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Symptoms and precautions during one month of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very happy and noteworthy thing. It is very necessary for expectant mothers to understand clearly the symptoms of one month of pregnancy to avoid unnecessary complications. Today, Doudehui will continue to share with you the symptoms and precautions of one month of pregnancy. I hope it can be a reference for everyone. When you are one month pregnant, your weight and body shape are the same as when you are not pregnant. It is almost indistinguishable. But there are always some signs of changes that allow us to find the answer. For example, the uterus becomes soft and thickened, the ovaries begin to secrete progesterone, the breasts become slightly harder, and the nipples become darker and more sensitive. A slight touch will cause Pain and more. The most direct and important manifestations are the following six points. For the most specific and detailed introduction, please refer to related articles: What are the signs of early pregnancy symptoms? 1: Menstruation has stopped. Menstruation is the earliest and most important \”signal\”. Signal 2: Changes in appetite and early pregnancy reaction Signal 3: Changes in basal body temperature Signal 4: Changes in breasts Signal 5: Frequent urination Signal 6: Mental fatigue Precautions during the first month of pregnancy: Avoid pets. During the first month of pregnancy, pregnant women should stay away from cats and dogs. Wait for animals, it is best not to keep pets. Because pets can have parasites, various bacteria, etc., which are not good for pregnant women and babies, and can even cause fetal malformations in severe cases, you must pay attention to them. Sexual intercourse is prohibited during the first three months of pregnancy. Because the placenta has not been fully formed in early pregnancy, the embryo in the early stages of development is not yet firmly attached to the uterus. If you have intercourse, it is easy to cause pelvic congestion and uterine contraction due to sexual impulse and mechanical stimulation of sexual intercourse, leading to miscarriage. Folic acid supplementation One month before pregnancy, folic acid tablets must be taken under the guidance of a doctor to prevent anemia, premature birth, malformations, cleft lip and palate, etc. Because early pregnancy is a critical period for embryonic differentiation and placental formation, it is also a critical period for the development of fetal neural organs. At this time, the lack of folic acid will have a great impact on the fetus. Avoid strenuous exercise. After pregnancy, you should avoid running, jumping and other large movements, because the embryo is not yet stable in the early stages of pregnancy. Such strenuous exercise not only consumes physical strength, but may also lead to miscarriage if not careful. However, pregnant women can do some small-scale exercise, such as walking, pregnancy yoga, etc. Appropriate exercise is good for pregnant women and fetuses. Avoid bad pollution. After one month of pregnancy, avoid contact with toxic substances, such as hair dyeing, perming, etc. Also stay away from radiation pollution such as computers, mobile phones, induction cookers, microwave ovens, and cosmetics. Pay attention to your diet: Smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, etc. should be strictly prohibited during the first month of pregnancy; crabs, soft-shell turtles, and hawthorns should not be eaten; fried foods with high fat content should not be eaten; spicy and irritating foods should not be eaten. Eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy to prevent constipation during pregnancy.

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