Pregnancy symptoms in the 15th week [fetal movement, feeling the joy of blood connection]

15th Week Pregnancy Symptoms Fetal Development By the 15th week, the placenta is finally fully formed. The placenta protects the fetus and supplies the nutrients and oxygen it needs. The largest vein in the placenta provides blood rich in nutrients and oxygen from the mother\’s body to the fetus. Two smaller veins drain waste products and carbonic acid gas produced in the fetus out of the placenta. After the nutrients in the amniotic fluid reach a certain level, the fetus begins to move freely in the amniotic fluid. If you take an ultrasound at this time, you can clearly see the various activities of the fetus: as the muscles develop, the fetus clenches its fists, opens its eyes a small slit, frowns, its little face wrinkles, and occasionally sucks Thumbs up. Pregnancy Symptoms in the 15th Week: Physical Changes of Pregnant Mothers As long as you look at the pregnant mother’s belly this week, you will know that you are pregnant, and you will basically be unable to wear your original clothes and pants. At this time, the skin pigment of some pregnant mothers\’ face and body becomes darker and pigmentation patches appear. Hair increases, acne-like dermatitis occurs, the face loses luster, and edema occurs. Increased cardiopulmonary function load, increased heart rate, accelerated and deepened breathing, etc. may aggravate the original anxiety. You may feel more fragile, sensitive, and irritable than before you were pregnant. As the uterus gets larger, the ligaments that support it grow, causing abdominal and groin pain. This is a temporary phenomenon to adapt to the changes in the uterus and will not affect the fetus, so there is no need to worry too much. Generally, pain will occur in the abdomen when the body is moved suddenly, so you should try to move the body slowly and maintain abdominal temperature. Although there is still some time before delivery, colostrum has already formed in the pregnant mother\’s breasts. As colostrum is produced, the nipples secrete gray-white milk. When lactation is secreted, pregnant mothers can place a layer of gauze inside the bra and gently clean the nipples with warm water when taking a bath.

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