Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 34th week of pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should appreciate more classical music. In the 9th month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will give birth soon, and she will inevitably feel a little nervous. Moreover, at this time, the baby has gradually matured and weighed 3 to 4 kilograms, which will make the pregnant mother feel… The body is bulky. At this time, you should choose music that is both soft and hopeful. For example, \”Fantasia\” is the most popular piece among the 13 pieces of Schumann\’s piano suite \”Scenes from Childhood\”. The soft melody, the perfect blend of each part and the expressive harmony depict a childhood dream world and express the innocent and pure fantasy of children. Pregnant mothers enter the dreamland with the gentle and gentle melody. In the beautiful world in the dream, they seem to see a holy little angel. That is the cute little baby you have been waiting for for a long time, coming towards you. Related articles: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 34th week of pregnancy. Tell stories to the fetus with emotion. Pregnant mothers must be full of emotion when speaking or telling stories to the fetus. The voice should be cheerful, clear, and soft, preferably with laughter. It is easy to infect the baby, so pay attention to the pursuit of image and image beauty. When pregnant mothers tell stories, they should not just read the words in the picture album to the baby, but also describe the pictures on each page and tell the story to the baby carefully. For example, if there is a goldfish in the picture album, you can say to the baby: \”This is called a goldfish, how interesting it is! Look, it has a red head, a red tail, and the scales on its body shine with golden light. It swims in the water. Get up slowly…\” In this way, the content of the picture is visualized and visualized. Although the fetus cannot see the images in the picture album or the images of external things, he can feel them with his brain. Pregnant mothers receive visual stimulation when looking at things. This stimulation is described through vivid language and becomes visual language. This visual language allows the baby to have a perceptual understanding of external things. In addition, the pregnant mother must transmit the image and sound to the fetus at the same time. First, visualize what you are talking about in your mind, just like seeing the pictures in a movie and TV show, and then use a beautiful voice to tell the pictures in your mind to your baby. This is the \”language of pictures\”. For example, when telling the story of \”Kitten Fishing\”, you should vividly describe the kitten going fishing excitedly and half-heartedly by the river, and describe the beautiful flowers and plants and fluttering butterflies by the river vividly and vividly. It expresses the inattentive mood of the kitten who wants to catch butterflies and fish at the same time, and vividly expresses the kitten\’s frustration at not catching even a small fish in the end. In this way, the fetus will enter the world of kitten activity with you. When conducting conversational prenatal education, pregnant mothers should strive to combine images, sounds and emotions. For example, if you go for a walk in the park and watch while walking, you will feel relaxed and happy, and there will be a sense of peace and tranquility in your heart. When talking to the baby, only by unifying the three elements of image, sound and emotion can this kind of fun and happiness be conveyed to the baby. Only in this way can the baby\’s hearing feel the beautiful information, and the heart will retain the beauty. Mark of.

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