The best education is to love yourself?

There are always mothers around me who complain like this: Why do we pay so much but our children don’t get a good education? They cut off social interaction, worked tirelessly, and tried their best to educate their children, but their children still did not grow up as expected: their children\’s grades were not good enough and their temperament was irritable; their children were not brave enough and they were always vulnerable to difficulties;… Many mothers Trying to find it, often to no avail. Dr. Lin Wencai, Satya\’s mentor, said: \”If you raise a child with disheveled hair, you must have raised it wrong.\” When a mother pours all her hopes into her child, the effort and gain will be quietly measured. When the status quo is not as good as As expected, conflicts between parents and children abound, and love changes its flavor unconsciously. Mothers are always asking their children: How can I love you so that I can become the best you can be? But in fact, being a mother who loves herself is the best education for her children. Zhou Hong Appreciation Education Case Video Original Full Series 6VCD+mp3 Love yourself, please be kind to yourself Writer Su Qin said: \”All the anxiety and hostility in women are caused by mistreatment.\” She deeply agrees. In life, there are too many mothers who, in order to give their children the best life, often treat themselves badly: they are reluctant to eat or wear clothes. No matter how hard they work, they still want their children to enjoy the best material things. However, a mother who never treats her well will never gain respect and gratitude from her children; on the contrary, a mother who is demanding of herself will often suffocate the entire family atmosphere. There is a scene in \”Tiger Mom and Cat Dad\” that is a classic. In order to allow her daughter to enter a key primary school, the tiger mother played by Zhao Wei resigned from a senior executive and became a full-time mother. Family income has plummeted, but the quality of life of the children has not changed. As a result, a pot of organic vegetables became the daughter\’s exclusive possession, but her husband could not touch it with a chopstick. My daughter picked up a piece of green vegetables and spit it out immediately because she didn\’t like it. The tiger mother was very angry about this. She forced the green vegetables into her daughter\’s mouth and ordered her to eat it. One is resisting, the other is coercive. The cat dad played by Tong Dawei couldn\’t stand it, so he dissuaded her: \”If she doesn\’t want to eat it, don\’t eat it. How much can a vegetable cost?\” Before the cat dad finished speaking, the tiger mother roared: \”You know How much do these vegetables cost per pound? Do you know that this dish is three times more expensive than ordinary vegetables?\” \”It\’s not easy for us to make money, but now all the delicious food is used on her. Why is she so ignorant… …\” If it is too cute, it will be suffocating. In a family, mothers who treat themselves extremely badly are often extremely harsh on their children. A mother\’s excessive sacrifice for her children not only makes her life tired, but also fails to arouse her children\’s gratitude at all. On the contrary, children may even develop the habit of taking things for granted and be prone to excessive demands for material things. Treating yourself well does not mean to encourage mothers to pursue luxury, but rather to not treat yourself badly based on the existing material basis. From this, when mothers no longer focus on their children, children can focus their attention on their mothers and learn to be considerate and grateful. Love yourself, please nourish yourself. Since becoming a mother, it seems that she has parted ways with \”refinement\”: home clothes have become work clothes; slovenliness has become a symbol of motherhood. In response to this, the mother\’s answer seemed helpless: \”I have to take care of the family and the children, so how can I find time to clean up?\”Yourself? \”It is indeed not easy to be a mother, but mothers need to nourish themselves even more. I once saw a fashionable grandma on the Internet. Perhaps her personal experience can give some inspiration to mothers living in dire straits. This is a seventy-year-old woman. A Korean grandma shared her solitary life online and was followed by 2 million netizens. Every morning, she would weigh herself, do yoga, listen to the news, and prepare breakfast for herself. Then, she would dress up beautifully and go shopping. Watch an exhibition. Even if she is alone, she will never give in. Before going to bed, she will read fashion magazines and learn a few new Italian words to ensure that she can absorb new knowledge every day. A seemingly ordinary life, but giving The healing power of people. Many people lament that she can face aging with such a calm attitude, but in fact, if we go back a few decades, this grandma is the same as many mothers in life. When she was a child, she was criticized because of her appearance. Ridiculed and inferior, she aspired to become a fashion designer, but was strongly opposed by her parents. She got married and had children according to her parents\’ wishes. From then on, her life revolved around her children and husband, and she completely lost herself. With the tedious housework and busy life, she became a resentful woman , living into what she hates the most. However, in the trough of life, her dream was rekindled. With her persistence and love for fashion, she began to pursue her dream with her children. While taking care of her children, she studied and earned money to support her family. CCTV Documentary Channel Post-Zero Documentary Online Watch Full 5 Episodes 1080P Ultra HD Version 13.7GB Although life has become busy and hard because of pursuing her dreams, with the support of her ideals, she has adjusted her mentality and calmed down under pressure. She learned to use her time wisely. Finally, when her son grew up, she decided to study in Italy to study fashion design. This decision, which others thought was crazy, was supported by the whole family. In the end, this grandma’s attitude towards life was admired by countless people. . Her heartfelt words inspired countless mothers: “Since you are born in this world, you must live seriously. \”The book \”Fill Your Own Cup First\” says: \”Don\’t wait for others to fill your own cup, and don\’t blindly contribute selflessly. If we can fill the cup in front of ourselves first, we will be happy and contented. Only then can you overflow happiness to others, and only then can you happily accept what others give you.