The baby\’s penis is injured, the culprit is hidden in the baby

When talking about this topic, Ding Dong’s mother still felt a little sad. I have always thought that the penis is too important for boys, and it will be relied upon to carry on the family line in the future. However, some accidents will inevitably happen in life, and the penis may be injured accidentally. The hidden dangers hidden in babies have to start with a piece of news I saw not long ago: Jiebao is a three-year-old boy. Since he learned to use the toilet, he has to deal with it by himself every time he goes to \”pee\”. Jiebao\’s mother is also very pleased with this. She thinks that her son can take care of himself well, so she is quite relieved. Unexpectedly one day, my son had an accident while going to the toilet. That day, her son went to the toilet by himself normally. Jiabao\’s mother heard her son suddenly burst into tears, crying very fiercely, and kept calling \”Mom\”. Jiebao\’s mother panicked and ran to the toilet immediately. She was shocked when she saw it! It turned out that Jiabao\’s \”little penis\” was stuck in the gear of the zipper of his pants, and he bled a lot, which made Jiabao\’s mother feel heartbroken. In a panic, Jiabao\’s mother sent her child to the emergency room of the hospital. After treatment, Jiabao\’s penis received seven stitches. As a mother of a boy, I felt so distressed when I saw this, I needed seven stitches! How much the child must suffer! Here, Dingdang Mom would like to spread the word: If the baby has an accident in which the penis is stuck in the zipper, parents must not force the zipper to open it, but should send it to the hospital and let the doctor use professional methods to remove the penis. Blindly pulling it out will cause secondary injury to the baby. Be careful with these items in your home! In addition to trousers zippers, baby boy\’s penis may also be damaged by these common items at home. Do parents know? When a four- or five-year-old boy \”pees\” against the toilet seat, the height of his penis is right at the edge of the toilet. At this time, if the toilet seat accidentally flips down, it is very likely that the baby\’s penis will be pressed. Penis, causing damage. There have been cases in the past where babies were hit on the genitals by a toilet seat that fell down and went to the hospital for stitches. Babies have tender skin and delicate flesh and are easily injured. Dingdang’s mother suggested: In order to avoid such incidents, there are two ways: one is to provide a small toilet specifically for the baby, and the other is to fix the toilet lid to prevent it from falling down. Shaving razor Not long ago, Ding Dong’s mother also saw a news about razor. It was a baby boy who found a household shaving ball knife from somewhere and accidentally cut his penis while playing with it, causing a lot of blood. After going to the hospital, I learned from the doctor that children often have their penises injured by these \”hidden weapons\” in life. Not only razors, but also small fans, lighters and other items can become threats. In fact, the biggest fear is that it will affect the baby\’s future life. Young parents should pay attention! Dingdang’s mother advises: Parents, parents must put away these potentially dangerous items, such as knives and lighters. There is nothing wrong with open crotch pants. The fault lies in its design, which exposes the baby\’s sexual organs and has no protective effect. When she was in the countryside, Dingdang\’s mother also heard about incidents where babies wore crotchless pants and had their penis bitten by dogs. Dingdang’s mother suggests: You can occasionally wear them at home, but you should not wear crotchless pants outside. In addition to the hidden dangers, exposing the sexual organs is not good for the physical and mental development of the baby.exhibition. Trojan babies love to ride horses, whether in an amusement park or at home. The baby boy is very active. He is sitting on the wooden horse and twisting his body. Since you are sitting astride a wooden horse, if you fall off at this time, it is easy to injure the penis and strain the tissues around the penis. In severe cases, it will cause damage to the penis, which is a big harm to the baby. Dingdang’s mother suggests: It is best to play together with the company of an adult. If an accident occurs, the child should be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately without delay. In addition to the above hidden dangers that need to be paid attention to, in daily life, fighting between babies may also kick the penis and cause damage. In normal times, you should tell your baby how to protect his penis, and protect his head and crotch, the two key parts, in case of danger. The baby\’s penis needs good care. Dingdang mothers have always believed that the private parts of male babies are better than those of female babies. However, after infancy, boys\’ foreskin will also have some problems, such as local redness and swelling, and bubbling during urination. wait. In fact, these symptoms are a process of growth and development, and parents should not worry too much. When a baby boy is born, the glans penis is completely covered by the foreskin, and the lining of the foreskin is adhered to the surface of the glans penis. As we age, the lining of the foreskin gradually separates from the head of the penis, resulting in white tofu-like smegma. If the foreskin opening and the glans penis are not separated, there will be a round swelling under the foreskin, which will not cause any discomfort and is normal. When you find smegma and swelling, do not turn over the foreskin to clean it without authorization. This may cause damage. You can consult a doctor for specific cleaning techniques, but remember not to turn it over at will. There are also situations such as severe foreskin infection. At this time, the penis will bleed or pus due to inflammation. At this time, you should go to the hospital for treatment. Mothers should not use medicine for care without authorization. When cleaning your baby\’s penis, there is no need to clean the foreskin before the baby is one year old. Instead, you should focus on cleaning the root of the penis and the folds of the scrotum, where sweat and urine are likely to remain. Washing utensils should be specially designed for babies. In addition, the baby\’s pants are also very particular. Do not wear crotch pants that are too short, chemical fiber tights, bell-bottom pants, bodybuilding pants, open crotch pants, etc. It is better to choose loose cotton pants. Pay attention to ventilation and dryness of the lower body. Text|Dingdang Mama

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