The best education parents can give their children is none other than these three things

Home is a word with warmth. It is not only a place for our bodies to rest, but also a harbor for our souls. For a child, the family is the paradise for his growth. The child\’s future appearance will be more or less affected by the family. A child only grows up once, and education cannot be undone and started over. Family Education Instructor\’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Chinese version e-book + English version pdf + mobi + azw3 As parents, we must provide the best growth environment for our children. So, what does the best support for a child look like? As the saying goes in the kitchen, \”Smoke in the world is the most comforting thing in the world.\” A happy family is inseparable from a steaming kitchen. Some time ago, I often watched the videos of Sister Taozi from Shuzhong. Every time I watched them, I felt very warm and moved. In the video of Sister Taozi from Shuzhong and her husband Bao Lichun, her kitchen does not have fancy facilities or elaborate furnishings. It can even be said to be \”shabby\”. But in this simple farmhouse kitchen, their family sometimes bickered and chatted about home affairs; sometimes when Sister Taozi was cooking, the children rushed into the kitchen to learn a few tricks from their mother; after being busy in the kitchen, the whole family sat around Let’s eat and chat together and talk about the interesting things that happened today. Every day is steaming and full of happiness. Each of Sister Taozi\’s farm dishes is very simple to make, from Bobo chicken, fried eggplant with tomatoes to lard mixed rice. Even though it doesn\’t look like a five-star hotel, it still makes people feel friendly. A kitchen of just a few square meters makes this seemingly ordinary home full of warmth and human touch. Sister Taozi said movingly during the interview: \”When the family eats delicious food, I am happy.\” These real-life interactions that take place in the kitchen give this ordinary home warmth and warmth. The kitchen may seem insignificant, but it is an indispensable place in every home. Huang Lei once said: \”The best gift a parent can give to his or her children is to cook meal after meal for their children.\” Meal after meal will eventually be reflected in the children. Children will know: Because we are a family, we should eat well together. Eating together every day is the way we express love. Children who grow up in such a family atmosphere can learn how to love and be loved, have self-esteem and self-love, and be warm and firm. A home and a kitchen, parents not only convey love and warmth to their children, but also convey their outlook on life of loving food and loving life. A warm kitchen allows children to understand that food is a healing medicine that can break fatigue; a lively kitchen allows children to feel that food is a commitment to family affection and can convey true love. The kitchen conveys love and warmth between parents and children, and also shows the happiness of a family. Shufang Youxiang recently chatted with a mother and was deeply moved. It is said that children should be well-off, and she also tried her best to give her children the best, especially in terms of education: buying a house in a school district, hiring a tutor, enrolling in various interest classes… she wanted her daughter to win at the starting line. However, at a small gathering of parents, she discovered that some children could introduce themselves and express their thoughts in a smooth and generous manner, while her daughterI was hesitating on the side with some other children, obviously I wanted to share my life with the children, but I didn’t know how to express it. Later, when communicating with other parents, one parent hit the nail on the head: \”Today\’s children are not short of money or talent, but they are short of reading.\” Because expression ability and understanding ability are directly linked to reading ability. \”I never thought about how important reading can be before, but that party showed me that the difference between a child who reads and a child who doesn\’t read is so small,\” said this mother. These words reminded me of the views of the famous educator Suhomlinsky: A child who does not read is a potential poor student. I still remember that a young contestant came to the Chinese Poetry Conference in the fifth season. Han Yaxuan, who is only 10 years old. At a young age, he was generous and had all kinds of poems at his fingertips. After that, in \”Challenging the Impossible\”, he fought a 112-round \”Feihua Order Protracted Battle\” with his opponents and finally won the championship. Image source: \”Challenging the Impossible\” In an interview, he said bluntly: Reading is my biggest hobby. Through reading, I can gain a lot of fun and experience a different world. As the old saying goes: If parents love their children, they will have far-reaching plans. Many parents know that buying a house in an expensive school district, but they don’t know that their own study room can give their children a head start. Thinking of \”The Three of Us\”, Mr. Yang Jiang described their family life in a gentle and calm tone: The three of them stayed at home reading books, entertaining themselves, and being self-sufficient, like a warm island. There was a breeze and everything was fine. No wonder she said: \”The three of us always have endless fun together.