Problems and countermeasures in children’s communication

When children enter kindergarten, they leave the familiar environment and people, enter a new environment, and come into contact with unfamiliar people. They also have to face difficulties and problems independently. As a mother, you must know these social skills. Secrets, be sure to teach them to your children early. 1: Your child says he doesn’t want to play with you if other children don’t play with him. It may be because he just wants to play by himself at that time. Everyone can refuse others, and you can also refuse others when you don’t want to play with them. Just like when your mother is busy, if you invite your mother to play with you, your mother will reject you. This is normal. If a child rejects you, you can invite other children. If everyone is busy, you can also play quietly by yourself, just like you concentrate on building blocks at home. Playing alone is also fun! 2: It is really annoying to have your child\’s toys taken away. I also want to help you get them back, but my mother hopes that you can try to solve the problem yourself first, so that your classmates will not look down on you. You can say loudly: \”This is mine, please give it back.\” If he still doesn\’t give it back to you, go directly to their seat, take their things, and ask for exchange. But you have to remember that if the other person is very strong, then we would rather not have the toy and go away first to seek help from an adult. Mom will definitely help you. Finally, remember to be careful and mark your things in the future. Even if they claim it belongs to them, you can still provide evidence. Three: Your child was teased by a classmate. First of all, thank you for telling your mother about this. Then do you think he was joking with you? Or did he deliberately want to see your joke? If he wants to make fun of you, you can say: \”I know you want to play with me, but I don\’t like this game. Please don\’t continue.\” If he still teases you, express your feelings loudly. Dissatisfied and angry. If he continues, seek help from a teacher. The Development of Children\’s Social Skills: Crocodile Lai Lai watch online for free Blu-ray original disc 49GB IV: If you want to play with other people\’s toys but are rejected and he doesn\’t give you toys to play with, does it make you sad? It may be because he is not familiar with you yet. He was a little nervous when you just joined, so he couldn\’t give you his favorite toy yet. It may also be because he thinks his toys are fun and he hasn’t had enough of them yet, so he wants to play with them for a while longer. It doesn\’t matter if he is rejected. We can exchange our toys with him, or watch him play by and slowly get involved. Five: If your child is laughed at by others, remember that ridicule is a wrong thing, so this person is not worthy of your friendship. Therefore, what he said is not that important and there is no need to remember it. You can say loudly: \”When you talk about others, you are talking about yourself!\” or \”You are very rude when you say this. It makes me very angry when you say this!\” Six: Children are always bullied by the same child. Be polite, reasonable, and only right. As a polite and reasonable child, your mother never advises you to take the initiative to provoke others and hit them. But if someone always attacks you, you can fight back. This is not rude, it is protecting yourself, and you don’t need to be afraid. If your counterattack causes harm to the other party, don\’t worry that your parents will bear the consequences! not justThis is how kindergartens solve these problems, which is applicable at any time. We should tell our children not to cause trouble, but we should also tell our children not to be afraid of getting into trouble; we should always tell our children how to deal with troubles outside, and we should also tell our children how to protect themselves. Nothing is more important than life.

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