Selected content of the May Day Labor Day handwritten newspaper, keep it for your children

Labor Day is coming soon. Before celebrating the holiday, we must understand the origin of Labor Day. It is easiest for children to understand Labor Day by making handwritten newspapers, which will leave a deep impression on them every stroke. The students must also be eager to see how they can draw a creative Labor Day handwritten newspaper, right? A collection of pictures of unforgettable handwritten newspapers celebrating May 1st Labor Day. Before you collect and draw handwritten newspapers for your children, let’s first learn about May 1st Labor Day and accumulate some materials! Handwritten newspaper material The origin of May Day Labor Day May Day originated in Chicago, United States. On May 1, 1886, more than 200,000 workers in Chicago went on strike to fight for the implementation of an eight-hour working day. After hard struggle, the workers finally won. In order to commemorate this workers\’ movement, on July 14, 1889, the Socialist Congress convened by Marxists from various countries grandly opened in Paris, France. At the conference, everyone unanimously agreed that May 1st should be designated as a common holiday of the international proletariat. This resolution received positive response from workers all over the world. On May 1, 1890, the working class of European and American countries took the lead in taking to the streets, holding grand demonstrations and rallies to fight for their legitimate rights and interests. From then on, working people from all over the world gather and travel on this day to celebrate. The Chinese people\’s celebration of Labor Day can be traced back to 1918. That year, some revolutionary intellectuals distributed leaflets introducing \”May Day\” to the masses in Shanghai, Suzhou and other places. On May 1, 1920, workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities took to the streets to hold massive tours and rallies. After the founding of New China, May Day was designated as the legal Labor Day in December 1949. Famous aphorisms about labor 1. Labor is the basis and means of human existence, and the source of a person\’s physical, intellectual and moral perfection. ——Ushensky 2. Laziness-it is a special style of attitude toward labor. It is characterized by difficulty getting involved in work and ease of leaving work. ——Deplitskaya 3. Life is about hard work, what will you get if you don’t ask for it? —— Zhang Heng 4. It is better to retreat and build a net than to envy the fish in Linyuan. —— Ban Gu 5. There are some “once and for all” things, but there are very few “once and for all” things… —— Lu Xun 7. Knowledge comes from hard work, and any achievement is the result of hard work. ——Song Qingling 8. To cultivate abilities, you must continue to do it, and you must improve your learning methods and improve learning efficiency at any time, in order to succeed. ——Ye Shengtao 9. We should remember that our career requires hands, not mouths. ——Tong Dizhou 10. Always have confidence in everything and always think about \”doing it\”. If you do something and you first worry, \”Are you afraid of it?\” then you won\’t have the courage. —— Gai Jingtian 11. People who do everything by talking without doing anything are hypocritical and hypocritical. —— Democritus 13. Any behavior that is not intended for the collective benefit is suicidal and harmful to society. ——Makarenko 14. Just like branches and trunks are connected together,Branches close to the trunk will soon die. —— Oneg 15. The most beautiful things in our world are created by labor and smart hands of people. —— Gorky 16. Only human labor is sacred. ——Golgi 17. It is noon on the day of hoeing, and the sweat is dripping from the soil. Who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey! —— Li Shen 18. From now on, I will no longer look up at the blue sky or look down at the white water. I will only watch my steps carefully. I will not step on the soil and leave deep footprints! ——Zhu Ziqing\’s poem about labor \”Returning to the Garden and Living in the Fields\” Eastern Jin Dynasty·Tao Yuanming planted beans at the foot of the southern mountain, where the grass was abundant and the bean seedlings were sparse. I wake up in the morning to sort out the wasteland and filth, and return with a hoe in the moonlight. The road is narrow, the grass and trees are long, and the evening dew touches my clothes. It\’s not enough to regret the stain on your clothes, but your wishes are fulfilled. \”Four Occasions Pastoral Miscellaneous\” Song Dynasty Fan Cheng went out to work in the fields in the daytime and worked in the field at night, and the children in the village were responsible for their own affairs. The children and grandchildren are still working for farming and weaving, and they are also learning to grow melons near the mulberry tree. \”April in the Village\” Song Dynasty Wengjuan is all over the mountains and rivers are full of green, and the rain is like smoke in the sound of the rules. There are few idle people in the countryside in April, so they are planting sericulture and planting fields. \”Two Songs of Shetian Diao\” by Wang Yucheng of the Song Dynasty. Everyone worked together to mow down the poor face, and listened to the Tian singer Mo Xian. Everyone is willing to plant thousands of cords, and the green hills will be covered with beans and stalks. Second, if the northern mountain is planted, the southern mountain is cultivated. Is there any bias in helping each other to cultivate it? I wish that all the people in the world would be like me, and that there should be less barren fields all over the world. Handwritten newspaper So, what elements can be drawn when we make a Labor Day-themed handwritten newspaper? Such as: sweeping the floor, wiping tables, workers, classrooms, homes, bees, trees, etc. What else can you think of? Recommended topics for labor handwritten newspapers: \”Hymn to Labor Day\”, \”Happy May Day\”, \”May Day Experience\”, \”My Beginning of Labor\”, \”International Labor Day\”, \”Let\’s Get Together on May Day\” \” Labor is the Most Glorious\” Example of handwritten newspaper creation process 1. Labor Day theme We want to draw a labor scene on campus. On the left side of the picture, I drew a little girl cleaning. 2. On the right side of the picture, I drew a boy carrying water. He was sweating profusely and working very hard. 3. In the upper part of the picture, I will draw some indoor scenes of the classroom. Think carefully about the furnishings in your classroom and draw them. 4. In the lower part of the picture, I will draw some text boxes, add some details, and the line drawing will be completed. 5. We started coloring the handwritten newspaper. When coloring, I started with the characters. 6. You can use the white square on the blackboard to write titles. When designing your handwritten newspaper, be sure to add your own creativity, so that your handwritten newspaper can be unique. Exquisite masthead title and border design title dialog box border lace Finally, Doudehui wishes everyone a happy Labor Day in advance!

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