Should newborns wear hats in summer?

Do babies who are just one month old need to wear hats in summer? This needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. At home, you usually don’t need to wear a hat, but try to wear a hat when going out. Why do newborns and younger babies need to wear hats? 1. For babies, their scalps are relatively delicate and their fontanels need to be protected, so they usually wear hats. However, when the temperature at home is relatively suitable, there is no need to wear a hat to prevent the baby from getting too hot and sweating and developing prickly heat. 2. But even when the temperature is high in summer, the baby still needs to wear a hat when going out. It mainly serves as sunshade and prevents ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays in summer are relatively strong and the sun is dazzling. For babies, it is necessary to wear a sun hat when going out. This can not only prevent the baby\’s scalp from being sunburned, but also prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the baby\’s eyes. You must know that the baby\’s eyes are not fully developed yet and are easily damaged by ultraviolet rays, so it is very important to protect yourself from the sun. Download the Encyclopedia of Newborn Baby Care in ultra-clear epub3. Of course, if some parents feel that it is hotter for their children to wear a hat when going out, if they are sitting in a stroller with an awning and the sun is not too strong, then it can be appropriate. No hat. However, if the temperature is cooler in the morning and evening, or when it is windy, try to wear a hat for your child to provide some protection. ⁉️What should you pay attention to when choosing a hat for your baby in summer? 💙First of all, you must choose a material that is breathable, soft, and sweat-absorbent, so that when you wear it for your baby in summer, it will not be too stuffy and can provide some protection. 💜To achieve the purpose of sun protection and prevent the baby\’s eyes from being damaged by ultraviolet rays, when choosing a hat, the brim should be as large as possible, so as to effectively block ultraviolet rays. 💕Because children have a faster metabolism and are more prone to sweating, especially the head dissipates more heat. We often see babies sweating a lot on their heads while sleeping or in daily life, so the hats worn by babies must be changed and washed frequently to avoid bacterial growth. ❗Another thing to note is that babies’ hats are often equipped with windproof cords to prevent the hats from being blown off when outside. However, parents should be careful not to strangle their babies’ necks when using the windproof cords.

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