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The best family education is for parents to be themselves


Dec 1, 2023 #preschool period

Only excellent parents can raise excellent children. ——Leo Tolstoy The best family education is that parents do a good job in family education. The key is for parents to do a good job themselves. ——Suhomlinsky Life is a process of continuous growth and branching out. Parents are the roots of their children. Only deep roots and leaves can flourish. Family education is a topic that every parent cares about, but in practice, many parents fall into a misunderstanding – paying too much attention to their children\’s performance and behavior while ignoring their own growth and development. The best family education is actually for parents to be themselves. This article will share from several aspects why parents should change themselves first, and how parents can be better themselves in order to provide the best family education for their children. 1. The importance of self-awareness and emotional management. The impact of self-awareness and emotional management on family atmosphere. In family education, parents’ emotional state directly affects their children’s emotions and behaviors. An emotionally stable parent can provide a harmonious family environment for their children and cultivate their sense of security. On the contrary, if parents often have mood swings or lose their temper, children will feel uneasy and fearful, which will affect their mental health and academic performance. Therefore, parents need to learn to control their emotions and avoid passing negative emotions to their children. Parental self-awareness is also very important. Self-awareness refers to how well you understand yourself. Only by understanding yourself can you better control your emotions and behavior. What should parents do if they are overly worried about their anxious children? These 6 family education documentaries can alleviate the need for parents to discover their own strengths and weaknesses by reflecting on their inner world and external performance. This can help parents understand themselves better and thus better control their emotions and behaviors. 2. How to deal with stress and negative emotions in a positive way. In real life, parents will face various pressures and challenges. How to deal with these pressures and negative emotions is a question that every parent needs to face. First, parents need to understand their own stressors and try to find appropriate ways to relieve them. For example, you can relax yourself through exercise, music, reading, etc. Secondly, parents need to learn to accept their negative emotions and try to turn them into positive behaviors. For example, when you feel depressed, you can talk to friends or family to relieve your mood; when you feel anxious, you can try some deep breathing or meditation to relax your body and mind. 3. Learn from celebrity role models and become your children’s guide. The influence of celebrity role models on children In our society, there are many successful people who are role models for us to learn from. These celebrities have not only achieved great success in their careers, but also have unique insights into family education. By studying the educational methods of these celebrities, we can better understand how to cultivate children\’s moral character, abilities and values. For example, as one of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs valued family education as much as his career. He emphasized the importance of cultivating children\’s creativity and independent thinking skills, and encouraged children to pursue their dreams and strive for them. By learning from Steve Jobs’ educational methods, we canLearn how to stimulate children\’s innovative spirit and practical ability. 5. How to learn the education methods of celebrities. To learn the education methods of celebrities, you first need to understand their growth process and successful experience. We can read relevant books, articles or biographies to understand celebrities’ ideas and practices in family education. Secondly, we can attend relevant lectures, trainings or workshops, communicate with professionals and learn how to apply these experiences to our own family education. In addition, we can also share experiences and insights with other parents through social media and other channels, and jointly discuss how to better cultivate children\’s various abilities. 6 Demonstration Effects of Personal Growth and Learning The influence of parents’ personal growth on their children The influence of parents’ words and deeds on their children is very profound. If parents love learning, are proactive and constantly improve their abilities, their children will also be affected by this positive energy. On the contrary, if parents are lazy, unmotivated, and often display a negative attitude, their children will also be affected by this negative emotion. Therefore, parents need to always pay attention to their own growth and progress and influence their children through their own practical actions. How to influence children through personal growth and learning. To become role models and guides for children, parents need to continue to learn and grow. First, parents need to focus on their own physical and mental health and personal development. Enrich your life experience and expand your horizons by participating in activities such as sports, reading, and traveling. Children should be encouraged to participate in it and grow and learn together. The family is the first classroom for children to grow up. In family education, every word and deed of parents will have a profound impact on their children. Therefore, they must do a good job in self-management and strictly require themselves to lead by example and become a role model for their children. and guides so that children can receive correct education and guidance as they grow up. Each child has his own unique personality and interests. Therefore, family education should also teach students in accordance with their aptitude, fully respect children\’s personality and interests, and guide them to develop their own talents. Advantages realize personalized development. A good mentality is the key to family education. We must correctly face the children\’s strengths and weaknesses, learn to appreciate the children\’s shining points, and give full affirmation and support. We must guide the children to learn to self-affirm and appreciate. Others, thereby cultivating a confident and optimistic attitude and promoting the all-round development of children. Parents are the closest people to their children and their first teachers. The family is the first classroom for children to grow. Family education is of extremely important significance and value in order to give To provide children with the best family education, parents need to start from the aspects of self-awareness, emotion management, role models, personal growth, etc., constantly improve their own qualities and abilities, and give their children correct education and guidance. Through joint efforts, every child can become an outstanding talent and contribute to the prosperity and development of the country and society.

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