Parents who dare to let their children \”waste their time\” understand the value of blank space.

In the past, when a few friends got together, the main thing was to compare whose child had a harder time, and to comfort each other, \”It turns out I\’m not the worst mother.\” Now, when everyone gets together, the main thing is to compare whose child has a harder time, and also to talk about the past. Consolation, \”It turns out I\’m not the cruelest mother.\” A few days ago, we were discussing in the group how many \”classes\” our children could attend. Someone posted a weekly schedule, which was similar to the \”Little P Child\’s Weekly Schedule\” that had previously hit the circle of friends. Everyone was furious. Looking at the full schedule of cram schools and interest classes, they all felt sorry for the children: \”Isn\’t it right? They are only in the second grade of elementary school and the schedules are so full? The children have worked too hard! You are so cruel.\” She posted With a helpless expression: \”I can\’t help it. All the kids in the same class are like this. He\’s been in a bad mood lately. He\’s either silent or losing his temper. Please help me give me some ideas on what to do.\” Everyone used their housekeeping skills one after another. Come and make plans. But in fact, getting up early every day and staying up late, studying this and that, makes you extremely busy and tired, but it’s no wonder you are in a good mood. Think about it, if we work overtime every day and can\’t take a break, we will definitely become anxious after a long time, not to mention our children. We always say that life cannot be filled, life needs to be left blank. The same goes for children. Just like Chinese painting, if it is too full or too solid, it will lose its agility and elegance and appear lifeless; while with blank space, there is room for imagination. Without the time and space for imagination, children’s creativity will have nowhere to go. Inspiration always strikes when you are relaxing. While taking a bath, Archimedes suddenly understood the principle of buoyancy and found a way to weigh the crown. One Sunday in 1974, inventor Arthur Fry was attending a church choir when he had a flash of inspiration and found a use for a colleague\’s new adhesive and invented the Post-it note. In his work, the famous organic chemist Friedrich August Kekulé discovered the structure of the benzene ring by dreaming of a snake connected end to end. These bursts of inspiration occur not when concentration and contemplation (as we often think) occur, but when the brain is relaxed. Mareike Wieth, an associate professor of psychology at Albion College, studies how different times of day affect people\’s ability to solve problems. Through large-sample experiments, she found that inspiration and creativity often occur when people are not focused and efficient. Sound counterintuitive? But in fact, a growing body of research supports her view. A joint study by Mark Jung-Beeman, a psychology professor at Northwestern University, and John Kounios, a psychology professor at Drexel University, found that when we relax, some distant parts of the brain There will be more interactions between areas, and some brain areas that do not respond at the same time during concentration begin to communicate under the guidance of the anterior superior temporal gyrus. That\’s how the \”aha\” moment came about. Austrian physicist Fritjof Capra wrote this philosophical statement in the book \”The Way of Physics\”: \”Of course, rational knowledge and rational activities account for the main part of scientific research, but they do notnot all. In fact, the rational part of scientific research will not function without the supplement of scientists\’ intuition and creative inspiration. These inspirations often arise not while sitting at a desk and calculating, but while taking a bath, walking in the woods or on the beach, etc. to relax. In moments of relaxation after focused mental activity, intuition begins to take over, and sudden inspiration is likely to occur. This brings a lot of fun and joy to scientific research. \”Perhaps because of this, the most innovative Google and 3M (which invented sticky notes) will give employees 20% and 15% of their free time to use for personal creativity and innovation. Effort and relaxation are both important here, I want to Let’s lay out the DIKW model. In the DIKW model, we can see the difference between knowledge and wisdom. In the near future, people will not only compete with people, but also with AI. At that time, the basis of competition will not only be data and information and knowledge, but more about wisdom, imagination and creativity. So it is true that concentration, perseverance, self-control, etc. are very important for children, but necessary relaxation and rest are equally important. In order to maintain the vitality of the brain, in order to stimulate the brain Inspiration and creativity. We let our children learn this and that every day, especially interest classes such as music, chess, calligraphy and painting, in order to activate the child\’s brain and make him more imaginative and creative. But we do not leave him a certain amount of inspiration and creativity. Space and time to imagine and create. Children are tired of absorbing a large amount of data, information and knowledge every day, but have no opportunity to connect and interact with them in the brain, missing the possibility of inspiration. It is a pity. At this point Dad Chuan and I have a high degree of consensus. Xiaochuan\’s time schedule has always been relaxed. He has to learn everything he needs to learn, but don\’t be in a hurry and do it step by step. It seems that he is not progressing fast enough, but we want him to Leave life blank and do \”useless\” things. He can wake up and lie in bed thinking about things for half an hour; he can build Lego on the bay window for 2 hours; he can squat on the ground in the park and watch It took him a long time to look at the ants. From childhood to now, his imagination has been very big. \”Big Rooster on the Grass\” was painted by Xiaochuan when he was 4 years old. The left one was drawn by the classmate following the teacher, and the right one was his. He said, that The big rooster was originally on the grass, but then got lost and walked to the desert. He accidentally stepped on a bomb and was blown up into a colorful rooster. I always remember that when the teacher told me the story of Ogawa, I squeezed out a smile from the corner of my eyes. wrinkles. Now he builds Lego, and often has little ideas that surprise us. Dare to let children \”waste time\” Caltech professor Leonard Mlodinow in the book \”Elastic\” (Elastic Thinking) It is written that people in modern society have a bad habit of forcing themselves to be busy. Not only are they busy, but they also mobilize or force their children to be busy too. They do this and that every day without taking a break. Doodles and looking up at the sky seem to be wasted. Time. He lamented that modern people who are short of leisure time will lose many opportunities for new discoveries and creations. We don’t want our children to miss out, and if we want to protect their creativity, we must dare to let them \”waste their time\” and do something \”useless\” \”Things. Effort is important, relaxation is also important.

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