The 9-year-old brother burned his sister beyond recognition. You have to be careful with those things that love to burn.

If you ask everyone what they hate most in summer, I am afraid that one word will come to mind regardless of men, women and children: mosquitoes. In summer, we have racked our brains to prevent mosquitoes. The most common thing is to apply some toilet water to relieve itching and repel mosquitoes. However, recently a 9-year-old child accidentally lit the toilet water, and the result… \”Ah! Mom! Save me. !\” The childish screams spread throughout the room, and the mother panicked. She quickly put down what she was doing and ran towards the child. As soon as he opened the door, he saw his daughter rushing out of the house, her whole body burning with flames, and she looked extremely ferocious and terrifying. Not caring about anything else, the mother used water to put out the water on her daughter and called her husband over. Unfortunately, after the two of them worked together to put out the fire, their daughter had been burned beyond recognition. Looking at my daughter like this, my heart is like a knife. It hurts as much as it hurts. My heart is bleeding, nothing more than this. Then they rinsed their daughter with cold water and immediately sent her to the hospital. However, many hospitals said the injury was too serious and could not be treated. After that, he traveled to many places for treatment, hoping to save his daughter. But reality is ruthless. Twenty days after treatment in the hospital, the doctor regretfully told the mother that her daughter might never be able to lift her head again. Because a circle around her neck was severely burned, her daughter might become a low-key child in the future, and the subsequent treatment costs would be as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan. When she said this, her mother\’s tears immediately fell down. She thought of her lovely child, the certificates, and what the child would face in the future. She was so heartbroken that it was difficult to breathe. There is one thing that my mother has never thought clearly about. Where did the fire on her daughter\’s neck come from? It turned out that my brother, who was 9 years old at the time, learned from a book that flames come in many colors, so he wanted to test it himself. Hearing that alcohol could ignite, he poured out the toilet water and lit the lighter. Unfortunately, my 7-year-old daughter happened to be playing on the side at the time, and she happened to get a little toilet water on her neck. When the brother lit the lighter, the flames immediately burned to his daughter\’s neck, causing irreparable consequences. The mother who knew the truth could no longer control herself. She burst into tears in the hospital, saying that she was sorry for her daughter and had ruined her child\’s life. Do you still remember the news that a child was burned because the correction fluid exploded some time ago? On the evening of May 23 this year, Tongtong, a 6-year-old boy from Bijie, Guizhou, used a lighter to ignite the correction fluid out of curiosity. As a result, the correction fluid expanded and \”exploded\” instantly. A ball of flame erupted from the mouth of the bottle, burning Tongtong\’s face, chest and hands on the spot. Later, after diagnosis at the hospital, the child\’s face, neck and hands were burned, with the burn area reaching 15%, which was a second-degree burn. Tongtong\’s parents couldn\’t help but burst into tears. The child was just out of curiosity and fun, but something like this happened. It was so painful! Seeing this, I felt sad in my heart. No matter which family this kind of thing happens to, it is an unbearable pain. Seeing this, I think some people will ask: Are toilet water and correction fluid really so powerful? Apart from these, what other seemingly inconspicuous things in life will explode and burn?The main component of toilet water is alcohol, and the alcohol content reaches an astonishing 70%, but the ignition point is only 24 degrees. When the open flame is only three centimeters away from the toilet water, it can be ignited. Someone once did an experiment that verified the horror of toilet water! Correction fluid I believe that correction fluid should be familiar to all mothers, because it is a commonly used stationery for children. But do you know? The main component of correction fluid is titanium dioxide. Once it encounters an open flame and reaches the explosion range, it will explode and burn. Air freshener Many families like to buy a bottle of air freshener to remove odors in their home. but! Air freshener is composed of ethanol, essence, deionized water and other ingredients. Once it encounters an open flame, it is the best combustion material and is very dangerous! Pesticides When ants and mosquitoes appear in the home, many parents will use insecticides to kill them. But the main ingredients of pesticides are propane and butane. This kind of material is generally used to process lighters. It will inevitably burn when exposed to an open flame. Perfume Many mothers who love beauty will buy some perfume and put it at home. Over time, their children will become curious and play with their mother\’s perfume. However, perfume contains a certain amount of ethanol. When we spray perfume, if there is an open flame around, it is easy to catch fire. Even when the temperature is too high, perfume may spontaneously ignite, such as car perfume. In order to avoid such dangerous things from happening again, please be sure to keep children away. Never let children play with it or even come into contact with open flames out of curiosity. Don’t forget to share it with people who have children around you~

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