Pictures of moles that are prone to cancer on your baby! Go to the hospital quickly!

Question 1: The baby is 3 years old and 2 months old. He has a mole on his leg since he was born. It was very small when he was born. Now it is getting bigger and bigger. The baby has grown so big when he is only 3 years old. There is also a lot of hair on it. May I ask the doctor if there is anything wrong with this mole? Do you need to go to the hospital for a checkup? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Don’t be careless about moles on your baby, because the biggest danger is that they can easily induce “cancer”! Moreover, moles with cancer risk have strong replication ability, are easy to metastasize, and have unsatisfactory treatment effects. They are usually discovered at an advanced stage and have a high mortality rate. Therefore, parents need to be particularly vigilant about the following types of moles: ❶ Moles that appear on joints, soles, etc. due to repeated friction; ❷ Asymmetric moles; ❸ Moles with irregular and blurred edges; ❹ Moles that constantly change, including their shape and diameter; ❺ Be wary of moles that are too large, moles larger than 3mm; ❻ Moles with uneven color. ❶It needs to be surgically removed as soon as possible. ❷~❻It is necessary to see a doctor for a biopsy as soon as possible, and then follow the doctor\’s instructions for intervention and treatment. Your baby\’s edges are irregular and tend to gradually become larger. If the diameter is >3mm, there is a high risk of cancer. It is recommended to go to a dermatologist for examination as soon as possible and provide timely intervention and treatment. Question 2: The second child is three and a half years old. He doesn’t like asking for pee or defecation and doesn’t go to the toilet. If you don’t pull him to the toilet, he will just urinate in his pants. We have been guiding, but the effect is not very good. I was at home during the holidays, and I kept urging him to do fine. But after school started, he started to poop his pants. When he came back at night, he peed his pants again, and his father beat him. I didn\’t go to the toilet even once when I came back tonight. After a short interval, I saw that I peed in my pants again. What should the doctor do? Dr. Xu Lijuan’s answer: The more a child behaves like this, the less likely he is to spank and scold him. The more he spanks, the more frightened he becomes, and the easier it is for the child to wet his pants. It is recommended that children be allowed to urinate regularly and develop a habit. Question 3: On the second day after the baby was born, there was a small patch of redness on his eyelids. Will it disappear? Dr. Sun Cuiying answered: According to the description, this situation should be a little bleeding under the skin, which will be gradually absorbed. It is recommended to continue to observe.

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