\” Life may bring anxiety, but mothers who know how to nourish themselves can become role models for their children with a good mental outlook. Love is a kind of release, mother Only by loving yourself from the heart can you release love to your children from the inside out and teach your children the ability to \”love\” subtly. Learning to love is the most important happiness force in a child\’s life. Love yourself, please live \”Nagging\” may be synonymous with mothering. Mothers always think that if their children don\’t pay attention to what they do, how can they get them to listen if they don\’t talk about it over and over again? Teaching by example is better than teaching by words. A mother who loves herself and lives her life well , will naturally become the most powerful role model in the eyes of children. In the Indian movie \”Mysterious Superstar\”, there is a mother who lives in the shadow of her husband\’s violence all day long. She encounters injustice, but she swallows her anger, never complains, but shows her greatest kindness. Show it in front of the child. The child is very dissatisfiedShe didn\’t say happiness, but her heart was like a mirror. She knew that her mother was not happy, so the first thing she did when she got paid for playing guitar and singing was to consult a lawyer to help her mother get a divorce. But to her daughter\’s dismay, her mother chose to accept her fate. The child\’s worldview collapsed. She lost the motivation to pursue her music dream and allowed her father to control her destiny. She went abroad, got married, and became a good wife like her mother. The turning point happened at the airport. The mother\’s bravery turned her daughter\’s life around. Because the luggage was too large, the father did not hesitate to ask his daughter to throw the guitar into the trash can. The mother, who couldn\’t stand it anymore, stepped forward to argue, but was humiliated by her husband in public: You and Guitar are both rubbish! This time, the mother was no longer cowardly. She defended her daughter and resisted angrily. The angry husband once again wanted to teach his wife a lesson with fists. The wife waved her hand to stop it, took out the divorce agreement that her daughter had prepared for her, signed her name decisively, took her children, and left gracefully. The moment she left without hesitation, her mother suddenly thought of something and said to her daughter: \”Let\’s go to the music awards!\” Since then, her daughter\’s music dream has been ignited again. Standing on the award podium, her daughter took off her black veil and showed her true face to the public. She dedicated her greatest gratitude to her mother: because of her mother\’s bravery, she chose to stick to her music dream and pursue the life she wanted. Many mothers believe that educating their children means “teaching” them many things. But in fact, mothers living well is the best education for their children. Host Dong Qing said: \”It\’s very simple to be who you want your children to be.\” Only when mothers live their lives well can children feel the power of love in their mothers and follow their mother\’s example. , face the world bravely and be your true self. Love yourself and reconcile with yourself. Every child is a unique individual, but unfortunately, there are too many mothers in life who use \”other people\’s children\” as their standard of perfection and cannot let go of their obsession with raising a perfect child. When a mother places too much trust in her child, it turns out that the mother herself cannot reconcile with herself deep down: she cannot accept her child as he is. Therefore, children are often tried to change through cross-border control. The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment, and the stronger the control. If the child is unable to resist, he will eventually have to fight back through indifference. Taiwanese writer Long Yingtai once heard his son ask himself worriedly: \”Mom, I may be the most mediocre person, will you be disappointed?\” Long Yingtai thought for a while and said: \”Mediocrity is comparing with others. , The peace of mind is compared with ourselves. Our ultimate responsibility is still \’ourselves\’.\” Raising an excellent child is a mother\’s pride, but whether the child is happy or not is more important. Only when a mother reconciles with herself can she open her mind to accept the ordinaryness of her children, and sincerely give her children confidence: you may not be the best, but you are the only one in your mother\’s eyes. Let go of your obsession with perfection and pass on your open-mindedness to your child, which will become the most useful thing in his life. Perhaps it is not just the children who are successful, but also the mother herself. Love yourself, please love your life. There is a saying that expresses the true meaning of education: excellent children are not miracles that appear out of the blue. There are traces behind them.And this trace is the parents behind the child. They are the root of the child and the soil for cultivating the child\’s growth. Once on a renovation show, I was shocked by a family living in an alley. Although the house is only 10 square meters, the spirit of the family lives out in the alley. When the designer offered to help my mother buy a wardrobe design, my mother declined: If the designer could expand the space, I would rather not have a wardrobe but replace it with a bookshelf. Living in a small house does not make this family feel the dilemma of life. On the contrary, when the camera switches to their daily life, you will be infected by their love for life. Although there is no TV at home, the whole family likes to read books; List of 30 Douban high-scoring movies you must watch during the winter vacation: Take your children to see the world in a different way. Although the space is cramped, dad buys flowers every week to decorate… The children may not be as good in material terms. Children of the same age, but through their elegant words and deeds, you can feel the spiritual richness of the children. Parents use their wise, positive and optimistic attitude towards life to infect and influence their children\’s outlook on life and values. No one is always the darling of life; but those who love life can be their own lucky ones no matter good or bad times. Since parents cannot protect their children throughout their lives, cultivating a child who is always positive may be the greatest comfort for parents in their lives. There are three kinds of relationships in the world: the relationship with oneself, the relationship with others, and the relationship with the world. Of these three relationships, it is the relationship with ourselves that truly determines the quality of our lives. Only when a person handles the relationship with himself well can other relationships become the \”icing on the cake\”. For mothers, only by learning to love and accept yourself first can you love your children and everything in this world. Please love yourself well and encourage every mother! What is the best education for children? Famous educators reveal the secrets for you PDF

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