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The development of the fetus in the 9th week of pregnancy: In the 9th week of pregnancy, the fetus\’s back gradually straightens, its arms gradually become longer, the elbows form and can be bent, and the fingers and fingerprints gradually form. The thighs and calves can be distinguished, and the toes are formed. As the muscles gradually develop, fetal movements can be felt if an ultrasound is performed. The basic facial contour of the fetus is formed, and the facial muscles gradually develop. The eyelids that started growing a few weeks ago gradually cover the eyes, and the outline of the outer ears is clearly visible. The upper lip begins to form, the neck connecting the head to the torso becomes increasingly defined, and the face gradually takes shape. Physical changes of the pregnant mother in the 9th week of early pregnancy: After entering the 9th week of pregnancy, as the uterus gradually increases, the pregnant mother will feel that the entire body is changing. Pain in the lower abdomen and ribs, numbness in the legs that are painfully tight at the same time, and soreness in the waist are all relatively normal phenomena. But if the pain is accompanied by bleeding, you must consult a doctor. At the same time, pain makes nerves more sensitive, so it is important to maintain a calm mind. During this period, due to the strong secretion of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, people whose skin is usually prone to dryness before menstruation will still experience the same symptoms after pregnancy. However, some pregnant mothers’ skin becomes delicate after pregnancy. The effects of pregnancy hormones vary from person to person. When dry skin symptoms are severe, you need to take careful care of your skin. At this time, the pregnant mother\’s breasts are significantly enlarged and feel hard and painful to the touch. At the same time, you can also feel some lumps, which are the result of pregnancy hormones. Don\’t worry too much.

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