The best way to get along in a family: the elders have warmth, the younger ones have rules, and the juniors have sense.

Father and son are loyal, brothers are harmonious, husband and wife are harmonious, and the family is rich. There is an old saying in China: Every family has its own scriptures that are difficult to recite. In some families, children are dissatisfied with their parents\’ control, parents complain about their children\’s naughty behavior, and even couples quarrel endlessly, and brothers are separated… In fact, many problems stem from the relationship between family members. A warm and loving family has a comfortable way of getting along. Children\’s Science Knowledge Work Cell Animation Complete Works 1080P Ultra-clear Chinese Version The Elders Have Warmth Makarenko said: \”People raised without the love of their parents are often defective people.\” The true enrichment of children is to nourish them with love. Love is the answer to everything. Everyone knows that Lu Xun is a great figure in the literary world. What few people know is that Lu Xun was a loving father in life. The writer Xiao Hong wrote a small incident in \”Remembering Mr. Lu Xun\”. Once, the family ordered a fish ball from a Fujian restaurant. After Lu Xun\’s young son Hai Ying took a bite of the fish ball, he said that the ball was not fresh and had a strange smell. But after everyone else here ate it, they all thought the fish balls were fine. No one believed Hai Ying and thought he was joking. Lu Xun took the fish balls from Haiying\’s bowl and tasted them. Sure enough, they had a strange taste and were not fresh. It turned out that some of the fish balls were fresh and some were stale, and Haiying happened to eat the stale ones. Mr. Lu Xun said to everyone: \”He must have his reason for saying it is not new. It is wrong to erase it without checking it.\” Lu Xun did not think that the child was making trouble just because he was young. Instead, he respected the child very much and stood by the child. position for his own good. In fact, Hai Ying was not a well-behaved child since he was a child. He was naughty by nature and often made trouble. But no matter how naughty Hai Ying was, Lu Xun never spoke harshly to him. Every time Hai Ying made a mistake, Lu Xun would calmly and patiently reason with him and never lose his temper. In addition, Lu Xun often told Hai Ying stories about how bears lived and how carrots grew… He also made up songs for Hai Ying, comparing himself to a little white elephant and Hai Ying to a little red elephant: Little red, little elephant, little red elephant. Little elephant, little red, little elephant red. Little elephant, little red, little red elephant. Little red, little elephant, little red. This ballad full of fatherly love has become Haiying\’s lullaby before falling asleep every night. Lu Xun\’s true love for Hai Ying became the force that supported Hai Ying throughout his life. After Lu Xun\’s death, the family situation was difficult for a time, but Haiying was not depressed or discouraged. He signed up for advanced courses at Radio Night University and was successfully admitted to the Department of Physics of Peking University, becoming a domestic expert in radio. In a happy family, the elders must be warm-hearted. They never miss their children\’s growth, nor do they take over their children\’s lives. Instead, respect the child\’s choice, let the child grow up in love, and learn to be independent, strong and kind. The temperature of the elders determines the height of the child\’s life. A child who grows up in a family full of love will have a good life. The younger generation has rules. There is a sentence in \”Yan\’s Family Instructions\”: \”Father and son are strict and cannot be separated; flesh-and-blood love cannot be simplified. Simple means kindness and filial piety are not accepted, and relationship means neglect.\” A family must have warmth, There must also be rules. Love and rules go hand in hand.The best way for a family to get along. I believe everyone is deeply impressed by the actor Chi Chongrui who played Tang Monk in the 1984 version of \”Journey to the West\”. Chi Chongrui lives in a very well-behaved family. He once revealed in an interview that the younger generations in his family are very well-behaved. Three generations of Chi Chongrui\’s family live together. The family still maintains the habit of having dinner together. Three generations eat together. If the elders are not seated, the younger generations have to wait. After the elders sit down and move their chopsticks, the younger ones can pick up their chopsticks to eat. After the elders have finished eating, the younger ones should get up, send the elders to sit down on the sofa, and then return to the dining table to continue eating. When the elders speak, the younger ones stand and listen, unless the elders ask them to sit down. Juniors always behave respectfully in front of their elders. The cultivation of this kind of rules makes every child full of kindness and humility. They don\’t have any sense of superiority, and they never show off their family background. The way Chi Chongrui gets along with the younger generation reminds me of the way Guo Qilin gets along with his father Guo Degang. At home, Guo Qilin always behaved himself in front of Guo Degang, never crossed his legs or said a single curse word. When Guo Degang was sitting, Guo Qilin stood respectfully beside him, ready to listen to his father\’s instructions. When calling or answering the phone to an elder at home, you must stand, not sit. The whole family sits around to eat. The elders cannot move and the children cannot move. The elders sit in the middle, and the others sit in turn. When entering the door of an elder\’s room, knock once and then twice. Guo Degang once said: \”Children walking on the street, dressing up and looking at their mother\’s craftsmanship, speaking and doing things show their father\’s upbringing.\” The child\’s attitude towards his parents reveals the child\’s upbringing and the parents\’ tutoring. Only parents with strict upbringing can teach well-educated children. Children have rules in their hearts, respect their parents from the bottom of their hearts, and only then will they respect others outside. Therefore, Guo Qilin now has an excellent reputation in the entertainment industry and does not look like a \”rich second generation\” at all. A family with rules is the best family tradition. Zhou Guoping said: \”A sense of propriety is a sign of mature love. It knows how to keep the necessary distance between people.\” The closer family members are, the more they need to pay attention to propriety. I watched a show before, in which a couple confronted each other on stage because of their lack of sense of proportion. The husband complained that his wife arranged his life in every detail and had to take care of everything. The wife must choose the brand and color of the clothes she wears; she must also interfere with what work she does, who she associates with, and what hobbies she has; she must obtain her consent before going out, and she is not allowed to go home for more than ten minutes at night. At one point…the husband broke down and said that his wife\’s control made him almost breathless and felt like he had become a robot with no freedom. But the wife\’s face was full of grievances: \”Isn\’t it because I love you so much and care about you that I am like this? I am also taking care of you.\” Someone said: \”Life is like a ruler, you must have limits. Feelings are like faces, and in the end, Don\’t cross the line.\” No matter how close the relationship is, you should leave some space for the other person. In fact, among equals, not only husband and wife need a sense of propriety, but also brothers and sisters.A sense of proportion is required. Writer Kai Zi once received a letter from a 27-year-old unmarried girl. Before the elder brother got married, the relationship between the brother and the sister was very good. After the elder brother got married, the relationship between the brother and the sister began to become very bad. Because every time the brother and sister-in-law quarrel, the girls will get involved, making the sister-in-law very impatient. My brother and sister-in-law once quarreled and almost got divorced because of her. My sister-in-law deleted her WeChat account several times, and later my brother also deleted her WeChat account. The bottom line is that girls don’t understand sense of proportion. In Kaizi\’s reply to the girl, she said something very well: \”Each of us must know what boundaries are. Maintaining a good sense of boundaries is to respect others and the best way to gain respect for yourself.\” Between peers at home We need to help each other, but we also need to have a sense of proportion. Just like two hedgehogs together, if they are too far apart, they cannot keep each other warm; if they are too close, they will hurt each other. Only by keeping the most appropriate distance can we get along with each other without getting tired of each other for a long time. ▽The \”Book of Rites\” says: \”Father and son are loyal, brothers are harmonious, husband and wife are harmonious, and the family is prosperous.\” The general idea is that parents and children have a strong relationship, brothers and sisters work together, husband and wife are loving and beautiful, and a family can be of one mind, and only then can the family prosper. Such a family must be warm, well behaved and measured. American classic movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory download ultra-clear 1080P

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