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The attitude towards other people’s children is the best indicator of your character

When my husband was on a business trip, he happened to catch up with his son to get vaccinated. Although it was early autumn, the weather was still relatively hot, so taking a taxi was probably the best option for people. After going out and waiting for a while but not being able to get a taxi, I hugged him hard and got on the bus. There were not many people on the bus, and there were only a few seats left that were not by the windows. I picked one and sat down by the door. But not long after he sat down, his son began to complain that he felt uncomfortable. I took out the toy food in my bag and gave it to him, but he still said he felt uncomfortable, so I was at a loss. Sitting next to us was a girl in a suit. She was twenty years old. I asked her to change her position so that my son could get some air by the window. She glanced at us, said nothing, and turned her head toward the window. Helping you is a favor, not helping you is a duty, so in the face of her rejection, I have nothing to complain about. Maybe she has some unspeakable secret and wants to sit by the window. I reluctantly tried my best to coax my son. When we were almost two stops before the station where we got off, the girl stood up and signaled that she wanted to get off. I twisted my legs outward to get some free space. I didn\’t want her to say, \”How are you going to get out? You stand up first, and I\’ll go out later.\” There were already a lot of people on the bus at this time, and the bus hadn\’t stopped yet. I was afraid that it would be unsafe to hold my son. So I stood up and asked my son to sit on the seat. I held the back of the chair with one hand and supported my son with the other. She frowned, said nothing, and reluctantly walked out. Unexpectedly, the son was not honest and touched the girl\’s pants with a wave of his hand. The girl said \”Ouch\” and walked out and patted her trouser legs a few times with her hands. I just wanted to remind my son to apologize, but she muttered: \”It\’s not good for children!\” I was so angry that I didn\’t know what to say. It\’s not easy to go out, especially for mothers with children. to various emergencies. Even if we can\’t provide convenience, shouldn\’t we be more tolerant? Reminds me of something from my student days. During the winter vacation, I took the bus to the bus station. Because it was the end of the year, the buses leading to the bus station were full. Students, migrant workers, and working people all have a lot of luggage when they go home for the New Year. The inside of the bus is like the belly of a well-fed child. No one has luggage wherever they go. I was squeezed in the middle of the crowd, holding on to the handrail behind me and barely standing. There was a suffocating feeling in my heart that made me extremely uncomfortable. At this time, a mother holding a girl caught my attention. She was holding the child in one hand and carrying luggage in the other. She was moving with difficulty in the carriage. Passengers on the seats either lowered their heads to play with their mobile phones, raised their heads to fall asleep, or looked sideways. Outside the window, no one stood up to give up their seats. The mother took great pains to move to the back of the carriage, put her luggage on the steps going back in the middle of the carriage, sat on it, and then the child sat on the mother. I was secretly surprised: How could I sit in that kind of place? Not to mention how dirty and smelly it was, it was hard to accept just the fact that there were human legs and feet all around me. Others also cast various looks, ranging from confusion to contempt. When the bus arrived at a stop, a middle-aged man hurriedly got off the bus, but the woman holding the child was a little slow to get up. The man said dissatisfiedly: \”Hurry up, hurry up, it\’s really troublesome, this is a place for people to sit!\” Although there were many people in the car, these words made no sense.Be merciful, it was still very harsh and covered other sounds. I saw the woman\’s face flush, and she stood up with difficulty, holding her daughter tightly in her arms. The girl who was originally in her mother\’s arms was obviously startled and looked at the middle-aged man blankly. Today, many years later, I have become a mother, and I can better understand the difficulty and sadness of that mother back then. She chose to sit there, using her body to create a comfortable environment for her daughter, but she felt so bitter and helpless when she was scolded for being slow to get up. Once when I went to a community clinic to get medicine for my son, a mother was taking an infusion with a little girl. I don\’t know whether it was due to physical reasons or drug reactions, but the girl suddenly vomited. Because she did not expect her daughter to vomit, the child\’s mother did not prepare a trash can for her, and the vomit splashed across a large area. A young woman closest to the child was unfortunately splashed with vomit. Looking at the dirt on her black coat, the mother of the child comforted the child and apologized: \”I\’m sorry, I\’ll help you clean it up later!\” She said sorry repeatedly. Women are very fashionable at first glance and should pay great attention to their personal appearance. I think it would be difficult for her to endure being splashed with vomit and having an unpleasant smell. Because of the previous experience on the bus, I concluded that she would be furious. But what I didn\’t expect was that she wiped it with her hand without the intravenous drip and said, \”It doesn\’t matter. I\’ll just go back and wash it. Just keep an eye on the child.\” The child\’s mother said movedly, \”I\’m really sorry.\” Everyone inside looked at the woman with admiration. But she said nonchalantly: \”It\’s not easy to take care of a child.\” Although the words were simple, they made people feel warm. It’s not easy to go out, so be more tolerant towards your children. This is not only kindness to others, but also an expression of a person\’s quality. If the child is not an annoying \”naughty child\” and does not intentionally cause trouble for you, even though he or she is a complete stranger, we should be more tolerant and caring towards them. Instead of erecting a high wall with indifference to keep the children out, making the children feel timid before they even enter the society. The child\’s body is still developing, his ability to adapt to the environment is low, and he has poor self-control, making him prone to crying. Growing up in this society, everyone may need someone\’s kind help, either to show the way, to give way, or… let alone young children. I remember when discussing this issue with a friend, he said: \”If it\’s inconvenient to take your children out, why don\’t you take them out? Besides, if you make more money, you can buy whatever you need. If you don\’t want to take the bus, buy a car.\” .” I completely disagree with this view, let alone advocate it. This is the rational thinking of a young man who has not yet become a father as an outsider. Objectively speaking, we live in this open society. Children need to be more exposed to the society to get better development and exercise, and to have more opportunities in the future. Whether you are from a rich family or an ordinary family, you may take your baby out alone, go shopping, go to the hospital, or take the bus. In every situation, emergencies may arise that require help from others. It is undeniable that the better the family conditions, the betterIt will be more convenient when taking your children out. However, there are still many families in our country who cannot provide their children with favorable living conditions. They also have to take their children around in society. All of us should do our best to provide convenience for them. This kind of humanistic care is a soft environment for children to grow up. We have the responsibility to optimize the growth environment for them, right? Therefore, the quality of family conditions cannot be the threshold for taking children out. The worse the family conditions are, the more important it is for children to gain experience, so that children will not be left behind by society and children can improve their starting point. So if you meet mothers with children, please try to give them some conveniences. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself. Because one day you will also be a parent, and you will understand their sadness and difficulty.

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