should move forward steadily along the established goals step by step under the guidance of \”restraints\”. If a person who wants to achieve something lacks self-control, it is like a car losing its steering wheel and brakes. It will inevitably \”deviate\”, \”go out of line\”, or even \”overturn\”.

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