Safety education: Be highly alert to the dangers hidden around children

Families are usually very careful when taking their children out, but when their children get older, many parents will feel free to let their children play freely in the community, especially in communities where people and vehicles are separated. Although many parents will also tell their children some safety precautions, such as not to step on manhole covers, because we often see tragedies in which children fall due to problems with manhole covers due to various reasons. It is precisely because of this that many children can remember this after repeated warnings from their parents. Only a few very naughty children will try to jump and play on the manhole cover. There are some risk factors that are easily ignored by parents. These factors do not appear to be dangerous on the surface, but in fact they are hidden dangers. If the children do not pay attention, they may cause irreparable consequences, and it will be difficult for parents to make up for it no matter how sad they are. If parents pay a little attention, they will find that some children will be frightened by some dangers that are unexpected by the parents, or cause irreparable tragedies. In fact, in addition to the manhole covers we often see, there are three dangers hidden around children, and parents must tell their children. The first risk factor: low street lamps and floor lamps in the community. When walking in the community at night, I often find a few naughty children playing around some floor lamps next to the grass in the community, jumping around on them, and some The child will also reach out and touch the street lamp about one meter high next to it. Because for children who love to explore and do a little bit of damage, they have no immunity to the various street lights and floor lamps that light up at night, so they can\’t help but play with these things. However, in some old communities, the floor lamps may be broken and not repaired in time, and the threads may even be exposed, which is very dangerous. Speaking of this, I still remember a tragic incident I saw before. A 5-year-old girl was electrocuted to death by a floor lamp in the community. According to the owner of the community, the floor lamp in the community had long been broken, and there has always been a safety hazard. However, It wasn\’t until tragedy struck that the property management company thought of remedying the situation. The little girl was having a lot of fun at the time. Neither the parents nor the girl thought that such a tragedy would happen while playing in a neighborhood they were familiar with. This is not the only thing that happened like this. There was also a little girl who was over one year old. When she was playing in the community at night, she touched the floor lamp with her hand out of curiosity. Unexpectedly, she was burned. Her delicate little hands suddenly started to burn a lot. Bubbles, the little girl kept crying, which is really distressing. Therefore, it seems that the floor lamps and the vertical low street lamps in the community provide us with lighting, but at the same time as the lighting is powered on, there may be safety risks because the property inspection of the community is not timely. Therefore, as parents, we need to remind our children not to play under floor lamps, to stay away from threads on the ground when they see them, and not to touch them with their hands. Let children remember to stay away from danger, and the above safety incidents will never happen. The second risk factor: Fountains in communities, squares and parks. In order to beautify the environment, many communities will build fountains. Whenever the weather is hot, children like to play with water. Some children will play in the fountain area regardless of getting wet. Running around inside, don’t you know that there are great risks in doing so. First of all, the fountain runs normally by using electricity.Yes, but some fountains will have wires exposed in the water, which poses a safety risk of leakage. Once the fountain water is electrified, it is easy to cause safety accidents. Although many fountains will be installed with leakage protection devices when they are installed. Once leakage occurs, the fountain power will be automatically cut off. However, even so, there will still be safety accidents in which the leakage protection device fails to protect effectively. Secondly, because the water column of the fountain is pressurized, it will have a certain impact when it sprays out. If a child plays in it, it is easy to hurt the child. The fountain water column may not seem thick, but it can spray very high. According to data, a fountain mouth with a diameter of less than 2 cm can spray a water column up to 10 meters high, and the impact of this water column is huge. Especially when the fountain is suddenly turned on or pressurized suddenly, the impact of the water column increases more than ten times. Therefore, the fountain water column that looks refreshing and beautiful actually contains a lot of impact. When children are playing, if they step on the mouth of the fountain without hesitation, they will be easily injured. Finally, the hygiene of the fountain water is not up to standard. The water in many fountains is not changed several times a season, which can easily breed bacteria. If a child has a wound on his body, it is easy to become infected and inflamed. If the child does not wash his hands after playing with the fountain water before eating. , it is easy for bacteria to invade the body and make you sick. The third risk factor: Playing in the underground garage. I don’t know if anyone in your community owner group often reports that there are children or elderly people exercising and playing in the underground garage, and there are even children playing roller skating in it. In our community owner group, some owners often report: \”There are old people walking around with their children and exercising in the garage. Someone please let them out. It\’s too scary.\” We all know that the light in the garage is not good. If someone is looking behind the car, Playing in the blind spot of the mirror can easily prevent the car owner from seeing it. Even if he sees it, he will not have time to brake, which will eventually lead to a car accident. By then it will be too late to regret. \”Every time you enter the underground garage, you have to pay attention not only to the passing vehicles, but also to the people walking around with their children and exercising in the garage. It\’s so scary!\” Every time I drive in and out of the garage, I am always on tenterhooks because I often encounter elderly people. Take your children in and out of the underground garage entrance, and children and the elderly play in the basement. Especially in summer, the basement is naturally cool, and the basement becomes a \”playground.\” There will always be small groups of children running around below, just running happily and not paying attention to the vehicles. There are children riding bicycles, roller coasters and twisters. Some children are too short. If You might not be able to see it if you don\’t pay attention. Several times I was scared to death by the sudden appearance of children. Anti-drowning safety education for primary school students, etc., 100-lesson audio encyclopedia for comprehensive protection of children\’s safety. In fact, when the elderly and children are active in the garage, it not only poses safety risks, but also causes people to get sick due to poor air quality. We all know that vehicle exhaust mainly contains carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, which are very harmful to human health. In addition, garage ventilation is relatively poor, which makes it difficult to dissipate these exhaust gases. When the vehicle is started, the exhaust emissions are higher than normal driving. Underground garages are not suitable for long stays, especially if the elderly have underlying diseases and children with weak immunity are prone to respiratory diseases. We all knowThere are dangers in manhole covers, and children are often reminded to avoid them when they see them. However, children actually hide the above dangers around them. Parents should pay attention to them and keep their children safe and healthy. Have any of the dangerous situations mentioned above happened to you?

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