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Regarding the stance on sweating during the full moon, see for yourself

Full moon sweating to drive away cold poison? Confinement? Still looking for an agency? Should I do it if I sweat during the full moon? …To be honest, I didn’t want to say anything more about full-moon sweating, because most of the people who carry out the “full-moon sweating” project are profit-making organizations, such as health clubs, confinement clubs, beauty clubs, etc. These profit-making organizations promote the benefits of sweating during the full moon in order to make money. However, most organizations do not take into account the actual physical condition of the mother and just blindly emphasize the benefits of sweating. In addition, some recent articles exaggerate the effects of sweating and induce them regardless of the situation. It is really inappropriate for mothers to sweat during the full moon, and may even endanger their health. As the name suggests, full moon sweating is to make mothers sweat a lot through various methods during the traditional confinement period. Its essence is sweating, which is no different from sweating due to exercise, sweating from covering up heat, sweating from fever, sweating from nervousness, sweating from spicy taste, etc. Therefore, what effect does sweating have on mothers during the full moon is actually a discussion of what effect sweating can have on mothers. Sweating has a very wide range of treatments and miraculous effects in traditional Chinese medicine. But from the perspective of modern medicine, sweating is the most basic way to regulate body temperature after changes in human metabolism. 99% of sweat is water, and the remaining 1% is minerals and water-soluble vitamins. Although minerals and water-soluble vitamins only account for 1% of sweat, a large amount of sweat loss can cause electrolyte imbalance in the body, reduce skeletal muscle excitability, and cause weakness. This is why we feel so tired after taking a sauna or taking a long bath. Therefore, after \”full moon sweating\”, if you do not replenish water and salt in time, you may feel weak and exhausted, and in severe cases, mothers who are physically weak may be more likely to suffer serious consequences such as myocardial spasm. In addition, sweating will accelerate blood circulation. If the postpartum wound has not healed, you should not easily try to sweat. For most mothers who have just given birth, childbirth itself is a huge physical exertion and requires a long period of rest and nutrition to slowly recover. In addition, most mothers need to keep getting up at night to breastfeed their babies and sleep after giving birth. There is no guarantee, so it is not recommended for most mothers to sweat, which causes a large amount of body fluid loss in a short period of time. It has been reported that a mother suffered from cerebral thrombosis due to the high temperature when she was sweating during the full moon, and required long-term medication. Therefore, sweating casually is also irresponsible to yourself and your children from a certain perspective. However, there are also many mothers who cover themselves tightly after giving birth, fearing that the wind will cause them to suffer from postpartum syndrome, and they even refuse to take a shower or wash their hair. At this time, if you do a full moon sweat just after the full moon, you will feel refreshed after returning home. It is not so much the result of sweating, but rather that the pores open after sweating and the skin is clean and comfortable. The old tradition of not being able to take a bath during the confinement period is due to poor conditions at home and lack of good bathing facilities. But now almost every house has showers and heating equipment, so you won’t catch a cold after taking a bath. On the contrary, if you don\’t take a shower because you are afraid of catching a cold, the uncomfortable body feeling will make the mother physically and mentally unhappy.. After I gave birth to my eldest daughter and my youngest son, the first thing I did when I got home from the hospital was to take a comfortable hot shower. Therefore, once you sweat during confinement, you need to take a bath after sweating. After bathing, you need to pay attention to drying your body and hair in time. This is understandable and no big deal. Full-month sweating is neither necessary nor recommended for most mothers. Although some areas have a long history of the custom of sweating during the full moon, we do need to re-examine it from the perspective of modern medicine.

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