Parents learn the art of speaking well, which determines the fate of the entire family

\”The Analects of Confucius\” says: \”One word makes a country prosper, one word destroys it.\” The power of language is so powerful, one sentence can affect the rise and fall of a country. 600 Children’s Favorite Reverse Thinking Training Games Ultra-clear PDF In the same way, in a family, parents’ words affect the lifeblood of the entire family and determine the direction of the family. Parents who are kind and warm-spoken often have a harmonious and happy family; parents who are cold-spoken and cold-speaking often make the family feel like an ice cellar, chilling people\’s hearts. Parents who can talk are a blessing in their children\’s lives. It is often said that parents are their children\’s first teachers and the first academy for their children to acquire knowledge and understand the world. \”Yan\’s Family Instructions\” also emphasizes: \”When you are young, your spirit is unique; when you grow up, your thoughts are scattered; you must teach early and don\’t miss the opportunity.\” The knowledge learned in childhood will often dominate a person\’s life. , just like a house, if the foundation is not solid, it will collapse. A mother sought help from a master and complained that her child had many problems. The master asked: \”Have you ever copied the document?\” The woman replied: \”Yes.\” The master asked: \”If there are errors in the copy, would you modify the original or the copy.\” The woman replied: \”Of course it is the original. \”The master said slowly: \”Yes, all the children\’s problems are copied from their parents. If you want to change your children, you must first change yourself.\” A famous educator once said: \”What kind of person do you want your children to become? , that’s what kind of person you should be.” For children, the best education is the words and deeds of their parents. Children are the inheritance of parents from generation to generation, the future of a family, and the hope of the motherland. Be a parent with a bright and positive heart, and a piece of sunshine will shine in your child\’s heart. On the contrary, if parents love to complain and vent negative energy everywhere, the children will be shrouded in gloom and seeds of darkness will be planted in their hearts, which will affect their future lives. Parents\’ words affect their children\’s lives. \”Xunzi Honor and Disgrace\” said: \”Kind words to others are warmer than cloth; hurtful words are deeper than spears and halberds.\” Kind words are warmer than cloth, and hurtful words are deeper than spears and halberds. Heart. In life, we are familiar with this truth, but we say warm words to others and bad words to our loved ones. Lin Huiyin, a well-known national talented woman, was accomplished in literature and architecture and had many suitors. But deep down in her heart, she does not accept herself. Instead, she often feels pain and inferiority. During her childhood, her mother was not taken seriously by her father, her life was aggrieved, and she was full of resentment. Her mother often complained in front of her, complained about God, complained about her husband, complained about her own fate, transmitting negative energy to Lin Huiyin every moment. This negative energy affects her life. Even after she grows up, whenever similar scenes reappear, she will indulge in the pain of the past. As the saying goes: \”A wound is easy to heal, but a bad word is hard to erase.\” Parents\’ words and deeds have a subtle impact on their children\’s personality all the time. Cai Yuanpei, president of Peking University, said in the book \”The Cultivation of Chinese People\”: What determines a child\’s life is not academic performance, but sound personality cultivation. Every word spoken by parents is very powerful and can affect a child\’s life. How do dumb people learn to speak? communicate effectively96 skills so that you will no longer be afraid of dealing with people. Therefore, to cultivate warm children, start with kind words and warm words… Parents can speak, and the family will be more prosperous. The ancients said: \”One word of argument is more valuable than the treasure of Jiuding; a three-inch tongue is stronger than a million soldiers.\” The power of language should not be underestimated. Only when parents can speak can they raise children who can speak. Teaching by example is greater than words, and every word and deed of parents will be firmly remembered in the minds of children. Only when parents know how to be grateful, speak kind words, and often say words of thanks will their children learn to respect others. If parents are full of bad words and often speak bad words to others, their children will be deeply affected and will continue this \”evilness\”. After scientific research, it has been found that the more prosperous, happy and harmonious a family is, the communication between the family is like a warm spring breeze, making people feel more comfortable. On the contrary, the unhappy and less wealthy families are often filled with a lot of quarrels and criticism. Therefore, speaking well is a required course for parents, and it is also the best feng shui for a family. \”Speak Well\” says: \”The words on your lips are your fortune and your life.\” If you want to change your fortune, start by speaking well. Speech and eloquence training methods: How to make yourself fluent in skills and adaptability. 10 MP4 lectures. Parents who can speak will benefit their children throughout their lives; children who can speak will have a happy life.

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