Sun Li\’s second child was exposed and dissed: The child was denied, your answer will affect his life

Recently, empress Sun Li took her two children to watch the 2018 NBA China Games Shanghai. A frontal photo of Wait and the little sister was exposed, which triggered heated discussions. Some netizens felt that the children did not inherit Sun Li\’s beauty. This is not the first time that a star\’s child has been complained about. In \”Where Are We Going, Dad\”, Wang Shiling once cried because she was called fat. It is undeniable that there are more and more people who are obsessed with appearance nowadays. A few days ago, I was chatting with a colleague and talked about her recent troubles. Why are children nowadays so ugly? When my daughter just entered elementary school, her classmates began to comment on her appearance. It is said that there is a ranking list of appearance in the class, and my child is in the middle and lower reaches. She goes home dejected every day and complains that her classmates say she is ugly. My colleague was very helpless. The child was not very good-looking, but he was not very ugly either. But my daughter was really sad this time. Thinking of the recent news about \”plastic surgery for younger people,\” she was afraid that her children would fall into this trap in the future. She said she planned to tell her daughter not to place too much importance on appearance, but she felt that she could not change the reality of being \”discriminated\”. My colleague’s words reminded me of a friend who loved to dress up when he was a child. He would put sheets and sheets on his body, pretending to be a fairy descending to earth, and would often put makeup on himself while his mother was away. But after her mother found out, she scolded her severely and said something outrageous: \”Your parents look like this, and you will never look good no matter how well you dress up.\” From then on, she did not stop loving beauty, but instead treated herself She pays special attention to her appearance. She starts to skip meals when she gets a little fatter. She doesn\’t go out for three days when she gets an acne breakout. In recent years, she has become obsessed with plastic surgery. She told me that no matter how she looked, she felt unattractive. I told this story to my colleague just to remind her that when a child is rejected because of his appearance, your first words are very important. Don’t tell your children that beauty is not important. Many parents worry that their children will waste time on dressing up and delay their studies. Maybe the parents’ intentions are right. However, children who are suppressed during their aesthetically sensitive and formative periods may not be able to develop a positive and confident mentality throughout their lives. Dong Qing, the first sister of CCTV, who is good both internally and externally, talked about her father\’s suppression of her love for beauty in a TV program when she was a child. Her father did not allow her to look in the mirror, and her mother did not allow her to make new clothes for her. She said: \”My father has a famous saying, no matter how dressed up a potato is, it is still a potato. The time you spend looking at the mirror every day is not as good as reading more books.\” One can imagine how much these words hurt the young Dong Qing. Child growth psychology believes that the age of 2 and a half to 6 years old is a child\’s aesthetically sensitive period, and the prototype of aesthetics originates from the child\’s basic understanding of \”beauty\” at this time. Starting from the aesthetically sensitive period, girls will always be in an exploration of beauty throughout their lives, and suppression of this exploration will hurt children\’s self-confidence. Not long ago, Sun Li broke the news on Weibo that her daughter painted all Deng Chao\’s nails red, and complained that \”the father who has never had his daughter\’s nails painted must be a fake father.\” Not only did her nails be painted, Xiaohua also liked to pierce her father\’s nails. Deng Chao joked, \”I will die in the hands of my little sister one day.\” Smart parents respect their children\’s pursuit of beauty and never say that beauty is unimportant. Instead of suppressing children, it is better to dress them upThe United Nations Children\’s Development Fund once conducted an experiment. They found a six-year-old girl and tested the reactions of passers-by when she was dressed differently. When she was standing on the roadside dressed beautifully, pretending to be lost, many people came up to ask her. But when she appeared in rags, everyone pretended not to see her. Even in the fast food restaurant, passers-by at the next table mistook her for a thief. Finally, the girl ended the experiment sadly. This shows how important it is to dress your children well. There is an eldest sister in the work unit, and both her husband and wife are very good-looking, but the daughter does not inherit the good genes. Relatives and friends often tease her about whether she was hugged by the wrong child. In fact, he just looks ordinary, not too ugly. But he was always criticized, and the child has been cautious since he was a child. So the eldest sister consciously chooses clothes that suit her child. No matter whether she is at home or traveling, she dresses the child cleanly and elegantly. She also guides the child to fall in love with painting and dancing, cultivating her sense of beauty and temperament from an early age. Gradually, the child\’s movements gained a bit of unique charm, and she became a girl that everyone praised. No matter how your child looks, dressing up well is the icing on the cake. When children are unhappy because of their appearance, guiding them to learn how to dress will make them more popular and virtually increase their self-confidence. Children who are independent-minded are more likely to be self-accepting. In life, you will find that in the face of denial, some people are frustrated, while others don\’t care. Some people think that beauty can only be considered beautiful if it conforms to the public\’s aesthetic standards, but some people can understand that beauty is diverse. The difference has a lot to do with parental upbringing. I once read a children\’s picture book \”Red is Best\”, which tells the story of a little girl named Kelly who particularly likes the color red. Whether it\’s socks, boots, clothes, paint, anything, she chooses red. But mom doesn\’t like red. She doesn\’t know how great red is in Kelly\’s eyes. Gradually, Kelly became disappointed with herself. In the picture book, her mother’s suggestions about colors are reasonable, but Kelly’s preference for red is illogical. She says that wearing red socks can jump higher, juice in red cups tastes better, and red pajamas can scare away monsters. But anyone with a discerning eye can see it, that is the world in the eyes of a child. And this book tells us from beginning to end that parents’ self-righteousness will destroy their children’s self-confidence. Recently, Qi Wei\’s daughter Lucky has become famous in \”Find a Solution, Dad\”. Especially the way she chooses her own clothes to dress herself up makes people sigh that this child is so independent. Many people are curious about how such a child is raised. There is a scene in the show that illustrates the problem. Once, Lucky was traveling with his parents and stubbornly wanted to sit on his father\’s lap, but Lee Seung-hyun refused due to safety concerns. Qi Wei was chatting with Lucky about her outfit. She told Lucky that she hadn\’t put on lipstick yet and asked Lucky what color looked good. In life, many people think that children are too young to understand anything and cannot choose anything cost-effective, but it is precisely this process that can cultivate children\’s opinions. If you want to raise an independent child, unconditional love and support from parents is very important. In life, you will find that the moreConfident children do not particularly care about appearance. They have a correct understanding of themselves and others, and know that whether they are worthy of being loved has nothing to do with appearance. Children\’s self-confidence comes from the encouragement and support of their parents. As they grow up, protect their children’s love for beauty and teach them how to choose. It also lets them understand that a person\’s true beauty comes from \”self-acceptance.\”

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