\” The fun that comes from books, knowledge and culture requires parents to set an example and lead their children to find it. It is said that children are a mirror of their parents. Behind children who are interested in books, there are usually parents who also love reading. If a child is immersed in the literary atmosphere of the study for a long time, he will definitely maintain eternal curiosity and thirst for knowledge, as well as enthusiasm and hope for life. Talk in the Bedroom My cousin Xiaoyan has a habit of losing contact with the family group at nine o\’clock every night. There were several times when we were making video calls in a group of loving families one second, and when the time came the next second, she hurriedly said hello, but as soon as the video hung up, there was no response. At first, everyone was puzzled, but after listening to my cousin’s explanation, they all understood: “The child is getting ready to sleep, and I have to accompany him.” Although my cousin is very busy at work during the day and sometimes even needs to work overtime, In those few hours at night, my cousin gave everything to the child. My cousin\’s child is a proper \”other people\’s child\”. He is excellent in all aspects. He is also polite and polite in dealing with others, sensible and considerate at home, and his relationship with his mother is beyond words. Thinking about it this way, it is not unreasonable for my cousin\’s children to be so outstanding. Educator Michelle Boba once pointed out that there are three most effective times for parents and children to spend time together in a day, one of which is before going to bed at night. Nowadays, many parents read with their children before going to bed, but few parents seize the exclusive atmosphere of \”two people\’s world\” and continue chatting with their children after reading.This is really missing a huge treasure mine. In fact, chatting with your children in the bedroom before going to bed is better than telling the truth 100 times, and it is better than reading countless books. When a child needs a sense of security and love the most, having her parents chat with her every night is a precious gift for the child. Psychologist Susan Harter once said that parents’ unconditional support and positive attention to their children from infancy to early childhood are the foundation for children’s physical and mental health and lifelong self-esteem and self-love. Chatting with your child before going to bed is the best way to give your child attention. Many parents may have this thought, but feel that they do not have the skills – they do not know what to talk to their children. In fact, as long as you are sincere, have an equal attitude, and have a relaxed atmosphere, you can talk about anything. If you still can\’t find an entry point, you can also try following the points provided by the group leader. Slowly, you will be able to find a chat method that suits you. 1. What special thing happened today? 2. Is there anything happy or unhappy today? 3. Are you and your deskmate having fun now? 4. Who is the kid who has the best time in your class? Who; 5. Start a discussion around the special things that happened at home today, such as grandma is sick, what should we do, the refrigerator at home is broken, what should we do, etc.; 6. You can talk about weekend plans and what movies to watch. , where to play, let the child participate in the planning; 7. You can talk about his recent learning status and which learning habits need improvement; 8. Talk to the child about the embarrassments and setbacks you experienced when you were a child, the child will find it very interesting or shocking , can enhance the child\’s resilience; 9. Talk to the child about the little things you learned and grew up in when you were a child, so that the child can see a richer father or mother, which is helpful for their personality and character development; 10. Talk to the child Talk about your work, and your children can understand how difficult it is for their parents to work, and they will be able to do their best spontaneously;… Chat with your children, and a bedroom full of laughter is like a link between parents and children. The heart of a child. As a result, parents can listen to their children’s true inner voices, the parent-child relationship will be further enhanced, and the children’s expression ability, independent thinking ability and emotional intelligence will also be improved. Please believe that the short time you spend with your child babbling will give you a big surprise in the future. I once read the words of a famous person: How to Be a Wise Parent and Carry out Family Education. Complete 51 Lessons MP3 Download \”The ideal happy family is neither far away nor falling from the sky. It should be obtained by one\’s own strength and by the whole family.\” Let’s work together to build it.” The best look of a family is that the kitchen is fragrant, the study is elegant, and the bedroom is full of laughter. Only when parents take good care of these three family elements and create a harmonious and warm atmosphere for their children to grow up can they grow better under the influence of love. Click \”Like\” and hope that we can work together to cultivate children who are happy, joyful, and rich in heart!

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