That’s right! The child is here to collect debts. I must have owed him five million in my previous life!

Every mother has fantasized about having a son or a daughter in the future. If you give birth to a daughter, you must dress her up as a beautiful little princess, put on a beautiful dress, let her learn piano and dance ballet, and become a beautiful and elegant girl. If you give birth to a son, you must raise him to be a handsome boy, learn to dance hip-hop, play the guitar, be polite and knowledgeable, so that he will look good when he goes out! It would be best to have a boy and a girl, and the word \”good\” can be combined. How happy! However, after giving birth to a child, I realized that there is a whole Pacific Ocean between dreams and reality! Looking at the baby next to me who was squatting and playing in the mud, I sighed silently. It would be great if such a beautiful and handsome boy can grow up normally! Thinking back on the two years I spent raising my baby, I wiped my sweat silently and realized that the baby was indeed here to collect debts. Part 1: Taking out the house. I imagined that after having a baby, I would take it out in purple: a fashionable and hot mom with a trendy baby. She can hold her legs firmly even if she wears high heels. Every time she turns around, she will be photographed on the streets. Wherever she goes, she will be praised: \”Your home\” The baby is so beautiful! How do you maintain such a good figure? But in fact, it was Jiang Zi: she just put on some clothes, smoothed her hair, grabbed a shopping cart and went out. The naughty child is still very uncooperative. When I let him go, I insist on hugging him. When I hold him, he insists on coming down and walking. He sometimes wants to eat and sometimes needs to pee. He still refuses to leave when he sees something interesting. The most embarrassing thing is that when you cry and make noise in public, you instantly become the focus of the crowd, and you want to find a hole to crawl in every minute. Part 2 When eating, imagine that the baby should be purple when eating: like the star doll on TV, with a great appetite, cute eating looks, and emoticons in every move. Of course, this is just someone else\’s child. Babies in real life are purple: they purse their mouths and refuse to eat. No matter how coaxed they are, they are unwilling to eat. Even if they eat, they will hold them in their mouths for a long time without swallowing! Yes, that\’s it. Where\’s Bon Appetit? What about the cute eating pictures? Where’s the snack food we promised? Where\’s the chubby face? nothing! Every day when it comes to eating, it means that a tug-of-war is about to begin again. Part3 When I was sleeping, I watched too many cute babies’ peaceful sleeping faces on TV, and I really thought that the baby was so obedient when sleeping, like a doll. TV dramas are all lies, but the real situation is Jiang Zi: I am very good before going to bed every day, with the quilt on my body and the pillow under my head. I am in my own small area, which is quite peaceful. However, slowly, after the baby falls asleep, the body begins to become unreliable: turning 180 degrees and rolling 360 degrees are commonplace, and occasionally rolls into the bed, and the quilt will never cover the body. , Oh my God! How do you want me to sleep with your dad? When I was studying Part 4, I thought I would see something like this: a child holding a newly bought paintbrush and scribbling on the paper; holding a newly acquired picture book, flipping through it carefully, immersed in the story, quietly, like a painting Same as son. But what I actually saw was that the paintbrush left traces on the wall, the floor, and the clothes, but it was not painted on the paper. What about picture books? I was pulled so hard by his little fleshy hands that I looked at me with an innocent look on my face. After that, all I have to do is clean up. I have to clean up all the places where he left This is life! There are too many scenes like this, and recalling each one brings tears and runny noses, which makes my mother feel miserable. As children grow up and reach school age, they still have to worry about their studies and education, which is really a long way to go. I have been angry and annoyed when I was woken up by the child\’s crying or disobedient. I always felt that I must have owed a debt to this little ancestor in my previous life, and he came to collect the debt in this life. Otherwise, how could I let go of my debt? Be proud, put down your temper, put down your time, and go around him. I remember seeing a set of comics online that described the story of children growing up. At the end of the story, the child gets married, with his significant other standing next to him, and his parents watching behind him. In fact, the story doesn\’t end there. At that time, parents who were already old people still had to help their children take care of them, and they would continue to worry about their grown-up children, because in their eyes, this would always be the same as those days when they chased people around the yard to feed them and cried all over the streets. That naughty kid has not yet paid off his debt to his child. But things often backfire. I used to think about when he would grow up. When he grows up, he will be more relaxed, when he grows up, he will be sensible, when he grows up, I will be free, but he will not grow up. Later, when he grew up, he became farther and farther away from his parents. At this time, as a parent, I really wanted to go back to when he was a child and continue to worry about him. I wished that he was still the naughty and naughty kid before. But nothing can go back. Since I owe you, then pay it back slowly, my dear child. Text|Dingdang Mama

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