Please be sure to tell your children that this is the true \”noble spirit\”. Parents must read it

Some people say: It takes three generations to cultivate a noble. This statement sounds reasonable – but it only emphasizes external cultivation and tolerance, while ignoring the heart. The difference between people lies not in appearance, but in the heart. Nowadays, many families have only children, and it is inevitable that they will have problems, big and small. Therefore, we must cultivate the temperament of our children from an early age. They may not be aristocratic, but they must remain spiritually rich. My child, you must learn to cook. This has nothing to do with waiting on people. So that you can be kind to yourself when the people who love you are not around. ——Able to survive independently. Son, you must learn to drive. This has nothing to do with status. In this way, you can go wherever you want at any time without asking anyone. ——Freedom is a person’s basic right. Son, you must go to college, a formal university. This has nothing to do with academic qualifications. I need to experience these few years in my life, a life that is free and full of books. ——Once you enter society, you enter the market. Child, do you know? How far your footprints are, how wide your heart is. Only with a broad mind will you be happy. If you can’t walk far, let books take you. ——Broaden your horizons and rely on the power of knowledge. If there were only two bowls of water left in the world, one bowl would be used to drink and one bowl would be used to wash your face and underwear. ——Self-esteem has nothing to do with wealth or poverty. Children, don’t cry even if the sky falls, and don’t complain. That will only make those who love you more heartbroken and those who hate you more proud. ——Accept your fate calmly, and those who love you will care about you. Children, even if you eat soy sauce bibimbap, you should put a clean napkin on it and sit elegantly. Live a simple life very elegantly. ——Demeanor has nothing to do with circumstances. Children, when you go to a distant place, besides your camera, remember to bring pen and paper. The scenery is the same, and the mood of looking at it will never repeat. ——The reason why Xu Xiake is Xu Xiake is not because he has traveled the most roads. Children must have their own space, even if it is only 5 square meters. It can prevent you from ending up on the street and meeting bad people when you quarrel with your lover and run away in anger. More importantly, when you are impetuous, there is a place for you to calm down and give your heart a corner to rest. ——To cultivate an independent personality. My child, you must be knowledgeable when you are a child and have experience when you grow up, so that you will have an exquisite life! ——Read other people’s experiences and find your own. Children, always be a kind person. Remember, being kind will make you the most favored person from God. ——This kind of favor may not necessarily be wealth and power. Good deeds are rewarded with good deeds, and the reward is love. Children, smiles, elegance, and confidence are the greatest spiritual wealth. If you have them, you have it all. ——This is the \”noble\” spirit and a priceless treasure in life. Illustrator: Feng Zikai, famous for his comics and prose creations that combine Chinese and Western painting techniques.

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