Seeing her daughter-in-law being so cruel to her 2-year-old grandson, she could only swallow her anger!

After Grandma Zhang\’s son went to study in New Zealand, he married a New Zealand wife and gave birth to a precious son. Relatives and friends all praised Grandma Zhang’s son for his potential. But Grandma Zhang was worried. Will the foreign wife take care of the children? Grandma Zhang was really worried, so she had to go to New Zealand in person. On the first day I went there, I was very unhappy. During dinner, the foreign wife did not take care of her grandson at all. She allowed her grandson, who was not yet two years old, to climb onto the dining chair with great difficulty. She stabbed the food randomly with a fork and then stuffed it into her mouth with difficulty. Half of it was eaten and half of it was scattered on the floor and on the table. It\’s all rice. Grandma Zhang was about to go over to feed her grandson, but the foreign wife shook her head and said she didn\’t need it. Grandma Zhang felt unspeakably uncomfortable. Every morning at 7:00, the foreign wife puts the milk and pizza on the dining table and goes to do her own thing. She never calls her grandson to eat. Once, the grandson delayed his meal time because he went to the bathroom, and the foreign wife actually collected the meal on time at 7:30. Grandma Zhang wanted to get it for her grandson, but her foreign wife politely refused. Seeing her grandson looking very hungry all morning, Grandma Zhang felt very uncomfortable. In order not to starve, the poor grandson had to come to eat on time at 7:00. Once, the grandson accidentally knocked over half a cup of juice and it got all over his clothes and pants. The grandson felt very uncomfortable and asked his mother to change it. Unexpectedly, the foreign wife refused and just told the child: \”My child, you yourself If you wet your clothes, you have to bear the consequences.\” Such a cruel mother, Grandma Zhang was furious. Another time, the grandson put on his shoes backwards, but the foreign wife turned a blind eye and took the grandson out. It wasn\’t until someone reminded the grandson that his shoes were on backwards with a surprised expression that he blushed with embarrassment and asked to change them. After this incident, my grandson never wore backwards shoes again. At a young age, her grandson had to wash his socks, shine his shoes, clean the table, and take out the trash… For nearly two years, Grandma Zhang was frowning, suffocating with this foreign daughter-in-law, and sometimes she cried secretly. It wasn\’t until her grandson returned to China with Grandma Zhang for vacation and participated in a competition and won the championship because of her hands-on and independent ability, and was envied by many parents, that Grandma Zhang truly admired this foreign daughter-in-law. In the above case, the foreign daughter-in-law and Grandma Zhang have very different ways of educating their children: the foreign daughter-in-law focuses on cultivating the child\’s \”independence\” ability and gradually cultivates the child\’s hands-on ability, time concept and sense of responsibility through life experience; while Grandma Zhang is more Most of it is \”love\” education, which emphasizes providing children with better living conditions through parents\’ meticulous care. Compared with Chinese people, the time for foreigners to take care of children is much shorter. In many countries, children have to drink water and milk by themselves after a few months, learn to feed themselves by the age of 1, and no longer live in the same room with their parents after the age of 2. Compared with many very large children in China who are still held by their parents, parents rarely hold their children after foreign children can walk. The \”dangerous\” scene of a very young child waddling ahead and his parents following behind is very common abroad. Even if a child falls, foreigners often do not help the child, but let the child stand up on his own, unless the injury is very serious. Foreign children do not take spending their parents’ money as a matter of course., even children with very good family conditions are not willing to ask their parents for money after the age of 18, but instead work part-time jobs to support themselves. Of course, foreign education is not perfect, and we do not need to worship foreigners. However, in the context that many parents in our country dote on their children, and many single children are spoiled into little emperors and princesses, it is important to understand foreigners. The way to educate children is very meaningful. Doudehui would like to remind you: 1. The more parents take care of their children, the better. Practice has proved that children who are cared for too much by their parents often do not think of solving problems themselves but rely on their parents. Not long ago, the media reported that students admitted to a well-known university were unable to study normally because they could not comb their hair or wash clothes. How could it not arouse the deep thinking of the majority of Chinese parents? Doing things for the child that the child can do will dampen the child\’s enthusiasm, reduce the child\’s ability to handle things on his own, and make the child develop a strong sense of dependence. 2. Parents should be willing to let their children \”suffer\” and let their children improve themselves through the trials of life. Learning to walk, learn to eat, take out the trash, clean the table and other tasks will help children develop strong practical abilities and independent awareness. This will not only reduce the burden on parents, but will also be very beneficial to the children\’s future development. Why not do it?

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