Seven-month-old baby’s high intelligence

After the baby is born, mothers may be worried about many things, one thing after another. Among them, the baby\’s development is also of concern to countless mothers. Changes in the height and weight of babies during the newborn period are also the focus of countless mothers. In the circle, many mothers compare the height and weight of babies of the same age, fearing that their babies will fall behind. In fact, the growth of height and weight of each baby is different. Some babies grow quickly and naturally their height and weight will change faster. On the contrary, some babies have smaller bones and will grow slower in height and weight. This should also be considered. Attention. During the newborn period, the baby\’s development speed is relatively stable. Mothers should not only pay attention to the changes in the baby\’s height and weight, but also pay attention to the baby\’s intellectual development. The baby\’s brain develops very quickly, but the baby\’s brain and intelligence are also a blind spot. Mothers cannot understand it directly and need to learn about it through the baby\’s physical performance. However, the baby\’s physical performance during the newborn period is also hinted at. When the baby is just born, there are actually many signals, and careful mothers can detect them. There will be some strange manifestations when the baby is born, which many mothers take for granted. In fact, these manifestations also imply that the baby has high intelligence. Mothers can also compare them with their own babies. 1. Love eating hands. Many mothers say that babies start eating hands when they are born. In fact, the performance of babies eating hands also implies that the baby has high intelligence, because babies can be self-satisfied and self-soothing by eating hands. This is a state of self-satisfaction and self-soothing. It is also a manifestation of the baby\’s high intelligence. Of course, the baby can also suck when eating from the hand, which is helpful for the baby to drink milk later. Mothers should not intervene prematurely if their babies eat their hands during the newborn period. They only need to do a good job of hygiene. When babies eat their hands, they can also promote their brain development. Mothers should understand this. 2. Frequent crying. When a baby cries frequently when he is just born, the baby\’s intelligence is also very high, because the baby does not feel safe after leaving the mother\’s womb. At this time, the baby with strong perception will feel empty and insecure, and will also Expressed through crying. Therefore, it is a good thing for babies to cry frequently after birth. On the contrary, babies who sleep a lot after birth may have poorer perception. It is also very common for babies to cry in the newborn period. Of course, crying also implies many signals. When the baby does not have the ability to express language and has needs, he will usually cry to signal the mother. Regardless of whether the baby has these symptoms after birth, mothers do not need to be too anxious, because the baby\’s acquired development is also very fast, and they should lead by example and create more conditions for the baby to promote the baby\’s brain development. After birth, just checking the baby\’s health is a matter of joy.

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