Secrets to help your baby eat well, sleep soundly and grow fast

On the road to raising a baby, the two biggest obstacles are eating and sleeping. Many mothers\’ beautiful dreams before raising children have been shattered after encountering these two roadblocks. There are 4 places on your baby\’s body. As long as you touch them skillfully every day, you will definitely eat well and sleep soundly! Do not believe? You go on and look down! The benefits of \”touching\” are more than you think! The germs are no longer hidden. This set of actions also has a name called – baby caressing. It refers to the regular touching of the skin of babies under 1 year old by parents or health care personnel. Its benefits are many! Senior Nanny Training Video – Baby Touching Video Complete Set of 4.9G These Actions No matter how busy you are, please keep doing it! After reading the benefits, parents, are you a little eager to try it? Make the following preparations and we can get started! ● Control the room temperature at 25 ~ 28℃, the humidity at 50 ~ 60%, and play some soft and soothing music; ● Choose a state when the baby is not tired or hungry, such as after taking a bath or before going to bed; ● Take off the ring, Wash your hands, pour some moisturizing oil into your palms, and rub them warm. ◆ The first step: caressing the head and face ① Slide the thumbs of both hands from between the eyebrows to both sides ② Caress from the chin to the earlobes, making a smiley face ③ Caress from the top of the head to the roots behind the ears ◆ The second step: caress the chest and abdomen Touch ① Put your hands on the costal edges on both sides, stroke your right hand upwards to the left shoulder, and stroke your left hand upwards to the right shoulder, remembering to avoid the baby\’s small nipples ② Massage the abdomen clockwise with both hands, remembering to avoid the baby\’s umbilicus ◆ Step 3: Limb touch ① Grasp one of the baby\’s arms with both hands, rotate and massage from the upper limb to the wrist ② Then, alternately knead gently from the upper arm to the wrist with both hands. ③ Grasp one of the baby\’s legs with the other arm and two hands, rotate and massage from the thigh to the ankle ④ Then, alternately knead gently from the thigh to the ankle with both hands ⑤ Finally, gently touch the heel to the toes, and gently pinch each toe. The other leg is the same as ◆ Step 4: Back caress ① Support the neck with one hand, press the chest lightly with the other hand, adjust the baby to prone position ② Massage slowly downward on both sides of the spine ③ Gently touch along the top of the head to the buttocks ④ Turn over to end this A set of movements is very simple and does not take long. It can be completed in ten or twenty minutes. But such a simple action brings huge benefits to the baby: it not only brings the parent-child relationship closer, but also promotes physical development, which should not be underestimated. Parents, hurry up and find a time to make arrangements for your baby! Of course, while keeping such a useful thing for yourself, don’t forget to share it with more parents!

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