The best family education: the family is full of \”dad\” spirit!

A 12-year observational study by Yale University in the United States shows that children raised by fathers will develop better mentally, physically, and mentally than children raised by mothers or children raised across generations. These children will have higher IQs and will achieve greater success both in school and at work. Family Education Instructor The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Chinese version e-book + English version pdf + mobi + azw3 However, due to changes in the social structure, fathers are now more responsible for maintaining family life and are busy working outside the home. \”Where is dad?\” is actually a question in the minds of many children; not being able to fully participate in their children\’s growth has also become a regret in the hearts of many fathers. Then let’s talk together about why fathers are an indispensable member of family education. 1. Father is the child’s playmate. Father’s company is very important for children. Children who spend time with their fathers show better adaptive functioning and fewer problem behaviors. Compared with the mother who focuses on emotions and details when playing, the father will be more \”careless\” and more inclined to physical, power-based, and non-solidified play mode, that is, the father will pay attention to a wider range of things, so that the child can learn A more multifaceted and three-dimensional way of observing things. This is specifically reflected in the fact that the mother will consider a lot of the children\’s requirements, such as weather, time, traffic, etc., but the father will find ways to meet the children\’s requirements, so that the child\’s happiness and sense of accomplishment will be doubled. 2. Father is an important role model for the development of children\’s gender awareness. Fathers have different gender awareness and gender behaviors from mothers. These characteristics will appear in front of children in daily life and become the objects for children to imitate. Parents play a very important role in children\’s gender development. Research shows that parents have different influences on their children\’s gender awareness depending on their age. The mother\’s delicate emotions and meticulous care in life will become imitation objects for older children; the father\’s decisiveness, calmness, bravery and other qualities in life will have an impact on younger children and be perceived by them. study. Especially little boys, who have been very excited about their father since childhood and regard their father as their role model and want to be like their father. This way of using a person you admire and its qualities as an object of learning and imitation is an important means for children to form their individual personalities. 3. Fathers play a role in promoting children\’s cognitive and skill development. The interaction between fathers and children is special, and the cognitive help children receive from their fathers is not exactly the same as the support they receive from their mothers. Studies have shown that the longer a father is involved in a child\’s growth, the child\’s ability to predict various social skills will improve, especially in two aspects: assertiveness and sense of responsibility. In addition, fathers\’ active participation in their children\’s growth can enhance communication between husband and wife, reduce conflicts and opposition between parents, and promote the establishment of a good family atmosphere and parent-child relationship, which is conducive to improving children\’s sense of security. Children who feel safe from an early age will be more likely to build good interpersonal trust and master more social skills. Psychologist Philom said: Any completeFamilies are built by father and mother, and the lack of influence from either party is detrimental to the child. Therefore, fathers who are traveling around the world must realize their responsibilities in the growth of their children and give full play to their own advantages, because children cannot do without \”father energy\”!

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