Put your baby to sleep as soon as he is born. It turns out that doing this more during pregnancy is really useful.

Yangyang is now 2 months old. Except for crying a few times every day when feeding, peeing, and defecating, Yangyang sleeps well the rest of the time. When friends see such a well-behaved baby, they all say that Yangyang’s mother must have done this in her previous life. He has done a lot of good deeds, so he gave birth to such a considerate baby. And Yangyang’s mother laughed it off every time, because she knew that the comfort she felt now was due to her perseverance during pregnancy. It turns out that since Yangyang\’s mother became pregnant, she has insisted on giving prenatal care to her baby every day and playing the same song to her baby before going to bed every day. So after the baby is born, as long as she hears this song playing, she will know that it is time to go to bed, and there is no need to deliberately Going to coax him to sleep saved Yangyang\’s mother a lot of worry. I don’t know if it’s due to prenatal education, but after Yangyang was born, he was also better behaved and smiled more than other babies, which made people happy just to see him. In fact, when it comes to prenatal education, many mothers have done it during pregnancy, but after the baby is born, the baby is still noisy and disobedient. At this time, the mother should think back to how you received prenatal education. Are you like other mothers? Because it looks like I missed it because of watching TV and playing with mobile phones. Although everyone has done prenatal education, few have persisted. Regarding prenatal education, these two points are the most important. Prenatal education needs to insist that prenatal education is a systematic stimulation, not a trivial matter that can be achieved overnight. It is ineffective for mothers to fish for three days and dry the net for two days. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers who have prenatal education can make a prenatal education plan and prepare After choosing the method, time, and teaching materials that are suitable for the fetus, stick to it throughout the pregnancy. Choose the right time. Each cycle should choose course content suitable for the baby\’s staged development. For example, fetal hearing development begins at 17 weeks. Pregnant mothers can start language and music prenatal education for the fetus at 17 weeks. Pregnant mothers can understand clearly at 24 weeks. Touching the fetal limbs, you can add stroking education at this time. At 28 weeks, the fetal brain begins to develop rapidly, and prenatal education will enter the sprint stage at this time. The duration of prenatal education should not be too long. Each time of music prenatal education should be within 15-30 minutes, and the volume should be controlled below 60 decibels. Stroke twice a day, for about 5 minutes each time. The stroking can be accompanied by music and language prenatal education.

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