The baby is sick, who knows what the mother has been through?

Before I gave birth to a baby, I read so many parenting books about scientific feeding. I felt that my research was so thorough and I had so much experience. I would occasionally act as a teacher in front of my friends. However, when the baby is really sick… I immediately feel that being a mother is also slightly more difficult. In the past half month, Dingdang has really tormented me. First I had a severe cold for a week, and then I had a fever for two or three days. The cold was okay. I showed the composure and calmness of an experienced driver, and insisted on not giving the child any medicine or injection. After four or five days, he gradually recovered. But having a fever was not so easy to deal with. At that time, I suspected that it was a rash in young children. I thought that the knowledge about rash in young children that I had learned from parenting posts in various mother groups would finally come in handy. On the first day during the day, it was 38 degrees, so I quickly cooled down physically; at night, it rose to 39 degrees, so I gave him Motrin and applied cold compresses. The next morning, the fever was still there, so I rushed to the hospital to confirm that there was no bacterial infection. It dropped to 38 degrees again. I didn\’t want my child to suffer from the injection, so I brought him back. Unexpectedly, in the evening, my whole body felt hot again. It was 39 degrees. My whole body felt wilted and I kept crying. At night, I couldn\’t sleep well. In the middle of the night, my body temperature soared to 39 degrees Celsius. I was force-fed with medicine, vomited, and fed again after vomiting. She was as cruel as a stepmother. On the third day, it was still the same thing over and over again. On the morning of the fourth day, I woke up in a daze, touched Dingdang\’s forehead, and found that the fever was gone. The baby turned over and sat up, grinning happily at me. Oh my god, this smile is like the sunshine at 9 o\’clock in the morning, shining into my cold heart. I excitedly hugged the child, kissed and nibbled it, making him giggle. I laughed too, but somehow my face was filled with tears. It seemed as if the worries, uneasiness, anxiety, and heartache of the past few days had all turned into this stream of tears and poured out. Who knows what I have been through these days! For three consecutive days, my mind was like an alarm clock. I took the child\’s temperature regularly every hour. When the temperature dropped, I thought about when it would be cured. When the temperature rose, I wondered whether I should change the treatment. As soon as the child notices any trouble, he immediately becomes alert. The baby didn\’t sleep well at night, and would wake up as soon as he was put down. He had to be held all the time, and he was designated as the mother. He held her in a circular motion of up and down, left, and right, raising and lowering the rocking chair for several hours. His arms became stiff, and his legs were about to break. When I was taking the medicine, my baby struggled with his duties and cried heartbreakingly. It was like a knife in my heart… He looked very calm on the outside, but in fact he was reduced to ashes on the inside. I couldn\’t sleep for several nights, spending every second in anxiety, and my nerves were so tense that I was on the verge of collapse at any time. The last time I had such a breakdown was during confinement, when Dingdang suffered from severe jaundice and was locked in an incubator and exposed to blue light. My husband was afraid that I couldn\’t bear it, so he asked me to stay at home and lied to me that the baby was sleeping soundly. At night, my mother-in-law called me and accidentally said that the baby cried when she was put in it. She cried for seven or eight hours until she was taken out. Her voice was hoarse from crying… In an instant, my tears burst out and I asked my husband to take pictures. In the video, I saw the little and weak look on the bed with needles all over the child\’s head. I was so heartbroken that I couldn\’t breathe. I cried alone on the pillow until dawn. When I woke up, I would hear the hallucination of the baby crying… The biggest thing at the timeThe only wish in life is to be able to feel that lump of flesh in my arms every second, and there is nothing else I can ask for. When a child is sick, being a mother is like having a layer of skin peeled off. Fortunately for me, my husband is very helpful and can help me at critical moments. Whether you want to take medicines and injections or whether you want to be hospitalized, we can all stand on the same front. I think about a good friend of mine. Every time her child gets sick, her mother-in-law forcefully uses the most old-fashioned methods to treat her child. My husband is basically a decoration, and he is still a gesticulating decoration. I think about my friend who is really fighting alone. After the baby recovered from the illness, I complained to my best friend that once the baby gets sick, the anxiety and worry of being a mother will not be reduced by half because of the parenting knowledge stored in my heart. My best friend agreed very much and replied: \”And seeing the baby\’s uncomfortable look, I kept thinking silently in my heart, the baby will get better soon, and transfer all the pain to the mother, ten times or twenty times will do…\” I immediately Refuting her: How can that be done? must be

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