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The best season to strengthen the spleen and remove dampness is here. If you want your baby to be in good health, you must understand this.

Many mothers worry about their babies\’ health. Some babies have respiratory problems all the time, such as colds, fevers, coughs, or tonsillitis and tracheitis. Some babies still have sequelae even if they recover from colds and coughs, such as rhinitis, adenoid hypertrophy, and pharyngitis. Some babies are particularly weak. After entering kindergarten, they cannot escape any popular diseases. They have been infected by stomach flu, hand, foot and mouth, herpetic pharyngitis, chickenpox, measles, etc. Some babies also have repeated allergies, eczema, and urticaria. Wait for skin problems to persist. There are of course many reasons for these problems in babies. But if we think about it from the fundamentals, the problem will be much simpler. Babies who get sick repeatedly have one common characteristic: insufficient spleen. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of tomorrow and the source of qi and blood biochemistry. Everyone thinks that all kinds of nutrients our body needs need to be completed through digestion, absorption and transformation by the spleen and stomach. It\’s like a farmer\’s uncle farming. On fertile land, he can harvest whatever he sows. On barren soil, nothing you plant will yield a good harvest. It is easy to understand if you use this idea to look at your baby\’s physical condition. Some babies have poor digestion and become full after one or two mouthfuls. If they are forced to eat, they can hold a mouthful of rice in their mouths for more than ten minutes without chewing it. Some babies do not absorb well. Although they can eat well, they do not absorb the food they eat, and they either have diarrhea or are constipated repeatedly. Some babies who eat too much or not eat well are chubby and gasp when they move. This is also a sign of spleen deficiency and insufficient qi and blood. Many children with spleen deficiency will be given medicine by their parents. Think about it, when the spleen and stomach have difficulty digesting and absorbing even grains and vegetables, the nutrients in the medicine are often better digested and absorbed. Therefore, many times, even if the baby is fed medicine every day, or supplements Various nutrients, but the baby\’s physical condition is still not good and he can\’t absorb them! Therefore, if you want your baby to have good health and high immunity, it is fundamental to replenish the spleen and replenish qi and blood through the transportation and transformation of the spleen. Among the various causes of diseases in babies, there are two reasons that are particularly susceptible to illness: dampness and cold. Many babies\’ colds are caused by cold. In particular, babies have spleen deficiency, and their current diet focuses on meat, sweets, and greasy foods. These foods generate heat and moisture, which will aggravate yin deficiency and moisture in the body. Yin deficiency manifests itself like getting angry, and the baby is likely to have sores on the mouth and tongue, heavy liver fire, and bad breath. At this time, many mothers will give their babies cold medicine to clear away heat and detoxify. These cold and cooling drugs that clear away heat and detoxify can aggravate the weakness of the spleen and stomach. If there is heavy moisture, these wet and sticky things will occupy the gaps where Qi and blood are insufficient, and the body will become heavy and heavy. When spleen deficiency, yin deficiency, phlegm and dampness are intertwined, a slight cool breeze blows, and a slight cold is encountered, the body will immediately fall ill. Therefore, if you want to give your baby a good body, it is very important to fundamentally strengthen the spleen, remove dampness and nourish yin. Because the current solar term is after the awn season, it is the season of the year when the humidity is the heaviest and the yin energy is weakest. The humidity in the air increases, and the sweat in the body cannot diffuse smoothly. That is, the heat and humidity permeate the air, which makes people feel particularly uncomfortable. At the same time, it is still the season when yin energy is at its weakest, and babies all have yin deficiency. Dampness, heat and yin deficiency are intertwined. Although due to weather conditions, babies are less likely to get sick. But if you miss this season of improvement and the moisture accumulates until the weather gets cooler, your baby will get sick repeatedly. To improve this situation, today I recommend a method that is easy to operate and can be used by every baby: yam, barley, and Gorgon soup. The combination of these three ingredients is particularly magical. Yam has a sweet and flat taste, nourishes Qi and Yin, and enters the spleen, lung and kidney meridians. It can nourish the spleen, lungs and kidneys, nourish qi without stagnating and causing internal heat, and nourish yin without adding dampness and greasiness. Therefore, yam can replenish middle qi and nourish yin. I have recommended yam water in many articles. Especially in the later stages of a baby\’s illness, drinking yam water is very effective. Of course, it should be emphasized here that yam is dried raw yam, not fried yam from the drug store, nor raw yam from the market! Everyone knows the dehumidification effect of barley. When there is moisture in the body, barley is the best helper for dehumidification. When the moisture is removed, the phlegm will be dissolved. Especially the invisible phlegm that cannot be coughed up, once it is eliminated, the child\’s respiratory tract will not be in trouble. Barley also has the effect of strengthening the spleen. Strengthening the spleen can nourish the lungs, and removing dampness can resolve phlegm. Many babies suffer from lung heat due to yin deficiency, and barley can clear away lung heat. Among the porridge recommended today, there is also a flavor of Gorgon fruit. Gorgon fruit is a good product for nourishing the kidneys. It can stop sperm, produce sperm, and remove phlegm and dampness in the spleen and stomach. Therefore, Gorgon fruit can nourish the kidneys and strengthen the spleen. Babies already have kidney deficiency, so using Gorgon fruit can strengthen the kidneys and spleen. Yams, barley, and gorgon seeds all have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach. When the three ingredients are used together, each other\’s effects of clearing and nourishing the spleen and lungs can be maximized. For babies who get sick repeatedly and have spleen deficiency, they can often drink yam, barley, and Gorgon porridge. The specific method is to add appropriate amount of water to yam, barley and gorgon in a ratio of 1:1:1, bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer until soft. It should be noted that this porridge will look more like clear soup when cooked. This is normal. Do not add rice to it. Rice is wet. After adding rice, the porridge becomes sticky, but the effect of removing dampness is lost. So be sure not to add rice. And this porridge does not need to be cooked thick, as long as the barley and gorgon seeds are cooked until soft. Just give the baby soup. Because after cooking, the nutrients are mainly in the soup. One cup a day has a particularly obvious effect on strengthening the spleen. In addition to babies, this porridge can be eaten by other members of the family, especially postpartum mothers and the elderly who are in poor health. It can also strengthen the spleen, remove dampness and nourish the kidneys. When feeding the baby, use spleen-tonifying massage, 300 times each on the spleen meridian, kidney meridian, and lung meridian. Massage the Zhongwan for 1 minute, Zusanli for 1 minute, Shenshu for 1 minute, and massage the spine. 5-10 times can achieve better results! In addition, those babies with particularly severe yin deficiency also need to vigorously nourish yin. You can often prepare some sour plum soup for your baby to drink. When there is heat in the summer, it is also very effective to let the baby eat more watermelon, cherries, bayberries, peaches, etc. to clear away heat and relieve heat. Eat more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Vegetables and fruits available in summer, such as cucumber, pumpkin, bitter melon, loofah, beans, tomatoes, etc., all benefit water and nourish yin, and can replenish body fluids lost through heavy sweating. When the humidity is high, such as the current yellow plum season, in a humid and hot environment,It is also particularly recommended that you prepare a dehumidifier. When the moisture in the air is reduced, the comfort of the human body will increase, and moisture will not easily enter the body!

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