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The baby resists eating, dressing, and brushing teeth. An unexpected solution is used to solve the problem.

It seems that some time ago, Su’s mother was still praising Su Bao for being an authentic snack food who eats independently since he was 6 months old. Do you remember? As a result, less than two months later, Huali was slapped in the face~because the terrible two years old came. Although I have always known that terrible twos are the only way for babies to grow up, and I have psychological expectations, I was still surprised by the changes brought to Su Bao during the period of self-awareness. For example, in the past, Su Bao would eagerly climb onto the dining chair when it was time to eat; now, even if she is hungry, if she is playing with her favorite toy, she will shout, \”I don\’t want to eat, I\’m working!\” Of course, Su Bao\’s \”resistance to fate\” also includes: \”I don\’t want to brush my teeth!\” \”I don\’t want to drink water!\” \”I don\’t want to wear shoes!\” \”I don\’t want to go home!\” It seems that all the previous tricks have stopped working overnight. . Well, it is a good thing that the baby has a sense of independence. But when faced with a two-year-old who would lie down on the ground at the slightest disagreement, ten thousand wild horses roared past in my mother\’s heart. How to break it? One night before going to bed, Su Bao was playing house with her beloved doll. When she heard us starting to fill the bathtub with water, she said loudly and persistently: \”I\’m working! I don\’t want to brush my teeth! I don\’t want to take a bath!\” Su Bao was immersed in the role play of playing house. I sneaked behind Su Bao and saw her asking the doll seriously: \”Do you want a biscuit? Okay, here are the cookies.\” \”Do you want some milk? Okay, here.\” \”A glass of milk for you.\” \”Thank you, you\’re welcome.\” In her eyes, the doll that plays house with her is like a good friend. I came up with an idea, squatted down in front of her small table, put my ear in front of the doll, and said to myself, \”Baby, are you talking to me? What? Have you eaten? Want to wipe your mouth?\” Su When Bao heard this, he quickly brought a tissue to \”wipe the baby\’s mouth\”. I said again, \”Baby, do you want Xiao Su to teach you how to brush your teeth?\” Su Bao immediately became excited and kept saying, \”I want it! I want it!\” She hugged her He grabbed the baby and ran to the bathroom. Su Bao put the doll on the sink and couldn\’t wait to brush his teeth for the baby to see. I followed the flow and helped her brush her teeth together. Su Bao was particularly proud of being a \”teacher\” for once. Brushing teeth, something that children usually resist, was solved by this unexpected method. In the next few days, when taking a bath, I will first \”ask\” Su Bao\’s plastic duck if he wants to take a bath? When drinking water, I invited Su Bao\’s stuffed rabbit to drink with her. She held the sippy cup and took a sip herself, and gave the rabbit a \”sip\” too. I realized that children with terrible twos, because they have a strong sense of independence, are easily irritated by \”orders\” from adults. But if she thinks the toy is cute and wants to do something with her, her motivation will come immediately. It is fun to brush teeth, drink water, eat, and put away toys with \”friends\”. It turns out that what the child needs is a \”friend\” who is of the same status as her. During this period, Su Bao preferred to eat meat and resisted vegetables. I changed her dinner plate with a rabbit pattern on it, and then pretended to have a conversation with the rabbit on the plate: Little rabbit, do you want to eat carrots? Feed you one! Su Bao was very excited, grabbed the fork and said: I also want to feed the little rabbit, and we want to eat carrots together! Unconsciously, a plate of vegetables is veryAlmost eaten by the baby. When she was about to go out, Su Bao would sit on the stairs at the door, put her teddy bear next to her, and say seriously, \”We are going out, let\’s put on our shoes!\” This method makes managing the daily life of a two-year-old a little easier. Mothers who have rebellious babies at home may wish to try it. There is no magic bullet in parenting. This method discovered by accident may not be effective for every child, or it may be very effective during this period, but it will become stale after a while, and the child may not buy it anymore, and new methods need to be invented. But the essence of raising a child is also the same: pay attention to the child\’s emotions as they grow, constantly observe the changing child, and constantly summarize the methods of change. Sometimes it is difficult, but it is not that difficult. Encourage each other (full text completed).

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