The baby\’s private parts are red, swollen and have yellow discharge. The culprit is…

(Image source: Question 1: Hello doctor, my baby girl is three and a half years old. She has been using diapers and is often red and itchy. She has been complaining of pain recently. My urinary area is a little red and swollen, and the outside is white. What\’s going on? Is there also a yellow sticky substance, the same as yellow nasal discharge? what to do? Dr. Chen Dan answered: If there is only simple redness, it may be vulvitis. Now that there is yellow discharge, it must be an infection. It is recommended to take the baby to a regular hospital and have the secretions on the vulva tested for peace of mind. If diapers are not changed in time, bacteria may breed and lead to urinary tract infections, especially in female babies. You can train your baby not to use diapers during the day and use them again at night, and gradually quit diapers, no later than 3 years old. Pay attention to these details when caring for private parts in daily life: ❶ Choose diapers that are highly absorbent and breathable, and change diapers in time; ❷ After each change of diapers, it is best to wash your buttocks with warm water and scrub from front to back to prevent bacteria from entering the anus Vagina; ❸ In addition, female babies have short urinary tracts and are more susceptible to infection. If you take off your diapers, you must wear small underwear in time to prevent the baby from grabbing the private parts. Question 2: Hello doctor, my child has a fever and has this kind of pimples on his body after he recovers. Is it because he is allergic to drugs? Do you need any ointment? Cui Lixia answered: This is an acute rash in young children that starts with fever and subsides. It does not require intervention or medicine. It will subside and heal itself in three days. It is recommended not to vaccinate in the past month. Question 3: Hello doctor, my baby is 9 months old. He is breastfeeding and has not pooped for a few days. What should I do? Zhang Qiaoli’s answer: Under normal circumstances, breastfed children are prone to constipation. Let the child drink more water and rub the child’s belly clockwise.

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