Summer vacation is a critical period that widens the gap between children. It must not be wasted.

Summer vacation has begun in various places now. When summer vacation comes, children are so happy that they take off, but as parents, we often have headaches and feel that it is too difficult to manage. It is really not as worry-free as going to school. It’s okay to worry about it, but if you don’t pay attention, your children will watch TV and play games crazily during the summer vacation, and develop many bad habits. Regarding summer vacation, there is a very interesting phenomenon called \”summer retreat\” phenomenon. This phenomenon comes from the results of a two-year study conducted by Johns Hopkins University on 3,000 students in Atlanta, USA: In the new semester after the summer vacation, the academic performance of top students will improve; on the contrary, the academic performance of the lowest 25% Many students forget most of what they learned last semester during the holidays. There is no change for average students during the summer vacation, but it also means that they are still behind the top students. The higher the grade, the more obvious the regression in learning during the summer vacation. It can be seen that summer vacation is indeed a big enemy to children\’s learning. At the same time, it is also a critical period. As long as it is used well, it is the best period for children to turn over. Longman Online Children\’s English Learning Our Discovery Island Grade 1-6 Student Book + Teacher\’s Book + Workbook + Audio + Whiteboard In fact, summer vacation should be a time for children to relax properly and improve their comprehensive abilities. Instead of working hard to give children various registrations When taking advanced classes during the summer vacation, it is better to teach your children these five habits and lay a good foundation for their future learning career. Complementing the Chinese Reading Habit In today’s Chinese language exams, reading accounts for a large proportion. There is not only classical Chinese reading, but also scientific and technological literature and modern literature. It is simply impossible to develop all these abilities in the classroom and can only rely on extracurricular efforts. The two-month summer vacation is the perfect time. ☑ Suggestion: During the summer vacation, we give the children the power to choose books and let them choose the books they want to read. The younger the children, the more interesting the reading materials are. If we blindly emphasize reading good books and reading classics, it will easily make children think that reading is so boring, making it difficult to truly establish a reading habit. On the contrary, take your children to a bookstore or library and let them choose. As long as they go there often enough, the children will eventually discover their interests and their motivation to read will be greatly enhanced. Make up for the habit of reading English by mouth. Many primary school students cannot learn English well. One of the important reasons is that they never speak or read. There is plenty of time during the summer vacation, which is the best time to improve your English. Usually time is tight and you are unable to read English well. You might as well use the holidays to set a \”morning reading time\” for your children. On the one hand, it allows the children to memorize more words in the morning and cultivate a pure sense of English; on the other hand, it also ensures that the children Have a normal schedule during the holidays. The more you read, the better your sense of language will be. Some basic sentence patterns will be imprinted in your mind. When doing similar English questions again, I can guess pretty much just by feeling. ☑ Suggestions: 1. Choose English articles and prose that interest you. It\’s best to be rhythmic. 2. Read aloud, you can read the beauty and confidence. 3. Although the best time for morning reading is before 7 a.m., sleepingFor those students who are too lazy to get up from bed, reading the previous paragraph will definitely be better than nothing. 4. Promote memory through reading. The number of morning reading articles does not need to be too many, and the content does not need to be too long. Half an hour a day. In a summer vacation, just select about 5-10 articles. It is best to read it by heart and recite it. People who have the habit of making up for writing often say: words are like the person they are. Writing not only reflects a person\’s personality, but is also an important factor affecting performance, which is something that many parents tend to overlook. Writing is not something that can be done right away, it requires practice over time. Children are usually busy with studies and it is difficult to have time to calm down and practice calligraphy, but summer vacation is the best opportunity to practice calligraphy. ☑ Suggestion: You can buy a few copybooks for your children and discuss with them how much to write every day. You don’t need your children to write beautifully. As long as your children can calm down and learn to write stroke by stroke, this is a good way. habit. Make up for the habit of planning and studying. Plans are always unable to be implemented? Without the pressure of homework, if the vacation plan still cannot be implemented, then the biggest problem is perseverance. During the summer vacation, you should combine work and rest, and at the same time develop a study plan that suits you based on your own study habits. ☑ Suggestions: 1. Give children some small rewards. If the plan for the day can be carried out, you might as well arrange to watch a movie for yourself in next week\’s schedule. If the weekly plan can be implemented, discuss a reward measure with your parents and choose the one you like best. 2. If you want to go out for fun or encounter changes, write down the six most important things every day. What matters first. 3. Start practicing for half an hour. During this time, only concentrate on doing one thing, such as doing a math paper or reading a book. 4. Put away anything that may cause temptation, or simply change the environment. A comfortable home is not the most suitable place for studying. You can go to the library or discuss with a few classmates to study together. 5. It is best not to make the study plan too full. The time every day should be reasonable and arranged, such as what time to study in the morning? When memorizing words and reading extracurricular books, don\’t study all morning or all afternoon. This is ineffective, and the children will still resist, and the gain outweighs the loss. Completing the habit of efficient calculations ranges from high school and college entrance examinations to unit tests. I don’t know how many students hate calculation errors. The most fundamental reason is laziness and lack of practice. If you don\’t correct this problem, it will be difficult to get high marks in the exam. Many children\’s grades begin to decline after they reach middle school and high school. They often have poor numeracy skills and are unable to deal with a large number of complex and tedious questions. Summer vacation is a good time to quickly improve your computing skills. ☑ Suggestion: We can buy some calculation exercise books for our children so that they can write more and calculate more. While practicing diligently, observe more, practice hard first, and then practice skillfully. There is no better way to improve your calculation ability. Only by practicing more and being extremely proficient in calculations can you calculate quickly and accurately. The owner of summer vacation is the child, and summer vacation is the child\’s summer vacation. Whether it is work and rest plans, study plans, or outing plans, we cannot overstep our authority and force children to follow their own ideas. Instead, we should give children a certain amount of autonomy, and then guide them appropriately and give them some suggestions. soOnly then will the children not feel depressed and bored, and they can make better use of the summer vacation and achieve perfect transformation.

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