The baby has itchy rashes and white blisters all over his body. Be wary of hand, foot and mouth disease in winter

Question: A child who is one year old and one month old had a fever five days ago with a high white blood cell count of 18,000 and high myocardial enzymes. He was hospitalized for infusion treatment. The temperature returned to normal on the second day of hospitalization. Four days later, the white blood cell count was 15,000, and myocardial enzymes were still a little high. Then I started to have a fever again. There were a lot of blisters in my throat. It was very serious. Some of them were rotten. The blisters on my body and palms were red. The back of my hands were white. They were all over my body. , not on the feet. I\’m still hospitalized now. It\’s extremely serious and some of it is already rotten. The doctor diagnosed hand, foot and mouth disease and wanted to confirm whether it was hand, foot and mouth disease? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If it is present on the buttocks and mouth, it should be hand, foot and mouth disease. This year, the rash of hand, foot and mouth disease is quite severe. You can apply acyclovir cream, and spray Open Throat Sword and Interferon spray on oral ulcers. Spray Open Throat Sword and Interferon alternately. Do not drink or eat after spraying for 10 minutes. It can be done once an hour, and usually gets better in 2-3 days. This kind of condition can be seen in the outpatient clinic basically every day. Question 2: The baby is 23 days old. Recently, he has been making purring sounds. It sounds like a stuffy nose, but the inside of the nostrils is clean. It comes from time to time, especially when he cries. It is more serious, and the nose feels completely blocked, and then He would cough, three or four times in a row. I\’m not sure whether it\’s a cold or laryngeal cartilage hypoplasia. Is there any way to tell? Dr. Xu Lijuan’s answer: Children are young and have tender nasal mucosa. Nasal congestion is very common. No medication is needed. Strengthen care. Apply warm towel to the root of the nose for ten minutes at a time. Apply hot compress multiple times depending on the condition of nasal congestion. If the laryngeal cartilage is underdeveloped and there is constant snoring, the snoring will get better if you change the body position, and the snoring will not worsen; if it is a cold, the symptoms will gradually worsen and basically heal on its own after a week. Question: During the three-month physical examination, the doctor said that we have high muscle tone in our upper limbs and need rehabilitation. This is quite scary. It may have an impact on the brain. Is high muscle tone that scary? Can I do brain CT? Dr. Bi Shaoli answered: High muscle tone requires rehabilitation treatment, because there may be hypoxic brain damage, which will lead to delayed motor development. Brain CT can be done.

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