The best education is when mom and dad are by your side! I almost cried after reading this…

There was once a lovely child in front of me, but I did not cherish him or accompany him. When he grew up, I realized that I was too old and could no longer play games with him, and he no longer needed me. \”Mom, never go on a business trip…\” My best friend came back from a business trip in Xinjiang and brought her daughter Tiantian to play with Taoma. I brought Tiantian snacks and toys, but she kept lying tightly in her mother\’s arms and refused to get off. I asked my best friend: \”What\’s wrong with Tiantian? Are you feeling uncomfortable?\” My best friend sighed and said, \”Yesterday was Tiantian\’s birthday. I rushed back from Xinjiang in advance. When celebrating her birthday in the evening, she made a wish, saying, \’I I hope my mother will not go on business trips in the future and stay with me forever…\’This is the longest time Tiantian has been away from me, 21 days, and I miss her every night…\” As she said this, her best friend started crying and hugged Tiantian and said : \”I will never go on a business trip again in the future. This time I learned a truth. You can never make enough money. The best education for your children is to stay with them.\” The child is most afraid of leaving. He also said to the child, the most What is precious is childhood, a carefree and happy childhood. Everyone has a memory black hole, and this kind of black hole is often formed in childhood and is only discovered when you grow up. The most obvious reason is the long-term separation between parents and children. It is enough to leave the child for a short period of time, come back to coax him, or buy a small gift to comfort him, but a long separation will increase the child\’s sense of inferiority and security, make the child lose self-confidence, become moody, and even cause autism. etc. In today\’s era, parents are under great pressure and have no time to take care of their children in person. Many parents send their children to the elderly\’s homes and only see them once in a while on vacation. It is in this inadvertent separation that various differences between children gradually emerge. The best education is to stay with your child. Before the baby is 6 years old, especially between the ages of 2 and 4, it is a very important period for the establishment of the parent-child relationship. During this period, it is best for parents to give their children the closest and highest quality companionship. Playing games with your children, reading books, painting, visiting the zoo, traveling, etc. are all good parent-child activities. During the interactive communication, the children can feel the care and love of their parents, and they can also be exposed to new things more quickly and broaden their horizons. Vision, personality, intelligence, and knowledge can all be improved. In addition, the most important thing about the parent-child relationship is not the length of time, but the quality of companionship. Remember to be too restrictive, too doting, too protective, and too compromising. If you can truly provide attentive companionship and education, it doesn\’t matter if the time is shorter, as long as the child can realize that his parents love him all the time. \\Spend as much time as possible with your baby and fill his childhood with love instead of waiting and missing. Text|Little Tao Mom

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