The 6 most likely words to ruin a child, especially the last one!

I have to admit that new mothers need help raising their babies, and it is the case in most families that grandparents come to the house to help with their babies. This can not only relieve the pressure on the children, but also enjoy the family relationship, which can be said to be the best of both worlds. We cannot deny the dedication of the elderly when raising their children, but due to a series of inter-generational parenting concepts, there will be a lot of troubles and troubles. Especially the words that some elderly people talk about when raising children are not meant to coax the children but can easily destroy them. Be sure to remind them of this. The top ten New York Times bestsellers recommend The Way to Happiness. Ultra-clear PDF. What are you afraid of? Take one and try it. Where can the elderly go with their children? It\’s nothing more than a few places like supermarkets and parks. You must have seen this scene: children go to the supermarket and see a dazzling array of snacks, including jelly, biscuits, various dried fruits, etc., and can\’t help but drool. Usually at this time, the mother will stop the child and teach the child that because he has not paid, he cannot eat this temporarily. The old man sees the child\’s behavior, and out of concern for the child, he may encourage the child to reach out and take it: What are you afraid of? Just take one and try it. What does it matter if you try one! Because of this behavior, the child may take it for granted that it doesn\’t matter if he tastes something, and if he doesn\’t take much, he will be fine… As a result, he gradually grows into a person who is not well-bred in social situations… Beat him, he is not good at the table, this is a The purpose of repeating the old parenting topic is to \”ring the alarm bell\”! The child accidentally bumped into the table and fell. Many old people picked up the crying child and their first words were: Hit it, the table is not good! Holding the table responsible when a child falls is never a normal way of teaching. This will make children indifferent to right from wrong. When they grow up, they will often blame their own mistakes and faults on the objective environment or others. Children who grow up in such an environment are often not good at self-summarization and correction, and it is very easy to become self-deceptive. people! Disobedient, I will ignore you! Threatening children is a common tactic used by many elderly people to deal with children with \”personality\”! In order to make the stubborn child obey your words, you threaten him with the thing that the child cares about most and is most afraid of losing: I will ignore you if you don\’t obey! So as to make the child submit, even if his final compromise is not willing. To be honest, this is really easy to do, and the child may become \”behaved\” quickly. But in the long run, on the one hand, it will continue to erode children\’s dependence and trust in adults; on the other hand, it also indirectly teaches children to make others obey them, and there is nothing wrong with using \”simple violence\” such as threats. Let me ask, children With such values, can we be closer to sincerity and kindness when we grow up? Run slowly! Can\’t you be more honest? The old man loves his children deeply and cares deeply about them. When the children are having fun outdoors, they are afraid that they might make a mistake, so they often say to them: Run slowly! You can\’t be more honest. Especially after the child is one year old, the elderly hold the child all day long out of fear. Making children lazy to walk will form a sense of not taking risks due to the continuous restriction of children\’s desire to explore. Raise timid children. Why are you so stupid! When an old man takes his children for a stroll in the park and sees that other children know more than their own children, they often ridicule their children in public out of comparison.Zi: Why are you so stupid! You see, XX is younger than you, and everyone can do it. The old man\’s desire for his children to become better is worthy of recognition, but exposing his children in public will more or less undermine their self-esteem and make them feel inferior to others. What are you doing with your children? The most worrying thing when an old man is raising a child is the indifference to the \”awareness of rules\”. If the child makes a mistake, the parents educate and blame him, and the child looks displeased. When the old man sees it and feels distressed, he will blurt out: What are you doing with your child? Over time, children\’s tears become a \”gold medal\” for not facing reality and resisting parents\’ blame after making mistakes, giving children the wrong consciousness that any mistakes are trivial. You know, at home, the children are little princesses and princes, and there is indeed no risk. But neither parents nor grandparents can stop society\’s rules of survival. When a child\’s values ​​conflict with social rules, it is often the individual who suffers. Therefore, for the sake of your children, as a child, you might as well take some time to sit down and talk with the elderly about the importance of rules, so as to avoid big disadvantages for your children in the future!

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