Should I wake the baby up to drink milk when he is sleeping?

Question 1: My baby is two and a half months old. He has not been breastfeeding well recently. Sometimes I cannot wake him up when I ask him to nurse at the right time. We weigh ourselves once a week, and this time it’s the same as last time. What’s going on? Will there be anything missing? I\’m afraid that my baby is missing something. How old can a baby be for a physical checkup? Do you need to take some calcium tablets? Every time I go to a maternal and child store to give my child a bath, they say that taking cod liver oil helps calcium absorption, and it would be better to take some calcium tablets, so I am always confused. Dr. He Jiexin answered: The child\’s weight gain is not very obvious in the third month. If the overall weight is normal, it is not a big problem. Generally, babies need to be woken up for feeding in the first few weeks after birth. If the baby is asleep after one month, there is no need to wake the baby to feed. Deliberately waking up a sleeping baby to feed will disturb the baby\’s sleep and affect the baby\’s growth and development. You can try to extend the time your baby takes to feed during the day. Regular physical examinations are carried out every three months before one year old and once every six months after one year old. Don\’t blindly supplement nutritional supplements. Take cod liver oil first. If your child has enough milk every day, there is no need to supplement calcium. Question: A two-month-old baby is mixed-fed and fed milk powder once a day. She has had diarrhea for a week. She has diarrhea every time she eats. She has yellow-green poop, which is very thin, sticky, and has milk flaps. She has diarrhea after eating. What is the reason? ? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: It is difficult to determine the cause. You can take Smecta on an empty stomach, half a bag each time, and drink it with 30 ml of water. If the effect of taking it for one day is not good, it is recommended to check the stool. Directly defecate into a disposable paper cup or a clean plastic bag and send it to the hospital for examination within an hour. In addition, diarrhea for more than a week can cause secondary lactose intolerance. If the stool is normal, you can try lactose-free milk powder and resume your current diet after the diarrhea is cured. Question 3: My son is one year and seven months old. The doctor said he has iron deficiency anemia. His hemoglobin value is 87. I bought him ferrous sulfate granules. Is it okay to drink this? How many times a day do you drink? How much do you drink each time? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: You can eat it, but the taste is not very good. If the baby can accept it, take one pack at a time, once a day.

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