Pregnant woman in labor jumped to her death! Just because I refused the doctor’s well-intentioned advice

According to Huashang Daily, around 20:00 on August 31, a pregnant woman who was expecting to give birth fell from the fifth floor of the inpatient department of the Suide Campus of the First Hospital in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province and died. On the morning of September 3, Yulin First Hospital issued an official statement on Weibo. The statement stated that the mother had a baby with a large head in her belly (color ultrasound showed a biparietal diameter of 99mm. Generally, the biparietal diameter of a full-term fetus is not larger than 99mm). 90mm), the risk of dystocia is greater, and the doctor recommends caesarean section. However, the family members insisted on a natural delivery and signed the \”Maternal Informed Consent Form\” to confirm their request for a natural delivery. The mother walked out of the birthing center twice because of pain and wanted to have a caesarean section, but her family insisted on having a natural delivery. The hospital notified her family three times but they were refused. In the end, the pregnant woman lost control of her emotions and jumped to her death due to the unbearable pain. If you classify pain, then the pain experienced by giving birth is the highest level. Mothers who have given birth naturally should be able to understand how excruciating the pain was for the mother at that time. In the comments, mothers who had experienced the pain of childbirth were speechless and criticized the husband and mother-in-law for their ignorance. Just as everyone was lamenting the mother\’s unfortunate experience, on the evening of September 3, the mother\’s family issued a statement regarding the accident. What the family said was completely contrary to the hospital\’s statement. The mother\’s husband said that he had prepared for a caesarean section when his wife said the pain was unbearable, but the doctor rejected the request after seeing it. He also called an acquaintance for help, but unexpectedly the nurse told his family that his wife was missing. When he saw her again, she had jumped to her death. Some netizens believe that hospitals generally do not refuse requests for caesarean section because the conditions for vaginal delivery are not good. If family members request for caesarean section many times, how can the hospital refuse? Moreover, the family members signed the consent form for vaginal delivery, which should mean they agree to a natural delivery. Some netizens even believed that if the mother\’s family members were present, they would have agreed to a caesarean section. Another group of netizens believe that nurses and doctors should pay close attention to pregnant women waiting to give birth in the birthing center. Why do pregnant women jump off the building alone? If the family does not agree to a caesarean section and the mother experiences tremendous pain, has the doctor taken any measures to relieve her pain? In this incident, the most controversial thing was why this adult woman, who was already an adult and could feel the pain the most, could not sign the consent form for caesarean section by herself, but instead asked her husband and mother-in-law to sign the consent form? In this regard, some doctors and experts who asked not to be named said: In this case, the pregnant woman has the right to choose independently to sign the consent form for the operation, \”but this matter is mainly related to ethics. It is said that the patient has the right to choose independently, but when It’s the family members who cause trouble. So a lot of things need to be communicated to the family members. Maybe with a sound legal system, tragedies can be avoided.” The editor also learned about it. The hospital’s requirements for signing these surgical consent forms are also different. Some The mother signed it herself when she gave birth, and some were signed by her family members. After ten months of pregnancy, once the baby is born, the process of childbirth is a torment between life and death for every woman. Prolonged pain is not only a torment for a woman\’s body, but also requires a strong psychology on the parturient. Some family members do not consider the mother because they do not understand caesarean section and painless delivery.If the baby\’s physical condition persists in giving birth naturally, it will only cause irreversible consequences. Before giving birth, learn about the delivery process in detail, be mentally prepared, trust the doctor during delivery, and choose between caesarean section or vaginal delivery based on your physical condition. I believe that every mother will successfully overcome this difficulty.

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