The adult world is full of butts, shocking countless parents

I used to often hear my parents say to me: \”Children don\’t understand, but you will understand when you grow up.\” Have you ever said the same? Have you ever felt incomprehensible to some of your children\’s behaviors, thinking that they are all because they are too young and will become more sensible when they grow up? But do parents know what the adult world looks like in the eyes of children? I read a story called \”The world of adults is full of butts\”. At first I thought the name was a bit weird, but then one time, I took my son to the mall. When we arrived at the entrance of the shopping mall, he didn\’t want to go in anyway, so he pulled me and said he wanted to go home. I kept comforting him and told him that there were a lot of delicious food and fun toys in the mall. He was unmoved. Just when I was furious, I saw that his shoes were dirty, so I bent down to clean them for him. How should parents educate their children? A complete set of 10 volumes of children\’s education mobi+epub+azw3 It was from this bend that I saw the door of the shopping mall from his perspective. The half-open door looked like the mouth of a monster. It was dark and scary looking. I immediately understood why he refused to go in. It was then that I suddenly realized that if you look out from a child\’s perspective, you will find that the world is full of adults\’ butts, but you can\’t see their faces. I think this is the crux of why we don’t understand our children! Today, I have prepared a cartoon for you, hoping to help you understand our children. Written at the end: A few days ago, netizen @我爱肉肉 told such a story. When I was very young, my mother was afraid that I would catch a cold, so when she helped me take a bath, she would use very hot hot water. Every time she filled the water, she would test the water temperature with her hands and then put me in the tub. For young children whose skin is delicate and most of their bodies have to be soaked in water, the water temperature is really annoying and makes their bodies hurt. I protested to my mother more than once: \”The water is too hot.\” But my mother remained indifferent and said every time: \”I don\’t think it\’s hot at all. It\’s okay. It gets cold after washing.\” Many times , I felt that it was useless and useless to say it. I just felt that taking a bath was really painful. Once, I collapsed from being burned and burst into tears. My mother was confused and quickly asked me what was wrong. I cried and said, \”The bath water is too hot!\” Then my mother said, \”Why didn\’t you tell me earlier!\” while giving me cold water. Parents sometimes don’t understand some of their children’s abnormal behaviors and why they behave that way, blaming them for not being willing to communicate with them. \”Why didn\’t you communicate? I\’ve said it many times, the bath water is very hot!\” Sometimes parents think it is difficult to educate their children, but it is not. Education is actually very simple: turn yourself into a child, and turn your child into yourself. Listen to your child and hear him finish what he says. When you squat down and listen to your children, you will discover a whole new world.

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