Please tell your children: When you get married, you must pay attention to these three details of the other person’s family.

An ancient saying goes: \”Finding the right family will bring prosperity to three generations; marrying the wrong family will bring harm to three generations.\” Love can be an impulse of ordinary people, but marriage is a choice of joys and sorrows for the rest of your life. Too many marriages often come together because of insufficient understanding, but end up leaving because of insufficient understanding. Instead of waiting until problems arise and are scarred by torture, it is better to take precautions and think more before marriage. Before their children get married, parents should take the initiative to pay attention to these three things about each other\’s family, so that the rest of their lives can be stable and long-lasting. A husband\’s attitude towards his wife is the warmest temperature in a home. \”The Road Less Traveled\” says: \”The love of parents determines the quality of family education. An education full of love brings luck, and an education lacking love only brings happiness.\” It can lead to misfortune.\” The impact of a person\’s family of origin is huge. Children\’s marriage is often a continuation of their parents\’ marriage. To a large extent, the marriage relationship is a reappearance of the interaction pattern between a person and his parents during his growth. The best way for a family to get along is for the husband and wife to be considerate and gentle enough. Only children who grow up in such a family can run a harmonious and happy family. Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu are well-known couples of gods and immortals. Qian Zhongshu always described Yang Jiang as \”the most virtuous wife and the most talented woman.\” The inherent gentleness in Yang Jiang\’s character is Originated from her warm native family. Yang Jiang\’s father, Yang Yinhang, was knowledgeable. He studied abroad and obtained a master\’s degree in his early years. After returning to China, he taught at a university and served as the editor-in-chief of a newspaper. Yang Jiang\’s mother, Tang Xuluan, was born into a wealthy family. She was gentle and generous and dedicated to her family. Although the two were in an old-fashioned arranged marriage, they had never had a quarrel in their lives. They talked about everything like close friends all day long and understood each other tacitly. Recalling her parents, Yang Jiang said: \”My father respects and cares for my mother, and my mother understands and supports his father\’s mavericks.\” In a family where parents are loving and tolerant of each other, the children will naturally have the innate characteristics. The ability to love comes with it. Everyone wants to leave the best side of themselves to their lover. It is always difficult for us to see the true appearance of each other before we have a marriage contract. But the details don\’t lie. The attitude of the other parent\’s relationship hides the warmth of the family and affects the child\’s future outlook on marriage and family. If parents have deep feelings and get along harmoniously, their children will naturally not quarrel over trivial matters or care about trivial matters. By keeping company with children who grow up in such a family, the children will be happy and stable for the rest of their lives, and the family will be happy. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching them. The attitude of parents towards their children is the best respect for a family. A few years ago, there was a sketch in the Spring Festival Gala called \”Lazy Guys Dating\”. In the sketch, Wei Shufen, played by Song Dandan, has a catchphrase: \”My mother said.\” \”My mother said, my daughter will go out when she gets older.\” \”My mother said, I need to find a hard-working person.\” \”My mother said. …\” Finally, the man she was on a blind date with asked teasingly: \”What else did your mother say?\” The skit ended, but such \”jokes\” in real life are still happening because parents interfere in their children\’s marriages. There are also many family conflicts. In the final analysis, it is the parents\’ desire to control their children that is at work. Take over everything, and forcefully interfere in all matters of children\’s livesIt is appropriate, either to raise a \”mom\’s boy or girl\” who has no idea of ​​​​everything, or the children are equally strong and do not know how to give in, and they quarrel endlessly. When married into such a family, it is often difficult for children to be happy. Famous psychological counselor Wu Zhihong once told the story of a female client: When she was in love, her man was very considerate to her, and she herself thought she had found her lifelong destination. However, one year after her marriage, she gradually realized that her boyfriend\’s kindness to her was only based on the lack of interaction with her mother. From the wedding arrangements to the repayment of the house loan, her mother-in-law has a hand in everything. After she gave birth to the child, her mother-in-law even came uninvited and interfered in all kinds of ways with the small family. The deterioration of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law directly put a red light on her marriage. Under the advice of her parents, she finally gave up on the relationship, but it also left a lingering psychological shadow. Marriage is for two people, and happiness should not be in the hands of parents. The correct order of family power should be partners first, children second, and parents third. If parents forcefully step out of line and insist on being the ones in charge of the family, it will only break the balance of the family and destroy the harmony of the family. The parent-child relationship always ends with separation. It is a lifelong practice of being a parent to withdraw from your children\’s lives gracefully and watch them fade away. Parents who know how to let go can cultivate independent and responsible children; only families that respect their children can respect the family they build in the future. Before marriage, check to see if the other parent treats the child as an independent individual. Only then will the children have a responsible and responsible partner. A family\’s attitude towards outsiders is the highest upbringing of a family. \”Looking for the Origin of Surnames\” says: \”A towering tree must have its roots; a mountain\’s water must have its source.\” A person\’s conduct and personality are actually important factors. Hidden in his native family. Only a family that is kind to family members, well-educated toward outsiders, and \”cultivating both internal and external\” can cultivate children with good conduct, kindness and tolerance. The Zhou family in \”The World\” is such an existence: The Zhou family lives in a poor \”Guangzipian\”, but their children stand out one by one. This is inseparable from the Zhou family\’s simple and kind attitude towards others and the words and deeds of their parents. . Zhou\’s father and Zhou\’s mother have a good relationship with their neighbors. Zhou\’s mother has been bedridden for many years due to cerebral thrombosis. The neighbor Aunt Qiao couldn\’t help but take the initiative to take care of Zhou\’s mother until she recovered. She also often helped the Zhou family. Aunt Qiao is like this because she remembers the Zhou family\’s kindness in helping the Qiao family when they were in trouble: from daughter Chunyan\’s marriage to Chunyan\’s housing problem after marriage, Aunt Qiao will always remember the Zhou family\’s generous help. Such a simple and kind family gave birth to the righteous mayor Zhou Bingyi, the honest and simple businessman Zhou Bingkun, and Hao Dongmei and Zheng Juan who married them, and their marriages were also happy and harmonious. Writer Tana once said: \”A good native family should not only create the world for its children, but also tell them how the world should be interpreted warmly.\” Everyone\’s destiny is their native family. A person\’s moral integrity is hidden in the words and deeds of his parents. Education alone does not constitute education; the integration of education and cultivation is education. Only a family that is kind, gentle, and courteous to outsiders can raise a well-educated, gentle family.A child who is gentle and reasonable is the other half that the child can truly stay with. ▽Doing a good job and finding the right lover are the two most important things in a person\’s life. Marriage may not be a necessary option in life, but if you want to make a choice, you need to keep your eyes open, make the right decision, and choose someone who is worthy. Understanding the other person will ensure that your sincerity will not be in vain, and understanding the other person\’s family will provide an additional layer of protection for the marriage. If you stay with the right person and choose the right family, your marriage will be safe and sound, and your life will be happy and simple.

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