Please ask Doudehui: Symptoms and treatment methods of influenza in children

Definition of influenza: Influenza, referred to as influenza, is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by influenza viruses. Influenza can cause upper respiratory tract infections, pneumonia and various diseases outside the respiratory tract. Typical influenza is characterized by sudden onset of high fever, body pain, significant fatigue, flushed face, congestion of the outer canthus of the eye conjunctiva, congestion of the pharynx, follicles on the soft palate, and mild respiratory symptoms. Popularity…

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Is the flu coming back in March? How to prevent the flu?

March has entered. Although the weather is warm and cold at first, everyone can’t help but look forward to taking their babies out for an outing in the warm spring days, right? But looking at the news, I believe many mothers are afraid again! Because most of the news is in the circle of friends, I often see people retweeting it. Among these articles, there is a familiar name: Zhong Nanshan. Zhong Nanshan is a famous respiratory disease patient in my country…

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