Promotion method: empowering parents and protecting children

Since January 1, 2022, the much-watched \”Family Education Promotion Law of the People\’s Republic of China\” (hereinafter referred to as the \”Promotion Law\”) has been officially implemented for one year. Over the past year, the Promotion Law has been used to regulate, restrict, and guide parents\’ behavior, protect children\’s rights, and protect and promote the development of family education in our country. It has brought about significant changes in the current situation of family education and promoted the support of the whole society for family education. Focusing on the changes brought about by the one-year implementation of the Promotion Law and the measures and actions that need to be taken to further implement the Promotion Law, this issue of Family Education Weekly invites experts and scholars to write articles to share their observations and thoughts from different perspectives. As of January 1, 2022, the \”Family Education Promotion Law of the People\’s Republic of China\” has officially been implemented for one year. Over the past year, this law that regulates and promotes family education in our country is gradually changing people\’s concepts and behaviors, bringing about tremendous changes in family education in our country. Family Education Instructor Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Chinese version e-book + English version pdf + mobi + azw3 changes, starting from \”parent education\”, the quality of family education depends to a large extent on the competency of parents. Parenting is not a profession, but it is generally considered to be one of the \”greatest professions in the world.\” It seems that anyone can be a parent, but it is not easy to be a good parent. The Promotion Law emphasizes in Chapter 2 \”Family Responsibilities\” that \”parents or other guardians should establish a sense of responsibility that the family is the first classroom and parents are the first teachers, and assume the main responsibility for the implementation of family education for minors\”, requiring Parents \”establish correct family education concepts, consciously learn family education knowledge, master scientific family education methods, and improve family education capabilities.\” In order to help more parents become their children\’s \”first teachers\”, after the implementation of the Promotion Law, the construction of parent schools in primary and secondary schools across the country has been further strengthened. Many provinces have set out timetables and require full coverage of parent schools as soon as possible. Holding parent lectures and popularizing family education knowledge and scientific concepts have also become regular tasks in schools and communities. Changes are starting from the updating of parents’ concepts and the cultivation of the “first teacher’s” competency. The family plays a fundamental role in the growth of children. Only when parents have correct family education concepts, master scientific family education methods, and be the \”first teachers\” of their children\’s lives can they lay a solid foundation for cultivating moral character. In my work practice, the author found that although there are still varying degrees of educational anxiety among parents, many parents have begun to reflect on their own problems in family education and have the willingness and actions to proactively learn and seek changes. This is A welcome change. For example, a mother from Nanchang, Jiangxi once shared with the author her confusion and changes in family education. Her daughter is 13 years old and in the second grade of junior high school. Her daughter described herself in an essay as follows: uneducated, incompetent, and accomplished nothing. She also compared herself to \”a fly lying on the glass window, helpless and unable to find a way out.\” After reading the essay, the mother felt anxious and confused, and did not know how to communicate with her children. Just when she was at a loss, the school notified parents to attend a series of public welfare family education lectures. This mother is firstWhen I first listened to a lecture on family education, I realized that the problems in children may be rooted in the parents themselves. She said that she and her child\’s father would check their phones when they had nothing to do at home, but every time their children played with their phones or watched TV, they would scold her or say some unpleasant words to hurt the children. Through study, this mother began to realize that parents\’ words and deeds have a profound impact on children\’s mental health, behavioral habits and conduct. Cognitive change is the first step. I believe that as the mother\’s concept changes, the parent-child relationship between her and her child will definitely change for the better, and the child will inevitably grow in a better direction. Leading from the perspective of improving family education guidance, there is no doubt that the urgency and necessity of training and guidance for parents has been widely recognized by the whole society. For a long time, Women\’s Federations at all levels have played an important role in family education. However, as a mass organization, Women\’s Federations do not have administrative power and have great difficulties in mobilizing parents\’ enthusiasm for participation and improving the coverage of guidance services. Many schools also lack corresponding enthusiasm in providing family education guidance services. The Promotion Law clearly stipulates that \”People\’s governments at all levels guide family education work and establish and improve the family-school-social collaborative education mechanism.\” \”Educational administrative departments and women\’s federations coordinate social resources and jointly promote the construction of a family education guidance service system covering both urban and rural areas. And undertake the daily affairs of family education work according to the division of responsibilities,\” and proposed that \”primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should incorporate family education guidance services into their work plans as part of teacher professional training.\” With the promulgation of the Promotion Law, the \”National Training Plan\” took the lead in adding training content related to family education guidance services during its implementation. Subsequently, more and more places have incorporated family education guidance capabilities into teacher professional training and ability assessment systems, and have put forward requirements for teachers to improve family education guidance capabilities. School teachers are the backbone of family education guidance services. During the survey, the author found that many teachers are somewhat unable to cope with the new job requirement of “family education guidance”. Teachers generally agree on the importance of family education and hope to improve their family education guidance capabilities. However, because of their limited energy and time, they find it difficult to balance the study guidance of students and the family education guidance of parents. To train parents well and guide family education well, we must build a high-quality professional team and improve family education guidance. Among them, the first is to improve the family education guidance ability of primary and secondary school teachers. How to not only give full play to the main role of primary and secondary kindergartens in family education guidance services, but also enhance teachers’ confidence and enthusiasm to participate in family education guidance services? The author suggests that on the one hand, we should speed up the reform and improvement of the teacher performance appraisal and evaluation system, incorporate new requirements such as family education guidance services into it as soon as possible, and increase the enthusiasm of teachers to participate; on the other hand, we should fully integrate social resources, supplement professional strength, and share responsibilities and reduce teachers’ work pressure. In the new version of the occupational classification ceremony issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2022, family education instructors were included in the new occupational catalog for the first time. This initiative will effectively promote the professional training of family education guidance teams, will also have a positive impact on the standardized operations of various family education service agencies. The Promotion Law is a law that mobilizes the whole society to jointly do a good job in family education. According to the law, “spiritual civilization construction departments at or above the county level and people’s governments at or above the county level are responsible for public security, civil affairs, judicial administration, human resources and social security, culture and tourism, health, market supervision and management, radio and television, sports, press and publishing, Internet information and other relevant departments shall do a good job in family education within the scope of their respective responsibilities.” With the promulgation of the Promotion Law, the judicial department\’s intervention and support for family education has reached unprecedented levels. In 2022, many local courts issued \”family education orders\” to delinquent parents in accordance with the law. The issuance of these \”family education orders\” is undoubtedly a milestone. If parents or other guardians do not implement family education correctly and infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of minors, they must bear corresponding legal responsibilities. The national overall planning on family education is also progressing steadily. In April 2022, 11 departments including the All-China Women\’s Federation and the Ministry of Education issued the \”Five-Year Plan for Guiding and Promoting Family Education (2021-2025)\” to popularize the concept of moral education in family education and improve the family education system. Improvement, enrichment of public service resources for family education, and construction of home-school-social collaborative education have been put forward and a development blueprint has been proposed, and arrangements and guidance have been made for key tasks to improve the level of family education. As the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China included \”improving the social education mechanism in schools and families\” and \”strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition\” into the party\’s political report for the first time, it further demonstrated the important position of family education in our country\’s education system and will surely further Mobilize the whole society to attach importance to and support family education, create a good atmosphere and lay a good life foundation for the healthy growth of the next generation. A family is the smallest country, and a country is composed of thousands of families. I believe that with the increasing promotion and implementation of the Promotion Law, and as the importance of family education is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the whole society will further form a joint force to empower parents, escort the growth of children, and make thousands of families become the key to national development and development. An important basis for national progress and social harmony.

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