Seize the huge period of height charts for children aged 1 to 10 after the Spring Festival, don’t miss it and wait another year

Spring, when all things grow, is naturally the best time for children to grow and develop. Spring has already begun on New Year’s Eve. Taking advantage of this time, parents should seize the opportunity to let their children grow rapidly! Let’s first take a look at the official children’s physical development chart and compare it to see if your child’s height meets the scientific data: Children’s Physical Development Chart If your child reaches the data, then keep up your efforts and let the child continue to grow into a towering tree; best-selling book Download the 36-volume electronic version of Primary School Mathematics Helper in full color and ultra-clear PDF. If your child does not meet the standards, parents should not be anxious. The following will tell parents how to help their children grow well this spring! Factors Affecting Height Parents must first understand what factors will affect their children\’s height, mainly in the following aspects: ● Sleep physiology research shows that the growth of children is mainly completed during sleep. The peak period of growth hormone secretion is between 12 o\’clock and 1 o\’clock in the middle of the night. If you miss this period of sleep, cell metabolism will be affected. For primary school students who are in the stage of physical and mental development, lack of sleep is irreparably overdrawing their youth and health. Medical experts believe that under normal circumstances, children aged 6-12 years old need 10-11 hours of sleep a day, and children aged 12-18 years old need 9-9.5 hours. Therefore, parents must ensure that their children get enough sleep, so as to promote the secretion of growth hormone and make their children grow taller. ● Nutrition, as the name suggests, is the nutrients that children need for their bodies to grow. When growing taller, it is mainly the growth of bones. When nutrients cannot meet the nutrients needed by bones, the rate of growth and development will be slow. The nutrients needed for bone growth mainly include calcium, zinc, iodine, phosphorus and vitamin D. When these are insufficient, the child\’s development will slow down. This is why many parents buy calcium tablets for their children during their development period. ●Exercise life lies in exercise, this sentence is not true at all. Therefore, the state\’s quality education for students includes physical fitness. Having a good body is a sign of healthy growth. Exercising your body and doing sports will promote blood circulation, accelerate bone growth, and you will naturally grow taller. Therefore, while parents let their children study, they might as well let them exercise more! ● Heredity According to scientific proof, heredity is also a very important factor affecting a child\’s height. Therefore, when the child\’s height is not up to standard when he is young, parents can consider the height of the family, don\’t be impatient, provide the child with good nutrition, and wait patiently. How parents should be parents mainly focuses on the above three aspects: sleep quality, nutritional supplement and physical exercise. To ensure the quality of your child\’s sleep, you must first have a healthy biological clock. With the development of electronic products, children\’s biological clocks are getting later and later, which is detrimental to their children\’s development. Therefore, parents must quickly adjust. First, let\’s take a look at the scientific sleep schedule: How to ensure children\’s sleep time? Parents should let their children avoid sleeping for three times: ◆ If they don’t sleep after 11 o’clock, if they don’t sleep after 11 o’clock at night, the quality of sleep cannot be guaranteed, the physical condition will get worse and worse, and the mental state will not be good throughout the day. The weakened resistance will have an impact on the child\’s physical and mental health. ◆ Parents who do not sleep in a noisy environment usuallyI am busy with work, so I only take my children out for dinner and entertainment on weekends, and organize mahjong games or KTV singing. Such entertainment activities usually end after 12 o\’clock, and it is time for the children to go to bed. This kind of noisy environment is not suitable for children to rest at all. . The child\’s spirit will be oppressed and tense and unable to relax, which is very detrimental to the child\’s health. ◆ Don’t let your children sleep with worries. Parents are busy at work and sometimes feel impatient when facing their children when they come home. If their children do not write their homework well or do not perform well in school, this will become a trigger for criticism from parents. The parents will reprimand them loudly, and the children will express their grievances and Sleeping with a sad mood will disrupt the quality of sleep, and over time can lead to neurological problems or even depression. Bad for children’s mental health. 2. How to ensure that children eat the nutrients they need? Which foods can ensure the nutrients that children need to grow up? Parents may wish to take a look: The benefits of children’s physical exercise at home. A full set of fun sports meeting project videos with 39 lessons ➤ Vitamin supplements. Children lack outdoor exercise and lack of sunlight. The weather is still cold at the beginning of spring, and the cold will Accelerating the body\’s oxidative function and vitamin metabolism will cause children to lack vitamins. Parents should add vitamins to their children\’s meals, which can improve their children\’s ability to withstand cold and enhance their immunity. Cabbage, white radish, spinach, lettuce, etc. are all vegetables that are extremely rich in vitamins. Parents should put some effort into seasoning their children to make the ingredients delicious, with reasonable combinations, bright colors, and delicious flavors. I believe that their children will like to eat them. ➤ Drink more milk. Milk is rich in protein, amino acids, and calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for height growth. It is a good thing for increasing height. When drinking milk, try to drink pure milk. Surveys show that the protein content of pure milk is three times that of breast milk. It is rich in nutrients and sufficient to supply the daily needs of children. The fat and vitamin A contained in it are also good for the child\’s body. . Eat more vegetables, fruits, and meat to supplement calcium, phosphorus and other substances. Vegetables, especially spinach and carrots, are the vegetables with the highest vitamin content and are listed as the healthiest foods for humans. It mainly contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, and niacin, which are all nutrients beneficial to the body. For fruits, eat more apples, oranges and lemons. Apple is the king of fruits and contains the most nutrients, so children can eat more. The vitamin content of citrus fruits is several times that of apples. If you eat a little every day, you will not worry about whether your children will grow taller. The most nutritious and healthy meat is mainly fish. Many parents like to let their children eat meat, mainly pork. The fat content of pork is too high. Eating more will make children obese. It is recommended to eat less. Fish meat is rich in calcium and phosphorus, as well as 9 essential amino acids for the human body, making it a good choice for protein supplementation. 3. Ensure that children get enough exercise. Most children nowadays will sit and play with their mobile phones after eating instead of going to the playground to exercise or play ball. The exercise time is greatly shortened, which will lead to fat accumulation. Parents must take their children to do more exercise. Taking a walk after dinner every day and going hiking on weekends are all good ways to exercise. Parents should try their best to choose exercises with low intensity and light fatigue, so as to prevent their children from exercising too much and harming their bodies, and secondly,It can increase children\’s initiative and prevent them from becoming inert after exercising once or twice. Parents should remember three points: the exercise time should not be too long; the exercise intensity should not be too intense; and the exercise projects should not be boring. Choosing suitable and suitable sports for your child, and letting them take the initiative to fall in love with physical exercise, is the foundation for growing your body! Download the 12-section teaching video on rope skipping skills for primary school students

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